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morrowind thieves guild walkthrough

Thieves Guild is practically no different from other guilds, except that its members are thieves, robbers, pickpockets, smugglers and other criminals. However, according to the unwritten code of the Thieves Guild, murder is always considered to be inefficient, clumsy and unproductive way to solve problems.
In the Empire Thieves Guild has long existed and has a huge impact, but here in Morrowind, the Guild has not yet had time to get to his feet. Affairs underworld syndicate runs here since ancient times called Camon Tong. Kamon Tong hates new competitors and making every effort to destroy the Thieves' Guild at an early stage of its development in Morrowind.
There are no special Thieves Guild meeting rooms, but they prefer to use certain places for their meetings - usually a restaurant or tavern - in large cities. Influential members of the guild can be found in Balmora, Ald'ruhn, Sadrith Sea and in the Quarter Strangers in Vivec...
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the elder scrolls iii bloodmoon

The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon - the second official expansion pack to the CRPG Morrowind. Released in the year 2003. In addition to adding additional content updates the game to version 1.6...
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