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22-04-2015, 14:34

An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire

an elder scrolls legend battlespire

An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire - this game is more like a side-tracking the main series games Elder Scrolls series. But it offers a more linear approach, action-oriented. Battlespire - is the name of training camp, but rather the tower, to prepare for the mages of the Empire. The main character, an aspiring magician and Battlespire he is trained in the Mages Guild. Today is a special day for him, he has to pass the final exam and get the title of the Magician. But something happened that changed his life. The tower battlemages army attacked the Daedra, and commanded them himself Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon.
elder scrolls battlespire

Armed with magic crescents, horde easily interrupted all magicians and seized the tower. Mehrunes Dagon cast a powerful spell on the tower to the Imperial troops were unable to get inside.
Fortunately hero alive in this tower, and now he is the only hope to destroy evil. He learns that his partner became a prisoner of the Daedra, sent to rescue him and kill Mehrunes Dagon.
the elder scrolls battlespire

The game is divided into levels, each with its own theme and story that you learn in the course of conversations with various people (the dialogue is really very much). The game features the same role system as Dagerfolle, but it has no cities, no gold and all its equipment you will need to find either on the ground or on the dead bodies. The game also supports multiplayer, which allows you to play with your friends.
legend battlespire

Hero to overcome the seven levels, to travel in the worlds of Oblivion to get to the top of the tower Betlspayr where settled Daedra Prince.
As in other games of similar type in the game Battlespire you can play both on behalf of the men and women. The game even has two endings of one of the scenes where you are saving a person of the opposite sex. True it is worth noting that all the dialogue and backstory are constructed so that it becomes clear - the main character is still a man.
an elder scrolls legend

And over the same, it should be noted that the graphics in the game is impressive - a fully 3D with high resolution and high color reproduction.
Battlespire was the first game of seizing their video features with support for 3D-accelerated. By the way, even the current games do not have such features.
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