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2-05-2015, 12:00

Fallout 3: Operation: Anchorage

fallout 3 operation anchorage

Operation: Anchorage - the first addition to Fallout 3. It was released January 27, 2009.
In addition shows one of the most famous events in the world of Fallout - the liberation of Anchorage from Chinese troops in 2076. References to this event can often be detected in the game. One of these references - Anchorage Memorial. The first task will be the destruction of heavy Chinese guns bombarding the American troops, and completes the addition of the Chinese assault on the fortress and the murder of Chief of the Chinese army in Anchorage.
Supplement designed for 5 hours of game play and has a linear plot. Gameplay is a simple modern action without any elements of RPG, but the experience for killing enemies also continues to accrue.
operation anchorage walkthrough

"A long time since we have not seen," - thought Chris Bain, when he woke up and saw Elder Lyons. Already six months have passed since that unpleasant event, which Chris wholeheartedly wanted to forget. "You been out two weeks. While you were away, we slapped kicks enclave, but they did not give up, we need you. " In general, as usual. Chris reluctantly rose from the rigid metal gurney, noted with surprise that her daughter Lyons also "rest" (which is very strange, because she ran out of the hall management), but still went to see the clerk Rothschild. Without Liberty Prime in the laboratory of the Citadel was somehow empty. Previously, he held half the room, as if hung over everything, creating an atmosphere of struggle for the right cause. Now the giant bipedal somewhere breaks through and burns body armor Enclave. This, by the way, and wanted to talk Rothschild. You say, I slept, and at this time we fought. However, Liberty Prime ruthlessly crushes the troops of the Enclave, so we cope without you. But once you're awake, go-ka with Paladin Tristan smash communication system, and the Enclave something insolent - resists organized.
Chris checked trophy gauss rifle, reloaded the Alien Blaster, rubbed his beloved plasma rifle and silently went to the south. At twenty (levels not years), he was already a professional character and not ask too many questions.
Point of contact
In winter 2066, China attacked Alaska. One of the latest fields (do not forget about the tower of Poseidon) was the cause of the war. But it happened two hundred years ago? How exactly it was the first time applied energy armor? There are many questions and accurate answers is not even in the "Bible" - just the basics. But they will not give a complete picture of that time, because the pre-war world of Fallout, and if we met, it was only in the form of charred rubble so barely surviving fragments of technology. We have a chance to see what it was really - they should use.
Frosty air
Alaska. Frost, snow, ice, white and blue flashes boundaries of virtual reality. We find ourselves here at a crucial moment: in the period from summer 2076 to January of 2077. Front held by the Americans, but Chinese troops are trying to knock them out. They succeed, the parties changed, the situation is repeated. Energy armor first appeared on the battlefield, run-pass, is being finalized and is gradually becoming a major combat unit of the US Army. Here and there you can find individual sedentary Americans. They are armed with the old version, which had a serious limitation. Someone got a new revision - they are eager for the fight, ignoring the fire from the Chinese side. Field explosions rocked the US base - a Chinese artillery strikes. The bombings did not stop for a second. Frozen ground shaking goes, US troops are trying to strike a decisive blow and knock the "red" of the fortified positions. No one knows that all in vain. After some six months, millions of deaths cruise will go towards each other and destroy the world that we have never seen ...
But while the war is purely local in nature. The Chinese are making desperate attempts to fight off the pipeline to restore the economy and industry are bent. American troops in China still stretched resources, but can not achieve significant success. The two superpowers are falling rapidly into the dark abyss, and the last oil field - the only saving straw.
We - unknown (but unusually bold) American soldier. Of course, there is no more worthy candidates to end the Battle of Anchorage. "Chosen", nothing else. The second important character - Sergeant Montgomery. He will accompany the player throughout the travel on snow-covered Alaska.
The most difficult part of the job - to get it.
The signal is caught at any time after the release of Vault 101. Such a move seems very unfair, as a reward for the liberation of Anchorage, the player gets almost the best equipment in the game. The fact of the possibility of performing this task at the first level, casts doubt on the whole balance of the game. I would probably allow him to perform only level 10 and above, when the player has already strong enough and able to calmly deal with the Super Mutants, and Chinese soldiers.
The essence of the next job. Outcasts literally dug up some scientific center, which keeps a thick door for unknown samples advanced technology of those years. Blow up the door does not come out, and it is possible to open only one way - you need to go through a simulation on a special simulator. I think the Outlaws would have cost without the player, but they can not connect to the equipment - there is no place to connect a special suit. By fluke wrist Pip-boy is directly connected to the body of the hero, giving him the opportunity to immerse themselves in a virtual capsule.
All the protective functions of the capsule disabled. If a player dies in a virtual world, and his life comes to an end. This does not frighten us, because the ability to save will not disappear.
fallout operation anchorage

Eternal Winter
We find ourselves in a virtual reality almost unarmed. A knife and a gun with a silencer - not a set of what I expected to see. It just so happened that Chris Bayne all twenty levels do not pay attention to covert movement, and even a Stealth Boy will not help him. In these circumstances, he is offered to use stealth as often as possible? Chinese soldiers shot in all three cages, Chris found a machine, then a sniper rifle, and then things got a lot more fun. Shot - the body; still shot - one corpse. It turns out, ammo and health are not packed, so get them only at special stations. All objects used in virtual reality are highlighted red glow, so the problems with finding supplies you will not have. Remember that enemies leave behind dead bodies, and consequently the weapon. It's a strange rule does not allow you to hang round the trunks, as it was in the real world wasteland.
The essence of the gameplay is very simple. In truth, there is not even smell role-playing game. The first part of the task - to destroy the artillery Chinese. The second - to destroy the refueling tanks "Chimera", simultaneously destroying the entire population of a military camp. The third - to disable a force field that will not let the Chinese command. When the flickering screen goes off, you will need to kill all the high-ranking warriors. That's all. No meaningful dialogue, no moral choice. Nothing but fire. Yes, supplements are - enough to shoot. Cartridges are endless for the majority of weapons (the number of missiles, charges for "Gauss", grenades and mines is limited), so you can without unnecessary doubts thrust in any part of the body of another Chinese soldier least ten cages lead.
Another small variety - you can dial a strike team. The command post is a computer, which allows you to select followers. The most durable and dangerous - security robot with a rocket launcher and a machine gun. Slightly worse - Mr. Gutsy. The rest of the space occupied by ordinary infantrymen with different weapons. Each unit is worth a certain number of "points of hiring", so gather a horde of robots will come. The allies, however, are not very useful - they mindlessly rush into battle, and then just as mindlessly go to heaven, met with fierce resistance "Chimera" and rocket infantry.
That's all. No role does not carry the load addition. The only valid value - the expansion of the game world. The first opportunity to get into the pre-war period (as there is interesting in Alaska in 2277-m, hot?), Albeit in a very unremarkable area. But be that as it may, the liberation of Alaska - a significant part of American history. Walk through this, though false, but historic event will be interesting to everyone: fans who know by heart the world of the game; attentive player who noticed where it came from Anchorage Memorial; even a novice who can shoot and get plenty of the best equipment.
Supplement brought not so many changes, as might be expected. It is only a few new weapons so unique armor, which, however, differs from the usual only texture. That's all. If Russia worked Live, you can remember about new developments. If you run a special condition - to find ten boxes with proven, the player will receive a unique feature Covert Ops. What else? New enemies. But with them and begin.
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