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2-05-2015, 12:37

Fallout 3: The Pitt

fallout 3 the pitt

The Pitt - the second expansion for the game Fallout 3. It was released on March 24, 2009.
The Pitt - in addition style game The Chronicles of Riddick. Responding to a request for help, the main character in the guise of a servant gets in a few almost lifeless Pittsburgh. Once inside there, he discovers that in fact PITTSBURGH - a city with a strong private army consisting of the Raiders, with a strong steel industry and a large number of slaves working in the city. However, among the slaves slowly brewing uprising and a plan to overthrow the bosses. The player may either join the rebellion or to suppress the uprising, joined the raiders Pittsburgh.
Plot additions qualitatively worked in the traditional spirit of the games in the series and puts the protagonist in an ambiguous situation, each of the solutions which has both positive and negative sides. The main object around which develops the storyline is a cure trogloditnogo syndrome. The disease inevitably turns people into troughs. Supplement for 8 hours games and some more than others.
fallout the pitt

The Pitt begins the same way as Operation AnchorageKratkaya information about the game - the hero catches a radio message asking for help. At the source, he meets a runaway slave Werner and learns that in the ruins of Pittsburgh, contaminated with chemicals, miraculously survived the plant. Raiders powerful group produces its weapons and ammunition, using the labor of slaves. In addition to saving casualties, there is another reason to get involved in this venture - rumored to be the leader of the bandits got hold of a drug that can relieve post-apocalyptic America from mutations.
Sitting on the rail car, a native of Vault 101 and Werner enter the industrial zone in the vicinity of the underground tunnel length of 300 km. Take with teammates is forbidden - for three is not enough provisions, and to penetrate into the factory wiser alone. Of course, you can and storm Pitt's forehead. The result is the same - you have to take away the love-chosen gear and be given a cast-offs. Unoriginal, but imputed tie.
the pitt fallout 3

Not bad, and the city itself. A dirty, overgrown with soot, gnawed by rust, but - breathable. From pipes belching smoke shop lit sparks and molten metal. Designers & Artists Bethesda vsamdelishny created hell on earth, and this is probably the largest settlement in Fallout 3Kratkaya information about the game. In contrast to the Rivet City, the player is not driven into the corridors - you can roam freely in several areas. However, to linger longer than 3-4 hours, harmful to health, and it's not radiation sickness. The more time you spend on a walk, the better examine flaws The Pitt. Days away captives busy meaningless nonsense: cut rails avtotoporami1 poke welding machine broken motors, throw a shovel in the furnace endless pile of debris. When you run past, it looks convincing imitation of life. It is necessary to stop - and obsession with movement reaches into his eyes.
The perfect tool that makes virtual worlds no such artificial - a good dialogue. Much success on this front is not at Bethesda. Raiders angrily barked, slaves doomed chanting ... Apparently, oppressive atmosphere stifled all vivid characters. Just above the general level rose only plot NPC: Werner, connected Medea "CEO" Ismael Ashur and his wife. Alas, the chain belonging to the tasks it short.
fallout 3 the-pitt-walkthrough

Unfortunately, the fun just the first of them - to bring the steel billets from the area infested mutants. Run it is easy enough, and 10 pieces, but for each subsequent batch of up to 100, give a rare weapons and armor. Nice not so much a reward as an idea: the hero of post-apocalyptic saga rummaging in the dump in search of the right things.
The second commission - to win three battles in the arena showed that gladiatorial combat with "firearms" - an incredibly stupid and dreary spectacle. The Pitt set a new record of absurdity - in close fights pit last a maximum of 10-15 seconds. Decoupling occurs so quickly that the voltage is not added even radioactive barrels flying on the battlefield at the beginning of the fight.
Then the story quickly comes to the finish line, where hidden away curious discovery. Basically organization rebellion is reduced to running around and shooting, but half an hour before curtain authors make you make difficult moral choices (the plot The Pitt is not black and white as you might think after talking with Werner).
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