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2-05-2015, 12:47

Fallout 3: Broken Steel

fallout 3 broken steel

Broken Steel - the third expansion for the game Fallout 3. Update released on 5 May 2009.
Supplement devoted to the completion of the conflict between the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel Capital Wasteland. It is designed around an additional 8-9 hours of gameplay. Events unfold immediately after the completion of the original Fallout 3. After the destruction of the main base in the Capital Wasteland of the Enclave "Raven Rock" Brotherhood of Steel is ready to deal a decisive blow to the Enclave. The ultimate goal of the player is to penetrate to the base of the US Air Force "Adams" and the destruction of the last outpost of the Enclave - a mobile command center - with the help of a military satellite. But there is another option - the same satellite, you can destroy the Brotherhood of Steel Citadel.
Update allows you to continue the game after the end of the storyline, raises the maximum character level to 30 th, and adds a new weapon: a weapon Tesla and heavy incinerator.

"A long time since we have not seen," - thought Chris Bain, when he woke up and saw Elder Lyons. Already six months have passed since that unpleasant event, which Chris wholeheartedly wanted to forget. "You been out two weeks. While you were away, we slapped kicks enclave, but they did not give up, we need you. " In general, as usual. Chris reluctantly rose from the rigid metal gurney, noted with surprise that her daughter Lyons also "rest" (which is very strange, because she ran out of the hall management), but still went to see the clerk Rothschild. Without Liberty Prime in the laboratory of the Citadel was somehow empty. Previously, he held half the room, as if hung over everything, creating an atmosphere of struggle for the right cause. Now the giant bipedal somewhere breaks through and burns body armor Enclave. This, by the way, and wanted to talk Rothschild. You say, I slept, and at this time we fought. However, Liberty Prime ruthlessly crushes the troops of the Enclave, so we cope without you. But once you're awake, go-ka with Paladin Tristan smash communication system, and the Enclave something insolent - resists organized.
Chris checked trophy gauss rifle, reloaded the Alien Blaster, rubbed his beloved plasma rifle and silently went to the south. At twenty (levels not years), he was already a professional character and not ask too many questions.
Point of contact
Roklendsky tunnel was literally a hundred yards from the tower Tenpenny. Chris has long been accustomed to all these trips. Sometimes he thought sadly, that these mountains of junk in the form of cars, perhaps even on the move, but the high level of intelligence (10) told him - two hundred years have passed, they are all rusted and rotted. Oh, how great it would be a comfort and a hot breeze sweep through the wasteland ... and you have to spend precious batteries on scorpions and bears. Chris was not happy with the new job. Hard couch Citadel certainly better than incandescent radioactive desert ...
By the evening of the third day, he still reached the tunnel and joined a group of Paladin Tristan.
- Well, young man, ready to kick the Enclave's ass? - Tristan paternally patted Chris on the shoulder, as if he is not saved the Capital Wasteland, was in Anchorage, he is not freed slaves in the Pitt and never smelled the plasma.
- Of course, ready, go. - Chris, no questions asked headed for the exit. What tactics, some planning if Liberty Prime with them? He had seen it in action on the road to cleaner. Then this machine do all the work, and now it is in full combat readiness, so nothing to fear.
And so it happened. Liberty Prime colored lasers Pojoga all strongholds and cleared the way to the center of communication. Huge robot with a sweep shot into the wall a good hole, and the next moment reported orbital strike, which is aimed directly at him .... Chris barely managed to run away to a safe distance from the sky like black hail rockets fell. For a moment it was quiet, and then a chain of explosions thundered, one louder than the other. When the smoke cleared, Chris saw that by Liberty Prime little left. Knights of the Brotherhood looked at the dying giant puzzled, as if they did not believe that it is possible to win at all. However, this mission is not over for the broken wall of the complex still have the Enclave and valuable intelligence.
In fact, communication system - a very easy location. There are no forks, traps and mazes. Since you go into a squad of stormtroopers Brotherhood. Theoretically, you can simply get up and at the entrance and wait for the brave paladins do not understand with the Enclave. But if you sit around you do not like Rushes forward, otherwise you and production do not get it.
Nothing remarkable in the complex there is, as enemies of the soldiers had only the usual enclave with plasma cannons and machine guns. Risk owners are only Gatling Laser, but only if your armor gives too little protection.
After stripping the building is suitable to your computer, download the information and go to the secret door, which "accidentally" turned around. The first task - just a fun postrelushka, and there are no tricks here. However, there is nothing interesting and memorable too.
fallout operation anchorage
fallout broken steel

When Chris returned to the Citadel, it literally fell Rothschild. He was almost in a rage, which, incidentally, is not surprising - the Brotherhood for many years restored Liberty Prime. This pre-war symbol of power was to ensure victory over the Enclave and prosperity wasteland in the future. Now, however, the Brotherhood was back in full ass enemy though beheaded, but not defeated, and their technical level much higher than that of the Brotherhood of Steel. In general, you can understand the frustration of Rothschild, but Chris always believed that for each there is always a strong-elect. This has already happened more than once, and after the "purity" Chris firmly believes in destiny.
After a couple of hours Rothschild stopped whining, pulled himself together and asked Chris to help in the development of new weapons is "certainly going to kick the Enclave's ass." Tesla Coil - it's great, though, and they protect the hands of death. Rothschild said the power station on the map Old Olney and blessed savior of the exploits. Why feats? And because paladins Brotherhood even those cowards. We are, they say, will stay here to protect the Citadel, water supply and so on. And you, just so cool, go get one.
Chris slammed the door and left the lab. At this time in the north.
Old Olney met him roar hands of death. Chris was already here, so clawed killer was not afraid at all. He has prepared a plasma rifle and carefully, without sudden movements entered the city. All the same ruins, the same nasty breeze that seemed settled here, the same broken hopes. Township aggressive growl rolled from the south told him another one, then two more. A brood of monsters perched here, they already felt the smell of meat and whole flock decided to have lunch. "As luck would have left the atomic grenade at home" - thought Chris and pressed against the wall of the nearest house. The position proved to be extremely successful: Browse the whole street, on the right mountain of trash, which adjoins directly to the wall, to the left another street - a way to retreat.
Predators Heath appeared after twenty seconds. They ran easily and gracefully, but there was something sinister. Chris gave a head start small creatures and released once a dozen charges. Attackers are fewer - one split into molecules and turned into a puddle of green filth, another heavily burned, but two more quickly approaching. Chris drew his blaster, took three shots and then darted to the left. It was covered with a bluish ash above his head flashed claws in the face hit the hot breath of death - so close it was a monster. Wasteland Savior closed his eyes and slipped into a manhole, which turned out to be so well under your feet ...
Perhaps you have already been to Old Olney. Here you can find the medical power armor ... and a dozen hands of death, which for some reason have chosen this town. They are still here: the outside and the top, so be careful and prepare weapons that injure the body. Alien Blaster too bad (in fact, it is always a good idea).
In the ruins of the city and in the sewers beneath it there is nothing tasty, but the top is interesting. The power plant is almost completely destroyed, but still produces power and light, like a moth flew Enclave. A bit of fun, five sets of power armor and a bunch of plasma weapons provided. Do not miss a few packs of extraterrestrial batteries that will be scattered around the building power. They're obviously not here by accident ...
Beware of security robots. These hardy creatures with machine guns and pistols are very dangerous, but if you are before meeting with them, he will be no problems - there are not many, and they attack only one, very rarely - two.
Do not forget to turn off the electricity when you get to the Tesla coil. If you grab it without precautions, you can easily give tips. You can pick up and so, of course, but for hacking into the computer again, there will and experience.
Pull out the coil up and get out immediately transported to the Citadel. Give spare Paladin Tristan, and the mission will fail.
operation anchorage review
broken steel walkthrough

When Chris came back from the campaign of the coil, the Brotherhood already decoded information captured in the communications center. The missile attack was, of course, not accidental - military satellite someone ran, and that someone at the airbase Adams, which you can reach only by a secret branch of the subway. The Savior did not even have time to relax, as the Brotherhood has entrusted him another very important mission - to crack down on those who killed Liberty Prime, because one never knows they hit the Citadel, and then it's over very quickly and very sad.
Two days later, Chris Bain reached the entrance to the underground secret. Everything is as usual - nothing remarkable. Even in the presidential dungeon live ghouls. Chris pulled the head mask, which got another ten levels ago and walked calmly through the tunnels. Dig deeper into the computer, he did all the security robots are surprisingly friendly and ghouls saw it as his own. After a couple of hours, a little tired and jaded poskuchnevshy portraits of presidents, he rose to the surface and has killed two dozen soldiers Enclave, and ahead was a huge monster of steel that seems to be able to accommodate a population of more than one Vault ...
Chris counted batteries (it turned out more than 3,000 different species), checked the machine corrected favorite glasses and quietly moved to the target, causing the path of death, destruction and chaos. As befits a truly Chosen ...
Mobile platform Enclave - is a treasure trove on wheels. Rather, on tracks, although we-what difference? But it is still necessary to get through ... another treasury - Adams airbase. For starters do not forget to take a Tesla gun, she would lie quietly in a drawer right at the entrance to the location. Look at the neighboring buildings - some is from four to five turrets high. "Tesla" is very useful here - it has much further any security device, so quietly explode all to see.
Next you need to move very cautiously. The base is infested Enclave and help us nobody is going to. Sometimes you can get involved in a gunfight with just two or three dozen bad guys - they run over literally from all sides, and in fact even the strongest armor does not protect against fire and streams of plasmoids. What to do? Firstly, obkolites "psycho". Second, take a good position. On the basis of full hangars - you can use any. Anything's better than fighting on the flat as a table runway.
Rushes to the command tower - fully cleaned database does not make sense, since the Enclave troops inexplicably rod indefinitely without giving the player relax. Upstairs there is a computer, which can be accessed through the entrance to the mobile base. Open and not pay attention to the map markers - they are in this place can sbesitsya.
Here is a real treasure! Though the base and teeming with soldiers, but production is worth it. There's even a blaster Alien ammunition could be found, and how many other valuable stuff here - not to count. Be sure to go on a visit to the storekeeper, where and unique weapons, armor and rare, and the mountains of ammunition. I always liked to rob the Enclave - these guys have good things in bulk, and most importantly, they are soft and very vulnerable, so take away all that stuff simple.
Enough to walk up on the database, go to the central computer and launches an orbital strike. The list will have five objectives: the Citadel, the project "Clean" suffering Megaton, Rayvet City Mobile platform. In all Enclave under the hood, but the big booms lovers rejoice too early - send death from the sky can only be Citadel or on his head. There could pick and choose who to shoot.
Whatever you decide, after a run to the coordinates of the landing site at the top. There will come a trophy vertiberd Brotherhood, which will take you to the Citadel ... or what's left of it.
Chris Bain, with a smile looking at the burning remains of the mobile platform Enclave. Today, he felt even more elected than before. Pocket warming captured Alien Blaster, and a collection of unique items replenished with new exhibits. Chris felt that was the half stronger than it was before. Enclave again got what he deserved, and Heath had healed her, a little wild life.
Rumor has it that somewhere far away saw a huge flying disc. Or bull is true - no one knows. There, where he was allegedly seen, instead of people was only ashes. It is possible that it is aliens, whose existence is pointless to deny it. One thing is certain - they will get here, Chris will be ready to meet them. Like any elect, he is always ready to ...
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