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2-05-2015, 13:21

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta

fallout 3 mothership zeta

Mothership Zeta - the fifth and latest addition to the game Fallout 3. It was released on August 3, 2009.
The game could be found the crashed alien ship, which was lying near the dead alien blaster alien. If you go here, setting addition, the Lone Wanderer captures blue ray, and it falls on the alien ship. However, the newcomers was a mistake: they locked the character with another earthling. Together, they put up a fight than draw attention to the newcomers. Those open force field and begin to reconcile the rebels the shock batons. However, the win and by inventing a cunning plan to escape.
Supplement adds many alien weapons: the atomizer (the gun), a disintegrator (spray gun), the captain's blaster, electric baton, elektropodavitel (normal stick) destabilizer (automatic disintegrator) cryogenic mine. And also made available the historical battle suits:
Samurai - Samurai armor and a sword (samurai Toshiro Kago);
Cowboy - suit and a gun (in a cowboy Paulson);
Antebellum armor Enclave and MPLX Novasurge (pre-war prototype plasma pistol Enclave).
fallout 3 mothership zeta walkthrough

Some mysterious signal came in the wasteland! It is not the first time a popup window is better than any rumors directs us toward the new, the unknown, just downloaded a vast network additions. Green label points to the familiar place - where I once found a broken pelvis extraterrestrial origin, having lived there blaster and ammunition. What might be the mystery, that's it tasted and explored by! But the marker is pointless to argue. Journey to the plate №2 began.
On the surface, nothing has changed. We take two steps forward and takes the land from under their feet, shining blue light. The protagonist slowly ascends to heaven. Then the screen goes blank - with the consciousness savior Heath ...
Wakes up in a cell with another lucky one who shoved his nose into other people's business. We learn that the aliens have arrived to pick up the broken ship, and at the same time grabbed everyone who was next. That's the uncomplicated tie. No hidden no great purpose - aliens frankly do not care what we alone stopped the Enclave, and even save the world (excuse me, how many times already?). They just want ... something to do with us. Something bad, of course. So we have to run away (really?)! And for this we must all be killed. The plot does not even try ... no, not true, the story is not there. There are a set of cliches and worn out before the story of the escape holes, flavored with Fallout-themed and a little bit of humor.
mothership zeta walkthrough

In Mothership Zeta, too, need a kill. Talk to strangers, to resolve the matter peacefully, fly to another galaxy to do anything else is impossible. The ideological basis of the selection and the impact is missing.
It is, in principle, it does not matter. Boring in terms of gameplay Operation Anchorage and without choice proved interesting - especially those that showed the unknown war. Than three lines of text (as in Fallout 2), and the live. The alternatives here and do not need - it's all happened two hundred years ago.
In Mothership Zeta interaction time is not enough. Ship stores thousands of frozen fish stolen at different times - why not unfreeze all, and then to revolt? Why can not save people, as we are with the ship can escape? Decorations sometimes seem dead, save only scattered on the levels of interrogation tapes stolen. They somehow keep the imagination, identify with the faceless voice capsules create within them people who create this piece of the world, but ... this is frankly not enough.
The aliens do not get to believe - if they are cut off from the rest, though it looks fairly correspond to representations of science fiction writers 50s. That's because, perhaps, that in addition to them on a ship is no longer anything interesting - you will not find a hint of flying saucers from the past. Do not know why the aliens are doing research. Do not get this huge piece of information justifying that spur the imagination. Mothership Zeta - if a separate room. We need to get out of the wasteland to get into it. Exit at all, leaving the entire winning back life and imagination on the other side of the matrix teleportation. With a can take only a matter of "what is all this necessary?".
It seems that the developers have not been able to make that final push. Potential additions is enormous, but somehow most of it remained "harvesting" empty gray corridor with red lights enemies ...
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