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2-05-2015, 14:11

Fallout 3 Soundtrack

fallout 3 soundtrack

The game's soundtrack consists of the hits of American music of 40th and 50th years of XX century, with a large number of songs that marked an era of artists such as Cole Porter and Billie Holiday.
Radio stations
Always play three radio stations:
"News of the Galaxy." DJ - Three Dog. Initially, only covers a small part of the wasteland, but in one of the quests can be spread throughout the signal. On this radio plays music in jazz style, and tells of the last major events in the Capital Wasteland.
"The Enclave" - ​​radio Enclave of losing her marches, hymns organization and treatment head of the Enclave. Head - President John Henry Eden.
"Agatha" - a radio station that plays classical music, especially Bach often. It was named after its lead. It becomes available after the quest "Agatha's Song."

Radio "News of the Galaxy"
1. «Mighty, Mighty Man» Roy Brown
2. «Let's Go Sunning» Jack Sheyndlin
3. «Anything Goes» Cole Porter
4. «I Do not Want to Set the World on Fire» The Ink Spots
5. «Way Back Home» Bing Crosby y The Bobcats
6. «Butcher Pete (Part 1)" Roy Brown
7. «A Wonderful Guy» Tex Beneke
8. «Crazy He Calls Me» Billie Holiday
9. «Civilization» Danny Kaye con The Andrews Sisters
10. «Easy Living» Billie Holiday
11. «Happy Times» Bing Crosby and The Bobcats
12. «Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall» The Ink Spots con Ella Fitzgerald
13. «Maybe» The Ink Spots
14. «I'm Tickled Pink» Jack Shaindlin
15. «Boogie Man» Sid Phillips
16. «Jolly Days» Gerard Trid
17. «Fox Boogie» Gerard Trid
18. «Swing Doors» Alan Gray
19. «Rhythm For You» Eddy Christiani
20. «Jazzy Interlude» Billy Mann

Radio "Enclave"
1. «Stars and Stripes» John Philip Sousa
2. «America the Beautiful» Semyuel Ward
3. «Dixie» Daniel Decatur Emmett
4. «Marine's Hymn» Jacques Offenbach
5. «The Battle Hymn of the Republic» Varios artistas
6. «Hail, Columbia» Varios artistas
7. «The Washington Post» Varios artistas
8. «Yankee Doodle» Varios artistas

Radio station "Agatha"
1. «Gigue - Partita No. 3 "by Johann Sebastian Bach
2. «Preludio - Partita No. 3 "by Johann Sebastian Bach
3. «Grave - Sonata No. 2 "by Johann Sebastian Bach
4. «Allegro ma non troppo - Violin Concerto in A minor» Antonin Leopold Dvorak
5. «Zigeunerweisen» Pablo de Sarasate
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