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Fallout: New Vegas

fallout new vegas

The game takes place in 2281, 4 years after the events of Fallout 3 in the former Las Vegas, who managed to ride out the Great War and the subsequent Dark Ages is better preserved than other regions. In the game there is a conflict between the mysterious ruler of New Vegas - Mr. House, the New California Republic, Caesar's Legion slave, where each party tries to take over Hoover Dam - a giant hydroelectric plant on the Colorado River, the supply of electricity throughout the region.
The protagonist - a courier working in the company "Mohavsky Express" and has no relation to shelters, delivering another parcel (platinum chip for the casino) is ambushed by an unknown gang and have to die without sending the remains in a shallow grave. There, he finds and digs robot sekyuritron Victor, then assigns the hero in the town of Goodsprings local Dr. Mitchell. Doc cures hero spends a couple of interviews and tests (including the Rorschach test), gives him the Pip-Boy, returns the equipment and weapons, and send into the Wasteland. One of the primary tasks of the protagonist - to find out what is needed, this feature platinum and who tried to kill him.
fallout new vegas dlc

Reputation and dialogues
The number of factions in the game has prompted developers to restore the system's reputation, which is absent in Fallout 3. Reputation affects the degree of loyalty of each fraction with respect to the player. Each option affects the behavior of NPC and situations in the game world. The highest degree of loyalty fraction gives the player access to a special shelter and a small bonus. The lowest degree of loyalty shown in the squad killers sent to eliminate a hero.
Options continued dialogue depends on karma and reputation. Skills can also open up new options in the dialogs. For a successful suggestion is needed to some extent the development of skills of eloquence (as opposed to Fallout 3, where a successful suggestion was fixed probability for different cues, and the success or failure of the chosen randomly).
The behavior is controlled teammates with a special interface ("Satellite circle"), which allows to give basic commands without using a text dialogue in Fallout 3 (though the use of text dialogue available). Each partner has a personal quest. The companions can take only one person, a mutant or ghoul and a robot or a dog. Charisma character affects the strength of partners. Also, each of the satellites Courier adds a special ability, which only apply as long as there are a partner.
List teammates
Lily (Full. - Lillian Marie Bowen) supermutants-shadow. Prior to his conversion was a 75-year-old woman who lived in the Refuge.
Craig Boone - a former soldier of the NKR, the sniper of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion.
ED-E - dyurafreymovy roboglaz.
Raul (Full. - Raul Alfonso Tejada) ghoul mechanic, who is held captive by the Super Mutants.
Rex - kiberpes. A favorite of the gang leader of the Kings.
Arcade Gannon - a scientist, one of the Followers of the Apocalypse.
Veronica (Full. - Renata Veronica Santangelo), the former Brotherhood of Steel scribe.
Cass (Full. - Rose of Sharon Cassidy), hostess of "Caravans Cassidy"
In normal mode, when health becomes zero teammates, they just lose consciousness, and after a while they again in the ranks.
Mode "Hardcore" Health teammates need to keep as much of their own, because in this mode, companions would die rather than to lose consciousness.
In Fallout: New Vegas introduces new weapons and system modifications. The system allows the modification of weapons (and permanently) scopes, change rate and size of the shop, weight and weapon damage. As in the previous game, there are unique types of weapons, advanced in advance.
Hardcore Mode
Hardcore mode complicates the game and makes it more interesting, so players have to be careful with the waste of resources. Features hardcore mode:
Health and radiation exposure using appropriate medication treated gradually.
Damaged limb can not be cured stimulants. For the treatment need a doctor, or a doctor's bag or makeshift Medications "Hydra", which gradually recovers all of course, but may develop a dependency.
In ammunition has weight. In medicine, chemicals and money no weight.
Periodically drink, eat and sleep. Otherwise, the character can die from exhaustion. Moreover, a significant portion of water or food is irradiated.
Companions may die.
At any time, this mode can be switched on and off. If you turn on early in the game and you play with it to the end, get a bonus in the form of achievement.
In the game there are slots, roulette and blackjack. It is also a play on "Caravan." This is a special card game that are unique to Fallout: New Vegas. Also, there are mini-games from the Fallout 3, such as hacking computers and picking locks.
fallout new vegas house

Putting character

Is it possible to grasp the immensity, if the points of so few, and each option and convinces his description that he in the game the most-most?
Strength. Responsible for much of stuff we raise and carried without compromising on the move, as well as a formidable weapon can use. The size of the inventory is very important for the treasure hunter, so the effect should be to invest not less than seven points, but to develop it to the maximum should not be - carried weight only increased by 10 units for every point, and the weapons with the requirement parameter is greater than 8 in the game is not found. Power can be increased by the time consuming alcoholic beverages and "baffaut."
Perception. The parameter is not of the first importance - it depends on how quickly we notice the red dots on the map. If you plan to play in tandem with the satellites Boone and ED-E - do not put any points, because with our hero robot will be able to see the danger of a very great distance, but because the enemy sniper will be highlighted in red in the aiming mode. However, features will not be available "Sniper" and "critical damage" requiring six points of perception.
Endurance. And fans of the war of words, and fans of heavy guns vital importance to develop this high - endurance determines the number of the character's health, and it will never be superfluous, especially in the "Hardcore". And setting affects survival skill that is crucial at the highest difficulty level.
Charisma. Conversational skills now valued above all else, but charm is not in itself a factor. It gives a boost to your defense and damage satellites, and more - plus a "barter and" eloquence. " If you win back the role of lone wolf, put glasses do not need charisma and skills are best developed separately. In addition, at the right time, you can temporarily increase the charisma by as much as five units, having eaten "holiday Mentats" and still get one - wearing "pajamas frank."
Intelligence. The second most important parameter after endurance. It affects how many skill points when we get to the next level. And if you want to create a universal character, a specialist in all areas of high value intelligence - it is of first importance.
Agility. It affects how many action points we get in the mode of VATS, at walking speed and reloading weapons. Given that these points default game twice ahead Fallout 3 increase bestowed dexterity to be negligible. Those who are used to solve problems peacefully, you can do completely without attachments, "Terminator" Agility gain useful.
Good luck. Traditionally it affects everything little by little. The most tempting - increased chance of critical damage from all weapons, and it is a good reason to invest the remaining points is in this setting.
As the game progresses, you can improve the parameters in several ways:
Implants. The medical clinic New Vegas for an immodest amount (4000 covers) can pick up one of the parameters in the unit. And if the character has a large stock of health, it is possible to put a second implant. In addition to standard increases the skills available are two improvements - increased armor (8000 caps) and regeneration of health (12,000 caps).
Features. You can choose the capacity of "intensive training" when a new level, to raise the setting by one. The feature can be selected more than once.
Food and beverages. When in conversation with key NPC requires a high value of a parameter, you can temporarily increase it by taking a certain drug, drink or having eaten the fruit mohavskoy flora. For example, tobacco juice boosts agility and perception, the ant nectar steak Brahmin or alcohol - force. Eat Desert gifts to be careful not to pick a side effect, for example - to force a minus for eating raw meat.
fallout new vegas cheats

We are learning the profession

After the distribution of the parameters you must select the three basic skills to get to each of them a one-time increase of fifteen points. Recommend "eloquence", "barter" and "weapon" (or "energooruzhie"), to compensate for their low starting values.
Key Skills Games - barter and eloquence. Gab - this saved time and money, the ability to obtain new jobs, to avoid unnecessary battles, or simply to maintain a good reputation with the NPC. In addition, without these skills can not be completed certain quests, such as "pay the bills" and "You can count on me."
Initially, you need at least one of these skills to lift up to 50, and by the middle of the game, both to keep the limit 75. Optional develop them up to 100, if there are things in your inventory, raising a skill or magazines, temporarily increasing their value, but it is better do to avoid some of the battles in the final game.
The second place was occupied by leading combat skills - weapons, without weapons, edged weapons, explosives and energooruzhie. It makes no sense to study them all, enough to put points in only one or two, depending on your preference.
An important role is given to medicine and survival. The higher the value, the more effective you are using medications (stimulants antiradin etc.) and restoring the health of the more food, and in the "Hardcore" hurt and will often bite you. From a high level of medicine depends on the success of some quests. For example, Joan of "Gomorrah" will tell about their problem (and give the quest) only experienced doctors, healers and even skills can facilitate the passage of one of the main quest of Caesar's Legion. Survival affects what food (and how they will be effective), we will be able to cook on a fire in the camps.
Next in demand are science and hacking. The sooner we begin to invest in their glasses, the fewer secrets remain undiscovered. If at first use from them a little closer to the middle of the game locked doors and terminals will be password protected at every step, especially in the study of secret shelters and scientific complexes. Science can facilitate the solution of some of the quests - for example, prompting the other party the right recipe for his invention.
These two skills is hard to develop when the 13-15 level, at this time in the way of the hero begins to come across many castles "medium" difficulty. And in the beginning, you can still do the magazines, the benefit of the scientific literature on the Mojave strewn lot.
Less important, but still a useful skill - repair. It determines how long are we going to wear outfit and shoot guns before all this will turn into junk. But first of all repairs needed to solve the problems of scene - a secret door lock, elevator repair, repair of the robot ED-E without the aid of parts. I recommend develop repair at least 50 - in the initial stages it is not relevant and necessary only when our hands gets a unique and powerful weapons armor as long as possible to maintain their suitability.
The most useless in the game, perhaps stealth skill. Responsible for how successfully we rob neutral and friendly NPC. Given that the tasks on stealth developers do not indulge, and theft negatively affects the karma - is it worth it?
Collectible Souvenirs

In the "New Vegas" can be engaged not only in search of booklets, raising skills, but also collecting souvenir "snow balls". Such balls, seven, and their gathering threatens us with a great advantage.
The collected balls are added in the presidential suite casino "Lucky 38" on a special pedestal and puts them to a friend of Mr. House, named Jane. It can be found in front of the elevator, in a huge room with monitors and bring her trophies at any time.
For each ball of Jane gives to 2000 caps (this is the easiest money on the game). From backpack to throw these items can not (they are quest), and, if you kill or Jane House, will be rewarded and not one "snow balls" will remain in our inventory ever.
Goodsprings. The ball lies on Goodsprings Cemetery, next to one of the tombstones.
Mormon Fort. The square tower at the fort. Climb the stairs and look at the shelves.
Nellis Air Force Base. It is lying on the table in the museum suicide. The ball is easiest to pick up during the quest "in the sky!".
Polygon. Snow Globe is located in the casino "Lucky 38", in the cocktail lounge, with one of the cash registers.
Streep. Souvenir is located in the Sanctuary Hotel 21, on the table next to the bed in the room Sarah. To get to the room can be hacked or stolen door magnetic card hostess places.
Mount Charleston. In one of the buildings Dzheykobstauna lies at the front in the hotel.
Hoover Dam. The toy is in the first building in the data center, on a rack in the center of the room.
fallout new vegas armor

Be special

In addition to the skills and the parameters important in the game has a special, or rather the right of choice in every second increase combat level. When creating a character we can select up to two of these abilities - the truth, the choice is not rich, and almost all of them flawed (most points of action, but decreases the threshold of damage, etc.). In addition to "Wild Wasteland" (the game can find the secret events and find unique things, but becomes unavailable trading gauss gun) and "good soul" (plus the peace skills to combat negative - ideal for "diplomats") to pay attention to any I do not advise.
Now determine what features should be taken at higher level. There are many, so we describe only the most useful and those that look tempting, but only at first glance.
Intensive training. Adds a point to any of the parameters SPECIAL You can learn a few times (up to ten). You can take a time, on the second level, are not yet available more appetizing skills.
Celibate and uxoricide (Cherche la femme, and Black Widow - for female characters). In the battle with the character of the opposite sex you deal + 10% damage, and in the dialogues may appear unique phrases - sometimes they help to impress the NPC (as an alternative to eloquence) and even facilitate the passage of some quests.
Educated (Requirement: Level 4, Intelligence 4). It provides two additional skill points when a new level. The game is not for nothing are advised to take this feature of early - this is vital if we are going to make out of the ward master of all trades.
Understanding (Level 4, Intelligence 4). We get a double bonus to skill when reading scientific journals (temporarily get 20 points instead of 10) and one extra point by using the textbook (all added 4 points instead of three). This is useful for hunters book, although not as important as the ability to "educated".
Resistance (Level 6, endurance 5). Hardening, three to the total damage threshold, you can select a second time. Mojave - an unsafe place, and this feature is unnecessary for anyone not to be.
Strong backbone (Level 8, 5 strength, endurance 5). Capacity of our backpack is increased by 50 units. It will be useful for those who are sorry for your character extra strength points, but do not forget that as a "walking packs" can be used and satellites.
Here and Now (10th level). The ability to immediately get the next level. Will go for lovers of high-speed transmission, more thoughtful connoisseurs of the game can do without it.
Accuracy (Level 10). Significantly increases the critical strike chance to fight (this is the same as that of the five additional glasses of good luck). Fits all - and those who are used to solve problems by force, and even diplomats. After all, the game would have to shoot a lot and often.
Long journey (12th level; barter 70; endurance 6). It allows you to enjoy fast moving, even when you are overwhelmed. Perfect for fans of easy money - you can collect all the equipment on the battlefield, ignoring the capacity of equipment, and quickly move to any point of sale on the global map.
Crazy hands (14th level, repair of 90). To repair weapons and armor no longer need the same pattern as the material is suitable for repairing a similar thing. It is useful in the later stages of the game to fix a unique or just an expensive outfit.
The center of gravity (the 14th level, 70 guns). In the V.A.T.S. we put an additional 15% damage if tselimsya in the trunk or torso. A useful feature for the security forces, especially late in the game.
The prize! (16th level). It allows to select the fourth prize skill that allows you to immediately raise it to 15 points. Take it without hesitation.
Researcher (Level 20). It is questionable ability - displays all the locations in the game. Its disadvantage is that on a global map including uymy points to find the right place is sometimes very difficult, especially if the desired area of ​​the label does not specify tasks.
Glad-absorption (28th level; endurance 7). The level of radioactive contamination will decline by itself with time. Very handy thing, if you're a fan run on the secret underground complex, the rest can not take it, because on the surface of the radiation is rare.
Features can be obtained not only for the receipt of each of the second level, but during the game, for certain actions and completing quests. For example, from Andy Novak teach you roll a ranger if you run it a little order, and if you kill the right amount of certain living creatures - get a bonus to this type of damage against enemies.
fallout new vegas wiki

Improves Abilities

If you are not strong enough in any field of activity, you can look for booklets, allowing to increase the skills of 3-4 units. In the Mojave scattered four books for each of the thirteen skills that allows you to raise the amount of each of them to 12 units, and a feature of the "Understanding" - 16.
All the books (and magazines) should be sought not in the bare steppe, and locations, whether cave, shelter, hut, or a complex. Usually they are in prominent places - tables, beds and bookshelves. In order to facilitate your search:
"Merchant of Junktown. Stories" (Barter): Primm - Hotel" Bison Steve "; Vault 22; Gibara falshivokryshechnika; Offices "Allied Technologies."
"Lying, Congressional Style" (Eloquence): NKR Correctional Facility; Ranch "Tumbleweeds"; Frisayd - "Sirulien Robotics"; mine "Lucky Jim."
"Guns and bullets" (Weapons): Vault 34; Strip - "Gomorrah"; Nevada Highway Patrol post; Raoul's hut.
"Nikola Tesla and You" (Energooruzhie): Hidden Valley; headquarters Repkonn - 1st floor; headquarters Repkonn - 2nd floor; Old nuclear test site.
"Take cover! Get down!" (Explosives): Mojave Outpost; Sloan; Rangers post "Foxtrot"; Nellis Air Force Base.
"Fist fight in graphics" (without weapons) Niptonskaya road parking; Fishing hut; Strip - "Tops"; Vault 11.
"Groknar the Barbarian" (Cold Steel) Cave Johnson cannibal; Secret Cave warehouse; Cottonwood Cove; Dzheykobstaun.
"Therapeutic magazine DC" (Medicine): Novak; HELIOS One; Followers secret apartment; Meskitskih crater in the mountains.
"Science for All" (Science): Nipton - Town Hall; headquarters Repkonn; Camp Forlorn Hope; brewery.
This is important: another book can be obtained as a reward from the quest for Ignacio "solar flare" If direct energy of Archimedes on the whole region.
"Modern Castles" (Hacking): ranch Vulfhorna; Lair miners; Recreation Area Bitter Springs; Mine "Silver Peak".
"Repair of electronics" (Repair): Sloan; wind power; Nellis Air Force Base; Brotherhood of Steel bunker.
"Guidelines for the Wasteland Survival" (Survival): Platform marauders; Meskitskih camp in the mountains; radio "Lone Wolf"; Matthew animal farm.
"Field Manual of the Chinese Special Forces" (Subtlety): Goodsprings; Refuge 3; farm sharecroppers; Camp Searchlight.
Hunt for achievements

After moving to the service Steam, the game got it inherited the traditional system of achievements. Among the fifty commemorative badges have as standard received mandatory when the passing game, and those that achieved considerable effort. Here they are now, and discuss.
A special place is occupied by achievements where you need to put 10,000 units of a particular type of weapon damage. Medals for common and easy to obtain energooruzhie - Know yourself watered enemies plasma and lead to heavier melee and explosives.
Fists themselves never effective, especially against monsters, so to get the reward, "Fist Fighter", please be power or studded with brass knuckles. On the role of the "punching bag" suitable, surprisingly, Caesar's Legion (and simple bandits, saboteurs and devils), because of the weak armor, but a sufficient number of health. And harass the enemy melee attacks and, when you do a snowstorm, he almost boesposoben.
With tactics like cold steel, but better to fight with monsters. Cause an enemy aggression pack and start running back back, swinging in front of him with something heavy (suitable fittings or a sledgehammer, and even better - "Superkuvalda" Tabitha, who lives on Mount Black) - if not to allow the enemy to his very close, so way you can beat all without harm to your health.
The hardest thing to put 10,000 points of damage with explosives. This can be done in several ways - throwing dynamite or a grenade into a flock of bighorn (they have a lot of health, and they usually go dense flocks), C4 explosives to throw in the neutral camp of a potential enemy, and then blow - or use anti-personnel mines, putting them in the narrow aisles and then vymanivaya opponents on this site areas.
Restore 10000 units of health food and stimulants are unlikely to succeed in a single pass, as both developing and medicine, and survival is not justified - it is better to focus on one thing. Another task of the discharge difficult - to clean out pockets of fifty, because it is fraught with the loss of karma. Try to steal from enemies, or those who are not going to be friends, and that you are not caught in the act - using "stealth combat."
fallout new vegas perks

We are looking for a unique weapon

In any role-playing game has a somewhat unique types of weapons and armor. But New Vegas a lot of weapons. To gather a good collection of exclusive trunks, you'll need a lot of time and habit of looking in the pockets of each plot NPC, but the pickup will facilitate the task.

Golden Gloves (strip casino "Lucky 38") in the VIP-box, at the bar.
Brass knuckles "Retribution fallen" (Cottonwood Cove) office Aurelius and Phoenix in the table.
Brass knuckles "Love and hate" (Bonnie Springs) at capo Vipers.
Glove "impudence" (mine, "Ruby Hill") on the body of a member of the Jackals gang.
Cutting Glove "Opener" (Camp McCarran): the little brat.
Note: you can only get a glove killing its owner, but at the airport Makkarrane make it difficult. It is better to do the quests associated with the elimination of the devil, and you will find the brat in Frisayde near Mormon Fort, on the railway strip already dead.
Glove "Paladin Toaster" (Black Rock Cave) on the body of a miner.

Grenade "Annabel" (Black Mountain): Shadows on a corpse.
Grenade (40 mm) "Buh-buh" (Nellis solar panels AB) to get to the complex is possible only on the quest "Bad ant."
Grenade (40 mm) "Mercy" (Grandfather Wind Cave) is protected by legendary clutches of death.
Holy Hand Grenade (5 pcs.) (Camp Searchlight): in the broken church, in the basement (3 pcs.); the other two in a random order, you can look for the soldiers of the NKR (all garnets are available only if the characteristics of the "Wild Wasteland").

Fire weapon:
Vermint-rifle "Ratslayer" (Cave Brock) in the northeastern part of the cave, on the table.
Long carbine (Camp McCarran) at Corporal Sterling from 1st Recon NKR.
This is important: if during the quest "Bounty Hunter" you kill Chef Chef, the entire intelligence battalion will be transferred to Camp Forlorn Hope, with a corporal and a unique gun.
The rifle shooter "All-American" (Refuge 34): in the armory near an overturned table.
Minigun CZ57 «Avenger" (Devil's Throat) in the back of a truck in the middle of the abyss.
Cutting the "Big Boom" (Dump Gibson) in the garage, at the mother Gibson.
Hunting Shotgun "Dining bell" (Thorne, New Vegas) reward for the quest "Take it all" of Redhead Lucy.
Pistol "Maria" (Streep-Tops) from Benny.
Submachine gun Vance (Vince cache - not far from the factory HSBC HSBC and-Tools) in the safe (you can get cracking with the skill 100 55 or eloquence to persuade the owners to part with it themselves).
Revolver "Lucky" (Primm - Hotel "Bison Steve") in floor safe level "complex" (need skill hacking 75).
Revolver "The one" (Novak) is sold in the gift shop "dinosaurs."
Shotgun "machine" (Camp McCarran) given as a reward if your computer hack of stock and deliver Lieutenant Boyd Contreras.
Scout Sniper Rifle Gobi Company (sniper position - near Cottonwood Cove) in a locker (for dissection need skill hacking 100).
Mysterious Magnum (dry lake Eldorado) have Lounsema drifters (when barter 50+ sample can be obtained by peaceful means).
Exclusive pnevmoruzhe "Child of Abilene" (hut Fields). On a shelf near the wall.
Note: If you take the feature "Wild Wasteland" weapons will be in the Well Jimmy. After leaving the hut Rex (unless your companion at the time) howl, and in a conversation with him to ask not falling anyone in the well. After that location is displayed with a gun on our map.

Cold Steel:
Two-handed Hammer "Baby" (Cave Charleston): in the den of night hunters.
"Driver - Stick Nephi" (south of Vault 3): leader in Chertsey Drivers Nephi.
A piece of pipe "just a cudgel" (Sealed collector) is removed from the corpse of a miner.
Note: to get to this location is possible through the central reservoir through a hatch near the entrance to Camp McCarran. The key to the locked collector is the "Blind" Luke.
Machete "Liberator" (Nelson) in the barracks, at the Dead Sea.
Chance Knife (on a hill near the location tribe) in the grave odds.
Razor "Figaro" (Frisayd): King of twins in school, at the hairdresser's Sergio.
Slasher "broken rice" (ranch Vulfhorna): on the farm.
Axe "Tuk-Tuk" (Camp Searchlight) in a fire station on the second floor.

Macrobiotic Weapon:
"Euclid's algorithm" (Frisayd): boy Max, ran after the girl Stacy.
Alien Blaster (farm north of Horowitz): Captain Alien (only when "Wild Wasteland").
Gauss rifle YCS / 186 (north of the farm Horowitz): one of the mercenaries (not available if you have the ability to "Wild Wasteland")
Laser Rifle Prototype AER14 (Vault 22) in common rooms, a recreation area.
Laser Gun "Pew Pew" (Headquarters' Sunset Sasparilly ") is given as a reward for the quest" Legend of the Star "and" valuable lessons "for the collection of fifty caps with a star.
Plasma Rifle Q-35 modulator (headquarters Repkonn): on the ground floor, behind the door, opened with a key card, science (100) and breaking (100).
Prototype "Tesla-Beaton" (Wreckage rotorcraft): protected golden geckos.

There is a way to get some unique patterns without killing their owners. To do this, first call the aggression of the NPC (fire the weapon of the weak, not to kill), and when a character will arm you to fit the barrel, switch to VATS and make one successful shot at the right hand of your opponent dropped the weapon. Now, quickly hide behind your trunk - you have your hands empty at the same NPC, there is more reason for aggression. We can only raise a unique gun and go home.

fallout new vegas map

fallout new vegas mapfallout new vegas map
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