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6-05-2015, 11:22

Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money

fallout new vegas dead money

The release of Dead Money, the first official add-on December 21, 2010 for Xbox Live and 22 February 2011 for the PS3 and PC.
In the story, followed by a radio signal, the hero finds himself trapped in a man named Elijah (former dean of the chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel in Mojave), who tries to help the hero and three other characters to get into the Sierra Madre Casino. According to legend, in the casino vault is a huge treasure. Initially, the main character must find 3 more prisoners Elijah:..
fallout new vegas dog god

Dog / God
Super Mutants, who suffers from a split personality. Inside one of the body trying to get on two completely different reason. And though the body and large, for them there is very, very closely, so that for the most part you will deal with them one by one, their own choosing who you no longer need.
Dog - loyal soldier of the Lord of the first Fallout, always ready to execute any order of the owner. When the Lord was killed, the dog lost the meaning of life. Rather, the concept for it came down to the word "food".
Changes in the "dog" of life come together with a man named Elijah. Former dean of the Brotherhood replaced Dog owner - and now the old man's voice is always on the surface is "pesy" layer of consciousness.
God - as opposed to selfish Dog, reasonable and prudent. Where the second half of its breaking forward, not looking the way he builds a cunning plan. And chief among them: how to completely take over their own bodies and how to get rid of the old man, whose voice will inevitably evokes the Dog.
Reaching out to God-consciousness is possible, before losing his own mutant record voice.
As with each of the partners, super mutant, if we take it to the group, giving the hero a special ability. But as much as two single mutant individual, and then also two faculties. If you are traveling God, the hero improves stealth and it will no longer respond to the trap. The dog is eating your enemies, not letting them get to his feet again. When he eats at least one ghost, ask how he crushes them, and during the conversation will get the ability to allow people to kill the ghost without taking their hands and feet.
fallout new vegas dean domino

Dean Domino
Old ghoul remembers a lot about many things and can tell someone who wants to listen to him. In the end, he was present during the construction of a casino "Sierra Madre" and had to perform at a concert in honor of his discovery, but everything turned out not as he expected.
During the long years of his life inside the Cloud Dean learned to deal with gas - and some of this knowledge, he will give to the courier, if there is next to him. When Domino group, the damage is reduced by a quarter Clouds. In addition, the Dean can teach you to mix a martini, "Sierra Madre" - drink temporarily increases strength, endurance and maximum health hero. To ghoul share recipes, you need to talk to him about his secret holdings scattered throughout the town.
fallout new vegas christine

Silent girl was once a knight of the Brotherhood of Steel and had to kill Elijah, and now she has to obey him. In order to properly communicate with it, the courier will need a high intellect and perception (both parameters at least six units). But those who can understand her gestures and facial expressions, Christine tells a lot about the places where we have yet to visit, and the people who have to meet in future additions.
While she was on your team, the collar will respond to the radios and speakers with a delay and explode later. Furthermore, it can teach courier counterfeiting casino chips "Sierra Madre". A nuclear battery and two pieces of metal will give you as much as fifty chips. Unfortunately, in the vicinity of a casino nuclear battery uncommon (but not so on the Mojave Wasteland). And if you remember that in the abandoned bunker Elijah vending machine accepting chip - the ability to produce their own will be very helpful.
fallout dead money

Weapons of the Sierra Madre

All equipment, to which we are accustomed to in the Mojave remains in an abandoned bunker in the Brotherhood of Steel and clouds and, alas, does not help the courier. We'll have to search and use what comes to hand.

Police Pistol - standard weapon Security Service of the Sierra Madre. Uses Public Heath at .357 caliber cartridges. From his kinsman of the Mojave (.357 revolver) differs yedinichku damage increased by one shot and faster recharging - drum recharged not one patron, and immediately clip. Likely to be a faithful companion of the hero, who specializes in firearms - ammunition for it quite a lot, and the guns themselves enough, so problems with the repair should arise.

Outside the abandoned city becomes purely a collection rarity, because even fanatical fans revolvers prefer it more powerful and heavy samples.

Automatic Rifle - fully automatic rifles, ammunition using .308, the bundles, and the necessary ammunition to Sierra Madre is very limited. And the enemy, which would cost to spend, in general, no ... But when you get back to the expanses of the Mojave, the ability to shoot bursts of large-may come in handy. This rifle is more accurate other automatic weapons in the game and at medium ranges vividly feed the enemy with lethal doses of lead. But, first, it quickly becomes unfit for use even with the improvement of safety, and secondly, it can only repair the same rifle, repair kits or repairers for money. The first option is unlikely - anywhere except in the Sierra Madre, you will not find such a barrel.

Cosmic Knife - high technology at the service of the national economy, a knife made of a material that is primarily intended for use in spacecraft. Cuts obscenities he - better than the usual knife, but worse than the army samples. The Sierra Madre is not much of a choice, so that fans will have to do the stabbing, which give. However, the characters with the skill repair 25 units can take a knife and two packs cleaner "Abrakso" - and the bench clean the blade from rust to increase the damage and critical strike chance.

A unique scheme Cosmic knife super-heated can be extracted by breaking one of the terminals to the casino (for example, in a room with bench - to far to walk). Molten up to 451 degrees blade not only causes damage The larger, but also periodically ignites enemies. However, it is still weaker than the refined version, but the chance of critical damage is much higher.

Knife spear - conventional weapons ghostly people, a spear, the point is - the same "space" knives. As the damage done almost corresponds to a large sword, which is found in the Mojave. But a spear hero acts faster. To build a more powerful version, you will need a repair skill no less than fifty, a coil tape, ordinary spear three refined cosmic knife, three packs cleaner "Abrakso" and free workbench.

Throwing knife spear - interesting only in that it is the most powerful weapon in its class in the game. Done in 42 units is nearly ten furnishes ordinary javelin. But, as always, except in the vicinity of "Sierra Madre", spears get nowhere, and there they found only in the clutches of ghosts. You can try to collect them in store, but is it necessary? One collection is enough.

Gas bomb - such pieces loves to throw one of the varieties of ghostly people. It explodes and ignites the powerful enemies in the blast radius. With the skill of an explosive case of 40 units of these bombs can be carried out independently on the bench. This will require the sensor module, electronic waste, adhesive tape and igniter. How to get out of it with a fire extinguisher bolted to it a piece of C-4 - is not clear, but somehow it still turns.

The lack of a bomb - it can not be used in VATS mode By unobvious whim of developers, it is considered to be more mine than a grenade, and for proper use have to get the hand right to throw a heavy tank.

Bear trap fist - the perfect weapon for lovers of martial arts. Fixed on the glove bear trap impact compressed and literally tear the enemy to pieces. Especially useful it increased damage for the ultimate in ghostly encounters with the people, because the ghost is seriously hurt arm or leg as he instantly drop dead.

Holorifle - this rifle you receive from Elijah immediately get into the Sierra Madre. A strange hybrid pump-action shotgun, energy weapons and holographic technology to those who energooruzhie basic skills - a real gift: after all the improvements golovintovka inferior to the damage done only weapon using Gaussian technology, but it takes four shots before recharging, unlike gaussovok who have to change the battery after each volley, distracted by the sight. In addition, the optical sight golovintovki has the same properties and optics to "Ratslayer" - automatically adjusts to the lighting, allowing to shoot equally well during the day and in the dark.

Just remember that a gift is given once and a rifle anywhere else you will not find - so hold tight and try to keep in the best condition.
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