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6-05-2015, 11:56

Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues

fallout new vegas old world blues

It all starts with the fact that the main character, Courier, catches radio show about old movies in an open theater in the Mojave Desert. Arriving at the place, he discovers a crashed satellite, which transmits an encrypted message. During the inspection of the satellite hero loses consciousness and his kidnap mad scientists of the scientific complex "Big Mountain", which is cut out his heart, the brain and spine, replacing it all with artificial implants. However, unlike other Lobotomirovanny, Messenger does not lose his mind that leads scientists to the idea to use it in the fight against the sinister Dr. Mobius, who blocked all exits from the complex and stole the brain Courier. To return to your brain and out of the complex, the Courier has to follow the instructions of Dr. Klein. In addition to the main story quest, the hero can get the quest to find an advanced energy weapons and stealth armor.
Game World
Actions in the game take place in 2281. The world «Old World Blues» is a huge abandoned scientific-industrial complex, which includes a powerful communication system, as well as several military facilities and even a small concentration camp for prisoners of war and of Chinese dissidents. After a nuclear war in 2077 the complex mainly survived, which allowed scientists to continue research. In the game you can find several new types of armor and clothing, and new weapons. In Wrath present as common with the main game opponents (kasador, a night hunter, different types of robots) and new monsters: travmokostyum, lobotomy, roboskorpion.
fallout new vegas old world blues armor

Key NPC in the game - six scientists to transplant his brain into a robotic body. Five of them are working in a group of doctors Klein and conduct experiments to transplant the brain to develop a technique for transplanting their own brains into new bodies. Another scientist, Dr. Moebius, left the complex because of their disagreement with the inhuman experiments. The inhabitants of "think tanks" are a parody of the clichés of American popular culture-mad villains scientists.
Dr. Klein, the head of a think tank, and the main antagonist - rude and impatient scientist. This adds a comedic character that Dr. 8 improperly adjusted his voice module, which is why Klein is talking all the time a voice of thunder. It is illogical and incompetent.
Dr. Mobius - a renegade scientist, a physicist. He flooded the territory of "Big Mountain" for its robotic scorpions and otherwise intimidating the hero and others scientists. He talks like a caricature of the comic book supervillain, but is proving to be almost the most sane and humane of all the scientists, despite the sclerosis and addicted to hard drugs. Toward the end of the game it becomes clear that Mobius is not a villain, and refers to humanity is much better than the other scientists. Perhaps prototype Mobius is living brain of a series of «The day the earth stood stupid» animated series Futurama.
Dr. Dahl, a doctor, is different from the others and emotional attraction to the human body, including the body of the protagonist. He loves teddy bears, at her home in the village of scientists can find two dozen of these toys.
Dr. Borous geneticist. Arrogant paranoid, talking with unnecessary drama. The extremely incompetent, what the protagonist can catch him in the conversation. Because of his experiences have been created and escaped to freedom, such as the dangerous mutants kasadory and nocturnal hunters. Like many characters in the universe Fallout, Borous - a pathological anti-communist, his hatred of the Communists comparable only with hatred of former classmates that he was abused. The phrase "More they destroyed my train" is perhaps a hint of Sheldon Cooper from the television series "The Big Bang Theory."
Dr 0 - ugly and sarcastic robotics. Obsessed with hatred for Mr. House and his sekyuritronam (in his apartment a portrait House bristling with knives) and in general to any production corporation "timid." The House's made a mockery of Maggie, a miniature sekyuritrona cleaner with an inferiority complex.
Dr. 8, an expert on acoustics. His personality is difficult to say anything definite, because his voice module is damaged, and 8 speaks using code that the protagonist is not clear. We only know that 8 loves music and is obsessed with the number eight - in his apartment all the items presented in eight copies, and the arrows point to eight hours to eight.
fallout new vegas old world blue

Furnishings Den
Scientists from the Think Tank provides the player's own home, den, which in addition to the usual furnishings are objects endowed with artificial intelligence and self. Among them:
Central Intelligence Module. With it you can buy, sell and repair items, and disable the other modules. The module has the personality of the butler, very polite and kept with dignity.
Auto-docking - a device that allows you to recover from injury, install implants to change appearance through plastic surgery and just a haircut. Auto-Doc has an old person caring doctor. During the examination of the patient, he is very worried and yells at an imaginary nurse, and when inactive - usually sleeps, with loud snoring and talking in his sleep.
Sink - object endowed with a personality very demanding hygiene woman. Sink dislikes biological research station for uncleanliness and a penchant for debauchery. You can drink from the sink and fill the water bottle that makes life easier in the passing game in the "hardcore".
Wall switches number 1 and number 2 - two young women showing the opposite behaviors: one - emotional and frivolous, the other - educated and arrogant. Switches experiencing mutual dislike and are jealous of the protagonist to each other.
Toaster, with which you can improve some of the weapons. Toaster - a real psychopath, in a conversation with the main character, he constantly complains and threatens, when in fact the device is completely harmless with weak heating element. Toaster possessed a thirst for destruction of other household appliances, as well as the idea of ​​destroying the world in the nuclear fire.
Maggi - cleaning robot, created in the image of Dr 0 sekyuritronov Mr. House. Maggie is a smaller copy of the combat and harmless sekyuritrona, so it suffers from an inferiority complex. In addition, Maggie obsessed circles and all the time begging them the main character. However, he is well aware that mad because this is also incorporated into its program, from which very severely affected.
Blind Diode Jefferson - jukebox. Its main task - to reprogram the unique weapon of the protagonist. The music he does not play as Dr. Klein deprived him of such a function. Probably, the prototype of the diode is bluesman 1920 Blind Lemon Jefferson.
Biological Research Station - a device that allows you to grow and process plants. The station has a pleasant male voice, but speaking as a character pornographic films, the protagonist is constantly making allusions to sex.
Book recovery, with which you can convert unusable for reading the book in plain paper, which can then be used to create a scientific journal. The heat exchanger has a distinctive personality Inquisitor sees as its main objective the eradication of rebellious thoughts contained in the books, as well as offering the protagonist re-using worn on the head with a bag and a cell krotokrysami (which is a direct reference to the novel by George. Orwell's "1984"). The inactive state of the recovery broadcasts duty and machinations of the Communists.
It is also likely to have certain personality attributes one of the key items - Stealth Armor Mark II and disguised as a high school test site laboratories X8. So armor, speaking female voice, not only warns of the danger, but also commented on the action hero and the other characters. Polygon well as its creator Borous, is afraid of the Communists, but eventually realizes that the main character can be trusted because it "not only does not know what communism is, but can hardly imagine what a high school."
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