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6-05-2015, 12:28

Fallout: New Vegas Lonesome Road

fallout new vegas lonesome road

This add-on brings us back to where it all begins. Our hero was not the only one who was given the task to deliver the platinum chip, couriers were several. The history of this supplement brings us to Ulysses, another courier who must answer to our questions. To do this, the player is sent to the wasteland, completely ruined by meteorological experiments, scientists Big Mountain and explosions IDB - in Rift (Eng. Divide). Interestingly, in one of the places in the game without additions can be found a stone with the inscription «Lonesome Road».
lonesome road

Most Lonesome Road recalls the epilogue of modern RPG: open world left behind, in front - a narrow trail, dozens of enemies and rare talks about eternity. Curiosity beckons at the center of a great city, which was destroyed by earthquakes. Although Courier been here before, when people walked the streets yet, he does not submit the form, and, as if suffering from amnesia. Despite the outdated graphics, fascinating panorama. Fell to the side flats, insane intertwining pipes and transmission towers, broken highways and giant crack in the earth ... shows the ruins of the first on such a scale was possible only blockbusters such as Gears of WarKratkaya information about the game. Unfortunately, we are hardly similar to the tour route, and the branch is ridiculously short.
Sometimes the path is blocked by insurmountable obstructions, to clear that we offer ... abandoned nuclear warheads. It looks so stupid as exploding skeletons of cars with nuclear engines in Fallout 3Kratkaya information about the game. Surely civilization destroyed weapons to blast radius of 20 meters?
lonesome road walkthrough

However, opponents annoying in Lonesome Road, radiation is not spared. In addition to old friends deathclaw, then roam mutants of underground tunnels and "labeled" - NKR legionnaires and soldiers who lost their skin and the mind. First a bit of a "sandpaper" we have seen in The PittKratkaya information about the game, and the latter are not much different from the usual "undead." However, razyat both are death. Even seasoned hero with a decent outfit knocks them with great difficulty.
Actually, in addition to shooting freaks really do nothing. In the deserted ruins no one will give a job and did not chat for life. Yes, and some interlocutors are only two: a flying robot companion ED-E Yes Ulysses himself. And until a mysterious stranger decoupling is not shown talking on the radio.
Alas, chat with a former colleague not too happy. Instead of clearly talk about the past, Courier, he goes around and around and muddying the waters "philosophical" arguments in the worst traditions Obsidian. Well at least branched dialogue and moral choices affect the events of the main game. But do not expect revelations from Lonesome Road - «epic finale" was zilch.
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