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9-04-2015, 12:10

The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon

the elder scrolls iii bloodmoon

The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon - the second official expansion pack to the CRPG Morrowind. Released in the year 2003. In addition to adding additional content updates the game to version 1.6.
the elder scrolls morrowind pc

Empire recently founded a new colony on the island Miner Solstheim. The player is invited to join the East Empire Company and help the development of the village on the Crow Rock. The captain of the fort Ineevoy Butterflies asks the hero of several services, and once he returned with an assignment, the hero discovers that Fort seriously affected by the attack of werewolves, and the captain was gone. Temporary administrator fort officer sends the hero to the village Skaal - local tribe Nords. They promise to help the hero if he would restore the natural balance, impaired Imperials on Solstheim.
When accomplished shaman Skaal, he returns to it, and then start the events prophesied Bloodmoon. The entire island is beginning to suffer from sudden onset of aggressive werewolf packs, and the player is infected with lycanthropy - a disease that turns an ordinary man into a werewolf. Now a hero to become a werewolf, and worshiping Girtsinu to participate in its hunt, or, conversely, to heal and to confront Daedra Prince.
elder scrolls morrowind bloodmoon

Crow Rock
On arrival at Fort Ineevoy Butterflies hero once it becomes available line of side quests, which is connected to the base of the colony, whose main objective is the extraction of raw ebony. To participate in the bottom of the column, you must find Karniusa Magiusa - Chapter Eastern Empire Company. Karnius charge protagonist to take three settlers in the north-east, on the black rocks, followed by those in a few days to build a mine and a couple of houses. Karnius also reward you share his company, the price will be increased with the expansion of settlements in the rock Crow. But not all so simple: the more developed your settlement, the more serious are the problems that must cope your hero. Without the intervention of the protagonist settlers can not even decide to build them or forge shop. Also, the hero will have to fight with sprigganami, roots of trees, pieces of ice in the mine, to pacify daring ferryman, drive Nordling hippie, preventing construction and manufacturing, etc. In the end, the player will become a victim of the intrigues of his boss. Carius uses mercenaries dressed as natives to destroy the colony. However, the hero exposes the villain. As a result of the fight between the hero and the villain, Carius die, and the player becomes a new factor East Empire Company.
elder scrolls iii morrowind

One of the innovations of this supplement has become a disease of lycanthropy that transforms its wearer into a terrible human-wolf every night. In the phase shifter character can not use any magic, no weapons, no armor, only their claws. But as compensation for his strength increases manifold. In the shoes of a werewolf player every night will have to kill at least one humanoid-NPC.
To become a lycanthrope need only found on the island any werewolf (appear only at night) and let him hit your character until you see about the infection. Werewolves are rare, but at a low level character beast rather zagryzet Player to death before it manages to infect. However, the storyline infection still occur.
Added a large island with new landscapes, locations, characters, monsters, weather conditions. On the island you can find new plants, ingredients, weapons, armor.
The possibility of starting new jobs before the end of the main quest Morrowind.
The possibility of a nonlinear transmission main quest - for Skaal and Beagle Girtsina, that is a werewolf, although the latter task and the general outcome of the same for both options. Also the possibility of a nonlinear transmission quests East Empire Company - on the side of an unscrupulous businessman Karniusa Magiusa, Factor Company, or on the side of his deputy, Galenusa Falco, the man is quite decent.
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