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17-04-2015, 15:09

Morrowind Daedra Lords or Daedric Lords

morrowind daedra lords

Daedric Princes - the powerful lords of the Daedra, they can be called and the gods. Princes often called Daedra Lords, that makes some confusion - also called and some younger Daedra. Correct alternative name Prince - Daedric Lords...



Go to the temple Azura on the coast of Azura. She will tell you to go to the island, located near Dagon Fel and clear it of Daedra sent Shegoratom that bother holy recluse Rheine Drolan. In addition, you'll need to get evidence that these Daedra sent it Shegorat. After get a job, go to Dagon Fel. Island is located off the northeastern tip of Dagon Fel. Kill all the Daedra, who met on the island, including a gold Hypocrites Staadu. Then come back to Azura. As a reward you get Azura's Star, a unique stone shower that does not disappear after you use it. In addition, only the stone can accommodate a soul Almalexia or Viveka.


Statue of Sheogorath is the sanctuary of St. Ihinipalit channels in Delina. Daedra Prince will give you a strange job. You will need to find a mad hermit big-living on a remote island, west of Dagon Fel. Do hermit you will need to take a fork Itchy and kill her giant male-NETZSCH. Then you can go back to Shegoratu. Location of big-you can check in Dagon Fele. Seeking NETZSCH lives on the island, located to the east of the island big-. Remember, you have to kill him just fork Itchy. From the usual NETZSCH anything but name, is no different. However, he was there alone, do not mix up. Once you have done, return to Shegoratu and get a reward, Spear of Bitter Mercy.


When you get to the sanctuary Malacath, you turn the statue of the Daedra. Malacath say that he can give you the helmet of great power that once belonged to the great hero Oreynu the Bear Claw. According Malacath actually Oreyn not make any deed, and all the glorious deeds wrought orc named Harag gro Har. And now you need to find descendants of Oreynov and kill him. Thus, you will restore historical justice. Ask around about him in Vivec and you will be directed to Gnaar Mok, where their servants went Farvin Oreyn, last of Oreynov. When you arrive at Gnaar Mok, then learns that Farvin Oreyn with his servants is indeed in the area to hunt NETZSCH. You'll find it at the southern tip of the island. The enemy Oreyn particular risk is not, but his servants - on the contrary. Kill him and return to Malacath. As a reward you get famous helmet Oreyna Bear Claw.


Altar Mephala lair Morag Tong gives you a task - to poison Balin Omavelya living in Balmora. Remove petals gorkolistnika, penetrate into the house, and put poison in the pot. Then come back to the altar. As a reward, the altar will grant you a rare artifact - Ring of Khajiit. More information about the whereabouts of the sanctuary is written in the guild quests Morag Tong.
molag bal

Molag Bal

In the sanctuary of Molag Bal you give the job Daedra Lord. Enraged Molag Bal tell you that one of his servants, Daedroth Ment On lazy and did not comply with the orders of his master. You need to go into the dungeon-Dur bark and kill the lazy servant, restoring his soul in Oblivion where Molag Bal will punish him. When you perform this task, Molag Bal reward you with Mace of Molag Bal.


From Khajiit M'aiq you know the location of the sunken sanctuary Boethiah, near Hla Oad. Go there and talk to the Daedra. From the head of the statue you will know that if you manage to restore the sanctuary, the Daedra will give you the Golden Sword, one of the best one-handed swords. To get started you will need to find a sculptor. Suitable candidate will be an orc Duma gro-Lag in Caldera. Find it and pay 2,000 Septims overheads. While he prepares the project, you will need to find a book that would describe the sanctuary. This book is "Glory Boethiah", which you can buy in a bookstore Jobasha in Vivec. When you will book and money, go back to the sculptor. He will say that he had found a suitable place on a cliff Hartaga, north and south of Moka Gnaar Andasret fortress. But he will need a couple of weeks. When the specified time passes, go to the location of the restored temple and talk to the statue.
mehrun dagon

Mehrun Dagon

In the sanctuary Mehrunes Dagon you turn yourself Daedra Lord. He tells you that you can give him service. You need to return the legendary weapon Razor Mehrunes Dagon, which fell into the hands of the unworthy vehicle. You need to go to the tomb of generic Alas, north Molag Mara. The tomb found the body Warnes Hlerasa and remove from his body a rusty dagger. With this dagger back into the sanctuary. There Daedra Lord will give him back his strength and give you as a worthy bearer of this weapon.
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