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13-04-2015, 13:49

Morrowind Fighters Guild Walkthrough

morrowind fighters guild walkthrough

Division of the Fighters Guild can be found in all corners of Tamriel, Fighters Guild can always provide opportunities to those who decided to devote himself to art warrior.
Fighters Guild - is a professional organization founded by the Emperor to resolve issues related to the recruitment and training of mercenaries. In addition, the Guild performs different kind of errand coming both from different organizations and individuals. As a rule, these tasks are aimed at strengthening the law and order in Tamriel. In addition, the Guild can always provide training services and a variety of goods for sale to members of the Guild of all this will be much cheaper than all the others. In addition, the branch manager can always offer the job. In Vvardenfell representation Fighters Guild is in the Balmora, Al'rune, Wolverine Hall in Sadr Sea and strangers in the Quarter in Vivec.

Obey all instructions given to you by masters of the Guild. Learn from the guild master and become stronger. Always share your knowledge with other members of the Guild. Never attack or steal from other members of the Guild.

Aydis Fire Eye (Balmora)

1. The Pied Piper:
The house Drareyn Telas in eastern Balmora plague of rats, you have to get rid of them. Talk to the lady of the house, and she will give you the key to the shed. Kill all the rats out there, and then check the house, it can also be rodents. When all the rats will be killed - again talk to Drareyn, and return to Aydis.

2. Egg poachers:
You have to kill two poachers: Sevilo Otan and Dane Valas. Work in the mine they were bored, and they decided that it is possible to earn a living by stealing eggs kvaama. You can find them in the egg stirrer shaft. Head south from Balmora, on the right bank of the river until until you see the old suspension bridge over the river Ōdai, Mie. The mine is located in the west of it. When both are dead poacher - back to Aydis. As a reward you will get 100 gold and a few potions.

3. Agents Telvani
Thieves turned Caldera administration mines. According to them Telvanni agents sabotaging the work of the mines, ebony steal, kidnap guards and servants. You have to deal with them. All four agents: Alina Aral Satas Nerotren, Fotin Herotran and Alveleg. There is evidence that they are hiding in a cave in the hills north of Caldera Schacht. Kill them and go back to Aydis.

4. The code book:
Before this quest - to join the Thieves' Guild, otherwise you might lose the ability to pass this cute quests organization.
Aydis asked to get her codebook Sottild. The reason is simple - in the codebook contains evidence that the Fighters Guild is working on Kamon Tong, a trading skuumoy. Of course, that Sottild working on the Thieves' Guild will not give you this book voluntarily. However, if you talk to Peritsiusom Mertsiusom in Ald'runskoy Fighters Guild, he will tell you that you should not kill Sottild. In this case, the nicest way to raise her attitude towards you to 70 or higher, and then she will give you a book voluntarily. However, you can kill the poor woman, but in this case you risk to spoil your relationship with the Thieves Guild. In any case, having received the codebook, return to Aydis and get a reward: 50 gold. Sottild itself you will find the tavern "South Wall".
If you still killed Sottild and you kicked out of the Thieves Guild, do not despair, get the head of the Guild in Vivec and 1000 Septims you restore it. The main thing is that at the time of the murder, you have already taken place in it.

5. Debt Dezel:
Helvian Dezel of Suran owed money Manos Otreletu and now Guild should make her Dezel to repay. However, if you talk to Pertsiusom Mertsiusom, he will tell you that Manos Otrelet working on Orvasa Drena, ie Kamon on Tong and that this job is not like a normal job Fighters Guild. After talking with Dezel, you will realize that "debt" - it is nothing like an ordinary racket. Next, you decide. Can squeeze out of the woman money and can pay themselves, in the end - 200 gold is not so much money. In any case, when you give Aydis 200 coins, the job will be done.

6. Reward head gra-Bol:
Very simple task - to kill orkessu named Dara gra-Bol, whose home is here in Balmora. Kill it and return to Aydis, your reward will be 250 gold.

The following quests are available for rank Protector.

7. Alofi and orcs:
In the Fighters Guild received information about a band of orcs hunted near Pelagiada. Aydis tells you to talk to Alofi East on his farm, which is located in the north-east of Pelagiada. If you find him alive, you'll know that the orcs come from the ruins of the temple Daedric Ashunartes, located to the north-east of the farm and to the west of the old fortress Dunmer Marandus. Alofi also report that these orcs led by the leader, named Buryub gras-Bamog if to kill him - the rest of the orcs flee. By the way, note that the job Guild received from the Duke Dren Vedas. Do not fail him. Quest will be met when Buryub gras-Bamog be dead. By the way, Alofi - it is not a mere mortal, and informant Guild.

8. Gang spindles:
The Guild has received an order - to kill the smuggler Dovresa spindles and his entire gang. You can find them in Mannamuu, a cave in the south-east of Pelagiada. For the murder of spindles you get 1000 seventh.

9. do hunger in the Tomb of SARA:
The last task to kill those who hunger in the tomb of the barn. This place is located in the south-east of Fort Moonmoth between Ashland and Lake Amaya. Kill him and return to Aydis. As a reward you get - 1000 gold.
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Pertsius Mertsius (Ald'ruhn)

1. Necromancer Vasa:
Eternal Guardian Ulayn Henim asked the Guild to help her clean up the den known as necromancers you located far to the north in the region Shigorada. To get there, you need to get to Tel Mora and from there ship to Dagon Fel. The main objective is to kill the necromancer named Daris Adram. In order to fulfill its Ulayna Henim join you to fight shoulder to shoulder. When the necromancer is killed back in Pertsisu in Al'run.

2. The reward for the head Benerana:
You have to kill Nerera Benerana, outcast from home Redoran, who became leader of a gang in Sargon, north of Maar Ghana. Sargon is located north of Maar Gan and to the south-west of Vaasa. Once you kill Benerana, return to Pertsiusu and report on the implementation of the task.

3. Bandits in Surani:
In cities across the country frequent attacks by bandits and the Fighters Guild instructed to deal with them. Go to Suran and find Sergio Avon Orinoma. After talking to him, you know, that den of bandits to the north-east of the city, in Saturane. Go there and kill their leader Daldura Saris. Once the leader is dead - back to Sergio and receive awards - 1000 gold. Then you can report on the implementation of Pertsiusu job.

4. Flynn for Elite Pal:
Pretty simple task - Empire requested Fighters Guild to deliver a portion of the shaft Flynn Elite Pal. The mine is located at the foot of Red Mountain, west of Zainab camp. When you fall into the pit, get a man named Dangor. Give him back to Flynn and Pertsiusu.

The following quests are available for rank Sentinel.

5. Removal of supporters Szhoringa:
According Pertsiusa Fighters Guild in Vvardenfell came under the influence Kamon Tong crime syndicate managed Orvasom Dren. To get rid of the influence of Camon Tong, you need to destroy the top of the guild - Szhoringa Zhestkoserdnogo and his two assistants, Aydis fiery eyes and Lorbumola Gros Aglaka. Aydis you will find in Balmora and Lorbumola in Vivec, in the quarter of strangers, in the department of the Guild, located on the Plaza. Both kill without regret, moreover, both attack you yourself, as soon as they see you. In order to avoid various kinds of glitches, in the course of this quest, kill your opponents in the following order - first Aydis, then Lorbumol. After each share with a report back to Pertsiusu. The task will be met when both supporter Szhoringa be dead.

6. Kill Zhestokosednogo:
The last task, which gives Pertsius, this elimination Szhoringa Zhestkoserdnogo, head across the Fighters Guild in Vvardenfell. Kill this character without regret, he is so caught up in the affairs of Camon Tong that under his leadership Guild completely ceased to perform their duties. Therefore, the murder Szhoringa - the only path that will return to its former greatness of the Guild. Find Szhoringa you can in the Quarter strangers in Vivec, in the department of the Fighters Guild in the Plaza. Kill him and return to Pertsiusu, talk to him about Szhoringe, and he will make you a new guild master.
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Hrundi (Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall)

1. Battle Nchurdamts:
So, the first job that gives you Hrundi - meet Lariennoy Macrina Nchurdamtsa in ruins. Nchurdamts - an ancient stronghold of the Dwemer, lying far to the south, from Sadrith Mora. When they reached the place and talking to Lariennoy, you will know that she wants to take revenge on one Daedroth named Hrelvesuu. Take it to the team and go deeper into the ruins. Once Hrelvesuu be killed - talk to Lariennoy and she will thank you for your help. Then you can go back to Hrundi and report on the job, as a reward you will get 500 Septims. However, if Larienna perish the reward you do not shine.

2. Dissapla:
Guild received a report about the problems in the mine Dissapla. Go there and find the control shaft Novora Dretana. From him you learn that in recent work of mine strongly inhibited attack nix-hounds. As a result, the last missing Teres Arotan, a local healer. Find it and bring it to Dretanu. Arotan interest is in the northwest corner of the mine. When you get to the hall with stairs up to the second tier and, from there, to the left. Reach the second ladder, climb on it and find a doctor. Then return with him to Dretanu, see that the healer was killed on the road. After Teres will be in a safe place, talk to Dretanom, and he will thank you for saving healer. Then come back to Hrundi.

3. Stalker Bervi:
A fairly simple task - to tradeswoman Bervi living in Tel Mora, climbed Stalker Korprusa and Guild task - to kill the monster. Go to Tel Mora, get the house Bervi and talk to her. She will say that they were able to lock up trapping in the upper room, climb up and straightened them. After the huntsman to kill, talk to Bervi and return to Hrundi for a reward - 500 gold. While, at the same time try to execute the following quest to not run twice.

4. Reward head Tenim:
This quest is given together with the previous one. You must find the culprit Relsa Tenim, last seen in Vose. After you talk to the locals will tell you that Tenim went to the shelter criminals far north, its location may know in the camp Ahemmuza. When they reached the camp Ashlander and talk to one of them, you will know that some people had gone into the cave Schally, located on a small island to the south-west of Ald Daedroth. To reach the cave, you need to swim to the first island to the north of the camp, from him to go to the north-west, there are two islands. The cave is located on the north side of the second island, the entrance is located at the water in a small cove. There you will find, and its purpose. Once you kill Tenim return to Hrundi for a reward - 200 gold.

5. Sudzhzhama in Duniray:
The workers in the mine ran out of stock sudzhzhamy Adas, and you must bring them back the next batch of goods because supply Imperial Mines is engaged in the Fighters Guild. Go to the cave Duniray south-east of the Ghost Gate, between Foyadoy Esannudan and Foyadoy Ashur-Dan. When you reach the mines, locate a man named Nelakar, which is responsible for supplies. It is located in the eastern part of the shaft, from the entrance, turn right and follow along the rails, reaching a large hall, turn left, Nelakar is in the next room. Give him the goods and return to sudzhzhamy Hrundi. As a reward you will get 500 coins.

For the following quests required rank Protector.

6. Zondaal:
You have to go to the ancient Dunmer stronghold Telasero located between the port and Surani siltstrayderov in Molag Mar, and find Zondaal of Shimmer. Altmeri, who has been studying the winding city Sota Forces (it is unclear, however, a combination of circumstances brought her to the base of the Sixth House). Zondaal located on the lower level of the fortress, from the entrance - the first room to the left. It is on the table, in the company of two rats. Kill rodents and escort the witch out of the fortress. Note that combat experience she had very little, so before you take her out - to clear the path. Quest is a very important - it will not fail. When Zondaal thank you for saving - back to Hrundi.

7. Reward head Engaera:
Fighters Guild generously paid for the murder of a mercenary Bosmer Engaera who serves his master Nelotu from Tel Naga. Note that Engaer belongs to the house Telvanni, so try wrought things so that you do not have any complaints. It is best to force Engaera attack you yourself, or using insulting or with the appropriate spells. When a mercenary is dead - back to Hrundi and receive awards - 1000 gold.

8. Egg mine pounds:
The last task Hrundi - find egg mine pounds and bring back seven golden eggs. According to rumors the mine is located on the island of Shigorad or next to it. When you fall into the pit, go to the left aisle, which will take you to the room with the queen kvaama. There are desired and eggs. Take them and go back to Hrundi. You will truly royal reward - 10 thousand. Gold.

Lorbumol Gros Aglak (Vivek Quarter strangers Plaza)

1. Ring of Feather Jay:
Orc named Nar gro-Shagramf promised to deliver Ring of Feather Jay Ranesu Yenetu, but has not yet been brought. You must summon the orc in a brazen promise. Go to the Plaza district Hlaalu in Vivec. When you find an orc, first lift it relevant to you to 60 or higher, and then he'll give you a ring voluntarily. However, it is possible to remove the ring and the body. When the ring will have you back to Gros Aglaku for a reward - 100 gold.

2. silenced anuran Language:
Quite a delicate task - it is necessary to silence Argonian named anuran language which can always be found in the tavern "Rat in a pot" in Ald'ruhn. The easiest way - is to kill him, which undoubtedly will be especially pleased your quest givers. However, after talking with Žabie language, you learn that all his "fault" lies in the fact that it distributes information about the connection Fighters Guild and Kamon Tong. I do not think it deserves death. The same will tell you Pertsius and if you talk to him. The best solution would be to persuade anuran Language leave Vvardenfell. Gros Aglaka want that option.

3. Reward head Dro'Zahara:
This time you have to kill the famous outlaw Dro'Zahara Khajiit, who is hiding where in the district of St. Delina. Go there and talk to the locals, the offender lives in the channels of the Holy Delina South-Two, on the south side of St. District Olmes. Kill him and go back to the employer. Any pitfalls in this quest is not - Dro'Zahar really criminal, it will tell you the same and Pertsius.

4. Debt Liriel:
You have been given the task to clear the debt of Liriel Stoynov the tavern "Rat in a pot" in Ald'ruhn. However, Pertsius Mertsius will tell you that there is no Liriel 2000 gold and that in fact it is not owed, and her brother Rural Stoynov, it also has no money, so take it with nothing. The same will tell you herself Mirel, by the way, is the real truth, even if you kill it, it still will not be able to profit nothing. You can try to find her brother in a cave Mallapi, north-east of Gnaar Moka. Unfortunately, when you arrive there, you will find that the Ruhr is dead and he has only 500 coins. Add more of its reserves and a half thousand and return to gro-Aglaku. To celebrate the return you half the debt, ie, thousand gold. By the way, poor Liriel not owe anyone, and Kamon Tong.

For the following quests required rank Protector.

5. Reward head Vandasii:
Now Gros Aglaku not pleased imperial officials Adrar Vandasiya of Seyda, Nina, and it requires to kill him. However, if you talk to Pertsiusom, you will know what to kill this man should not be, because no crime he did not commit. By and large, you can not perform this task. If your rank in the guild reached Sentinel, you can go to Pertsiusu Mertsius in Ald'ruhn and his quest to do the following. Or, try the quests Hrundi of the Fighters Guild Wolverine Hall in Sadr Sea. But if your bloodlust does not give you peace of mind - step into the Seyda Neen, to warehouses of the Office of Taxes and Duties. On the second floor you will find the office Adrar. Kill him and return to gro-Aglaku. Do not forget only one thing - to perform the job, you will no longer work in the Fighters Guild, and, in fact, on Kamon Tong.

6. Reward head Alleyusa:
Now Gros Aglaku not pleased Alleyus Rufinus, a member of the city council and the agent of the Imperial Legion. For his head Gros Aglak promises Septims 1000. As in the previous task, it is not necessary to grab the sword and kill Rufinus, a little honor to kill any officer not guilty of the Empire. However, if you so wish to pass a ruthless killer, go to Ebonheart, Rufinus you will find in the building of the Supreme Council. Kill and return to Vivek.

Szhoring cruel (Vivek K. strangers Plaza)

For the following quests required rank Protector.

1. Remove the heads of the Thieves' Guild:
This task betrays Szhoringa. As you know Thieves Guild feuding with Kamon Tong, and the job at removing the heads of the Guild could only come this this criminal syndicate. In good, you have to quit the job and go to perform the remaining tasks Pertsiusa. However, if you really want, you can perform the task Szhoringa. Bosses Thieves' Guild - a Sweet Habassi in "South Wall" (Balmora) Aengota in "Rat in a pot" (Ald'ruhn) and Helenda in "Dirty Muriel" (Sadrith Mora). Kill all three and return to Szhoringu.

2. Kill the Chief Thief:
The last task Szhoringa - is the elimination of the main thief, Gentleman Jim Stacey. It can be found in the bookstore Simina Fralignes in Vivec. After killing him, go back to Szhoringu. However, he will not be met with open arms and a long sword. Himself Szhoring explain it simply, with the elimination of the Thieves' Guild, the only one who is a danger to it, you are. So you have to kill the high-handed lout.

Note: The order of passage of quests

The fact is that, as you have already noticed, the Fighters Guild quests are not only closely intertwined with the Thieves Guild quests, but provide several ways of development of events, not all of which are worthy of Nerevar. For my part I would suggest the following approach:
1. Complete all quests Aydis, until it will require a new rank.
2. Move to the Ald'ruhn and fulfill quests Pertsiusa, until he require rank Sentinel.
3. Move to Wolverine Hall in Sadr Sea and quests Hrundi.
4. After receiving the rank of Protector to perform the remaining quests Aydis and Hrundi.
5. Raise your rank to the level of the Guardian (in Szhoringa) and return to Pertsiusu the latest quests. If necessary, you can perform quests Lorbumola Gros Aglaka, except for the last two (murder Vandassii and Alleysa).
Thus, you can perform a maximum number of quests and not only become the head of the Guild, and pry it out of the power of Camon Tong.
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