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15-04-2015, 13:30

Morrowind Mages Guild Walkthrough

morrowind mages guild walkthrough

Mages Guild - a professional organization with permission of the Emperor on the secrets of the art classes. Mages Guild provides the connoisseurs of magic and sets the laws regarding befitting the use of magic. Guild is designed for the collection, storage and dissemination of magical knowledge for the benefit of the inhabitants of Tamriel.
Obey all instructions given to you by masters of the Guild. Learn from the guild master and become stronger. Always share your knowledge with other members of the Guild. Never attack or steal from other members of the Guild.

Assignments from Azhira

1. Four types of mushrooms:
Azhira want to explore the local mushrooms. Kadzhitke samples are required: Glowing russula, Purple Koprinusa, Bangler Bane and Gayfa facies. Mushrooms can be found at Gorky Beach, near Seyda Neen or buy alchemist. As a reward we get 4 cheap potions restore health.
2. Fake Stone shower:
Azhira made a bet with Galbedir that hadzhitka become Wanderer before elf. Azhira ask to put a table in Galbedir fake soul gem instead of the present, when the elf to come down to talk to the Dark Elves. Puts a stone on the table until it returned Galbedir and receive from Azhiry gratitude.
3. Four kinds of colors:
Now Azhira has been studying the local colors. She needed samples: Golden Canet, petals Kamenevki, willow anther and Heather. Flowers can be found on the shores of Lake Amaya, the alchemists, or in other offices of the Guild. As a reward for bringing flowers gratitude and get 6 cheap magic potion recovery
4. Bowl:
If immediately after suffering a herbarium ask new orders, we will get a job and buy a ceramic bowl 10 drakes to boot. This product can get from a dealer-Khajiit Ra'Virra in Balmora.
5. Stolen reports:
Galbedir stolen reports Azhiry hadzhitke and need help. Reports hidden in the Mages Guild. The first report about the mushrooms hidden under the basket on the 'average' level. Second report on the colors lies under the locked cabinet in a large room on the "lower" level of the guild. Return Azhire reports, for which she gives potions: 1 Exclusive potion fire shield, 1 Exclusive Potion ice sheet, 1 Exclusive Potion Lightning Shield, 2 exclusive potions absorption spells.
6. Staff of Magnus:
After receiving the rank of the Warlock, come to Azhire. Now she is ready to share a secret, and tell you that the Staff of Magnus can be found in the cave Assou that on the hillside Ph.D., to the north-west of Molag Mara. Staff is in the hands of the evil sorceress Treebeard Hlaren.
Staff of Magnus (The effect of using;)
Absorption bookmark. 25 >> 50 p. 60 sec .: Self
Restore Health 1 pt. 60 sec .: Self
7. Ring Warlock:
Show Staff of Magnus Azhira tell another secret. Ring Warlock got to Vindamee Dretan, which is now in Ashirbadone, a cave on a small island to the east of the ruins of Bal Fell.
Warlock's Ring (The effect of using;)
Reflection 10 >> 20% for 30 seconds: Self
Increase Speed 10 >> 20 items for 30 sec .: Self
morrowind mages guild

Assignments from Ranis Atris

1. Hire or kill Llarara Berelota:
Sorceress gives just two jobs, one of them: to persuade former Telvani, Llarara Berelota join the Mages Guild, otherwise - to kill. Telvani lives in Sulipunde. Kill the elf does not make sense, so either politely urged him or bribe. On return we get a reward: 4 potions quality recovery magic.
2. Membership dues Manwe:
The second task is to collect membership dues. Witch Manwe few years did not pay dues, now she owes Guild 2000 Septims. Manwe conducts research in the cave Punabi. Politely shakes of elf 2000 Septims and return to Atris get half the amount and respect.
3. Unauthorized training:
Ranis will tell you that one Argonian named single-Who-Should-It offers a restaurant, South Wall training spells recovery without the sanction of the Mages Guild and ask to deal with it. You can find out different ways:
Argonian can kill.
Convince stop learning.
Leave Argonian alone, deceiving Atris.
Sorceress take any option, however, if Argonian die, we get
4 Scroll spontaneous explosion (The effect of using;)
Blow fire 40 >> 65 p
4. Support Itermerelya:
Scientist Itermerelyu requires support in Pelagiad and Ranis Atris need copies of records Itermerelya. Which way we will get these records her a little worried. Well, scientists expect our tavern "Eight Plates," accompanied Altmeri Itermerelya to the Tavern "Halfway" in Pelagiada and receive from him the record. Or we start it in the wilderness, kill and collect records from a dead body.
5. Kill the necromancer Tashpi Ashibael:
Ranis Atris convinced that Tashpi Ashibael in Maar Gan practicing necromancy. Sorceress instructs kill the necromancer. Arriving in Maar Gan, we learn that Tashpi engaged in healing (but at the same time a little bit interested in necromancy). Tashpi refused to join the Mages Guild and Ranis decided to get rid of the healer. You can go back to in different ways depending on whether you believe Tashpi. If you leave her alive, she promised to leave, but in doing so you will again deceive Atris. Deciding what to do with Ashibael, return to Ranis Atris and get:
2 Scroll ctihiynogo explosion (The effect of using;)
Blow fire 40 >> 65 p.
2 Scroll fourth barrier (The effect of using;)
Shield 20 n. 10 sec.
6. To Catch a Spy:
Ranis believes that the Mages Guild telvanniysky spy infiltrated and instructs us to calculate it. Go to the Arch-Mage Treboniusu and learns that his spies watching newcomer advisor Dunmer with excellent references: Thiram Gadar. Look at the recommendations, which gave us the Arch-Mage. All anything, but that's just a fake very poor quality and even the name of the Imperial Battle Mage is written with two errors. Such proof suit Atris. As a reward she will:
2 Scroll call Golden hypocrites
Dagger Drinker soul (effect on impact;)
Conclusion 30 seconds
However, if Tashpi Ashibael Itermerel and survived, you can lie to the Arch-Mage, saying that spy - Ranis Atris, for which an angry battle mage immediately expel Sorceress Guild.
mages guild quests

Assignments from Charnay-gras Muzgob

I do not necromancer !:
Side quests. If talking to Charnay-gras Muzgob raise the issue of necromancers, it will begin to assert that not a necromancer, and that can not teach any spells of this school. Odnoko worth it to show her personal copy of the book of the Legion of the Dead from the nearby chest (after having stolen the last one), she immediately recognized that a necromancer and agree to teach spells calling: call-skeletal minion, the call of the spirit of their ancestors.
Assignments from Edwin Elbert

1. The Chronicles of Nchulefta:
Edwin is looking for a copy of a rare Dwemer book "Chronicles Nchulefta." The book can be found:
In Dwemer ruins Nchuleft.
In the bookstore Doris Darvel in Balmora.
In the store, "Rare books Jobasha" in Vivec, quarter Strangers.
In a secret library Vivek.
In Holamayanskom monastery, located on the coast of Azura.
In a place called Sulipund.
To cover the costs of Edwin produces 250 Septims.
2. Potion from Skink-in-Shadow-Tree:
Sorceress asked to pick up the potion Detection beings have Skink-in-Shadow-Tree of the Mages Guild in Sadr Mora. Deliver the potion Edwin Elbert and that in return will give 1 Exclusive potion shade.
3. Steal Kimervamidium:
Edwin requires Kimervamidium book. From the words of the sorceress copy of this book have Sirilonve, Mystic Mages Guild in Vivec. To obtain the execution of the order:
2 Scroll unlocking Onduzi
4. Cabin Hulin:
In Hulin, a member of the Guild of Mages some problems in Maar Gan'e. Edwin asks for help to deal with this case. Hulin house is east of the city, outside the city walls. The house killing Skampa, talk with a frightened disciple named Hulin Listin Birles. From the words of the disciples knew it was what he called Skampa, but could not cope with it. Come back with a report to the witch and get:
2 Scroll fifth barrier
Shield 25 para. 30 sec
5. Return Kimervamidium:
Now Edwin requests to return the stolen book Kimervamidium place. Only need to do this so that the owner at the guessed prapazhe valuable book. Go to the mystique Sirilonve and put the book back into Sundakov, saying nothing elf. On return we get a reward:
Amulet intervention Almsivi (The effect of using;)
Intervention Almsivi: Self
Amulet of Divine Intervention (The effect of using;)
Divine Intervention: Self
6. Dwemer tube Arkngtunch-Shturdumts:
To continue research Dwemer civilization Edwin asks you to get to her Dwemer tube. Find such a tube is not too difficult, according to the sorceress exactly handset is available in Arkngtunch-Shturdumts. Travel to Ald Velothi, then go along the coast to the west until you reach the ruins. Seeking the subject is on the middle shelf of the rack in the upper and the far room. From the entrance, turn right all the time, going up the stairs. In the penultimate room, turn left into the room with two steam mechanisms and two shelves.
7. Expedition Nchuleftingt:
Edwin colleagues at the Mages Guild conducting excavations in Dwemer ruins Nchulefting, but they have not received any reports. You have to visit scientists in this excavation site and bring the sorceress any news from them. To get to Nchulefting, go around the mountain in Suran and go northeast to Foyade Nadanat. Or exit from Molag Mar and go northwest to Mount Kand, then go around the mountain from the north and walk along the northern edge Foyady. Researchers found dead, nevertheless look for a report Seniliusa Kadiuzusa and grab it for Edwin Elbert.
8. Plans scarab in Mchulefte:
From brought you earlier report, fairy concludes that continue their studies it can, when it receives the drawings and plans of Dwemer ruins Mchuleft. This place is mentioned in the report of the excavations Seniliusa. Mchuleft is located south-west of Dagon Fel, to get there will have to swim or fly over part of the Sea of ​​Ghosts. Also get to Dagon Fel can ship from Sadrith Mora. Drawing Dwemer scarab lies on a shelf rack. How to enter the ruins, turn right, the desired rack is in the front room with a steam engine and Orc-guard. Take it and deliver Edwin in Ald'ruhn.
9. Dwemer ruins Betamets:
Edwin does not believe that the egg mine Gnisis were closed due to the plague. Rumor has it that the miners dug Lost Dwemer ruins Betamets and found new plans and drawings of the Dwemer, similar to the ones you brought earlier. Go to the Gnisis, try to get at the site and find the Dwemer scheme. The door to the mine is closed and guarded, but to get to the mine will not be difficult. Drawing Dwemeri airship will find on the table in the room, half covered with stones.
elder scrolls morrowind guide

Assignments from Skink-in-Shadow-Tree

1. Support Tenieminve:
Academic Tenieminve that is not shared with local magicians Telvani and wants to leave as soon as possible Sadrith Mora. Currently it is in restaurants Dirty Muriel and fears out there alone. You need to be accompanied by an academic in the docks, the ship Hals Areti "Elven mariner." Once you would bring it to the desired location, Entries should also be recorded and you will be able to come back and report to the skink.
2. Vampires of Vvardenfell, Volume II:
Skink needed book Vampires of Vvardenfell, Volume Two. This book is much more rare than the first volume, but still found in stores rare books. Find your copy Skink "Vampire", and he promised to repay you. This rare edition can find at the following locations:
Rare books Jobasha Vivek, Apt. Strangers
Library Hall of Wisdom in the Temple Vivek
Gal Deus, a den of vampires Bern
Odirniran, a fortress on the coast of Azura
Also, in several places
For a copy of the book will get thanks Skink and 1000 Drake.
3. Meeting with the shaman:
Skink wants to chat with one of eshlenderskih shamans, but believes that it is unlikely to agree to meet representatives of tribes and Erabenimsun Urshilaku. It is hoped that the shaman of Zainab may show favor, but in the first place is to go to the camp Ahemmuza. In the camp you will discover Ahemmuza Sinnammu Merpal, but the woman does not agree to a meeting with a representative of the Mages Guild, but will be able to send back his pupil Minabibi. To speak with a student you have to first find it in located in the west of the camp Ancestral tomb favelas where Minabibi was sent to quell cleared up the ghost. Help the girl to cope with the spirits, and then return to the shaman and tell it as it is. Sinnamu let your student to meet with Skink. Upon arrival at the Wolverine Hall, you can also get a reward from Minabibi:
Ring ancestors (The effect of using;)
Call the spirit of ancestors: Self
4. Kill the necromancer Teluru Ulver:
It is customary for the Mages Guild phenomenon - you will charge to deal with another apostate, that excessively fascinated by the black art of necromancy. Telura Ulver lives in a cave Shal. Go to Hla Oad, and go around it from the north along the road. When you cross the wooden bridge, walk on the left bank, until you come to another bridge to the island. EAS is on this island. The door opens onto a swamp just north of the Daedric ruins. Disposing of the apostate, return to the skink with the report.
5. Soul ashen Geist:
To perform the job you get from Skink 2 Great stone shower and 2 scrolls recharge Stones Ffigi.
You will need to kill the Ashen Ghoul and take his soul. According to Skink nearest ash ghoul lives in Yakine. This cave is located strictly in the north-west of the tower Tel Arun. You need to go, swim or fly, passing another island, until you find yourself on the coast. If you wish, you can search ash ghouls in other places where gather adherents of the Sixth House. As a reward, you can keep the stones or scrolls, if you do not use up.
6. Notes Galura Ritari:
The most recent and most difficult task Argonian - you have to get a copy of unique diary titled Notes Galura Ritari. In these papers allegedly described as an intern from Bal Ur became a vampire, and then was healed. Skink advise you porassprashivat scholars and merchants rare books. Go to the already familiar to you Jobasha, and he will tell you that a copy can be found in the library of the Hall of Justice in Vivec. This library is secret and constantly guarded, but there are definitely instances are to be found. Entrance to the library is in a secret room court offices - it is a locked door. Look at his feet, notice the door is not too easy. Notes of Galura Ritari find on the shelf - take your book and return to the skink. Also, the book can be found in the vampire's lair Clan Berne - in Dwemer ruins Gal Deus. As a reward, get the Amulet Skink (usual artsy amulet).
elder scrolls morrowind walkthrough

Assignments from Trebonius Artorius

1. Riddle Dwarves:
The first task of the Archmage striking fact that no specific guidance, he will not only sort of casually ask to find out - what did happen with the dwarves. Asks the Archmage useless, the most that it can be achieved, it hints that the separation of Edwin Guild Ald'ruhn, interested in the problems of the Dwemer. In the course of performing its tasks you find out something about dwarfs, as well as help you in this book about the Dwemer - there is a book in Mchulefte Egg of Time, is in ruins Betamets book Divine Metaphysics in Nchuleftinge find the book Hanging Gardens. These three books can show telvanniytsu Baladas Demnevanni, who lives in a fortress-Arvs drill in Gnisis (about him can be found at Hasphat Antabolis of the Fighters Guild in Balmora, gives a tip again Edwin). He will be able to translate some text and tell you about the disappearance of gnomes.
2. Kill all advisers Telvani:
Quest will be available after finishing the job. Whether you love to kill mages? If yes, then the job marazmatik Treboniusa just for you. He simply asks you to save the hated Mages Guild House Telvani from all his advisers. You will need to kill five - Arion in Tel Vos, fight in Tel Sea, Teran in Tel Branore, Nelota in Tel Naga and Archmagister gotra in Tel Arun. In the award will receive:
Amulet of the Necromancer (Permanent effect;)
Resistance to normal weapons 25%
Enlarge characteristic: Intellect by 25 points
Restore Health: 1 point per second
Absorption of spells: 25%
Staff Treboniusa (effect on impact;)
Vulnerability to the fire: 7 >> 15 items for 6 seconds
Vulnerability to electricity: 7 >> 15 items for 6 seconds
Blow the fire: 7 >> 15 items for 1 second
A lightning strike: 7 >> 15 items for 1 second
3. Arch-Mage:
Get the position of the Archmage in two ways. If you have the rank of Master Wizard, refer to the skink and he will ask you to deliver a letter Treboniusu in Vivek. In this letter, just contains information that is now the Archmage is you. The second way - to apply themselves to Treboniusu on this subject, and after - to fight him in the Arena. Defeating the Imperials, you will become the new Archmage Morrowind. From the corpse of former Archmagister can be removed as described above and the Necromancer Amulet Staff Treboniusa.
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