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15-04-2015, 15:33

Morrowind Morag Tong Guild Walkthrough

morrowind morag tong guild-walkthrough

Fast and agile Morag Tong. Silent and invisible to them. With the illusions they knock their victims confused. They hit near the short blades at a distance shoot without a miss. Light armor to protect them from injuries, and they move so skillfully that it is easy to find yourself a secret and safe way.
Morag Tong - a guild of assassins who have permission to hold the Empire three types of punishment: public executions, secret and summary executions War houses. Guided by ancient traditions and strict code of conduct, the Morag Tong will only accept candidates who have proven their excellent preparation and moral qualities. Morag Tong assumes only approved law contracts, called "orders", but it is rumored that sometimes performed as illegal "gray orders."
Morag Tong enforces regulations and performs special assignments ruling houses. Guild members will never cause harm and do not steal from anyone, except in cases where it is a lawful order. Never give out our secrets and our personalities. If you break any of these rules, you should immediately talk with the Master, to restore his good name, otherwise will be executed.

Curators Morag Tong, Guild

Eno Hlaalu Guild Morag Tong, Vivek, hidden area of the Arena
Get an order to be executed can not only Eno Hlaalu, but also at any of the Masters of the Morag Tong in cities where there are representations of the guild:
Aetas Rilveyn Guild Morag Tong, Balmora (West Bank)
Goren Andaris Guild Morag Tong, a scar, Ald-Rhun
Dunsalipal Dun Ahhe Guild Morag Tong, Sadrith Mora (North-East)
Similarly, before any of them can report on the implementation of the order.
morrowind morag tong

Assignments from Eno Hlaalu

Entry into the Morag Tong:
It is not so simple in comparison with other guilds. First you need to find the headquarters of the Morag Tong in Vivec to speak with Grandmaster Eno Hlaalu. This place is well hidden, and is under the Arena. From the western channel of the Arena you can get to the warehouse. In the closet right between the boxes will find a hatch in the hidden areas of the Arena. Eno is sitting at the far end of the maze, on the second floor. He will give you the first task - "check for lice." It will consist in the execution Ferurena Oran at the "elven people" at the Plaza Settlements Hlaalu in Vivec. Grandmaster will give you a paper with a stamp confirming the legality of your actions, which can be present guards to relieve themselves of guilt in the case, if the penalty notice. However, the paper does not justify any other criminal acts, so if you hang other sins, it is better to pray for forgiveness of their agents in the Thieves Guild or be prepared for the consequences of arrest. Ordered person (Dunmer) located on the ground floor of the establishment "elven people" find it difficult. Go back to Eno and report on the performance of the job. Congratulations, you are now - a new member of the Morag Tong.
1. Threads Spinners Networks:
This is a fairly voluminous quest, including some of the following as part of, so do not try to run it first. The only condition that must be met for successful completion - not to become a Grandmaster Morag Tong to run this quest.
So, what kind of thread like this? And this is nothing more than a 27 subjects with permanent effect of increasing the skill, one for each skill. These things have been created by Lord Daedra sanguine for Mephala also Daedra lord and protector MT, however, were lost and went on Vvardenfell. More of them fell into the hands of members of the Dark Brotherhood, and the rest were simply lost. Depending on where you have visited, you might find some of them.
In a conversation with Eno Hlaalu if your inventory there are certain threads, topics will - the names of data items. Let's talk about them, you can pass found. The following is a complete list of these items.
1) Amulet resourceful sanguine
This - the only thread that is already in Hainaut. From here, you will begin to collect and complete collection.
2) Amulet easily speech sanguine
Unfortunately, this is one of the threads that can not get it without spilling blood. Amulet belongs hadzhitke Shoterre you find in restaurants in Tongara Khuul. He is put on it, so it is impossible to steal the amulet. However, we can be comforted by the fact that the profession pussy assassin.
3) Belt Shatterspear Prick sanguine
This bagatelle has another one of peace-minded residents of Vvardenfell, orchiha named Gluronk Gras-Shula on the second floor privratno restaurant in Sadr Sea. Despite not what it is - your sister MT, get the belt other than through murder impossible.
4) Conservation Glove sanguine
This glove can be found in Inganara Ularradallaku in ruins on the slopes of Red Mountain just west of her heart, strength Dagoth Ur.
5) Belt Slaughterhouses sanguine
They have Domb, Redguard Witch, which can be found at the altar in Ald-Daedroth.
6) Green Ring of Wisdom sanguine
The ring belongs to the sanctuary orc Gryzozubu Daedroth Ald.
7) Golden Ring of Wisdom sanguine
Belongs Talis Véranne living in the sanctuary Ebernanit in northern Vvardenfell.
8) Silver Ring of Wisdom sanguine
It can be found at the elf Earmila Assurnabitashpi in ruins, in the sanctuary.
9) Invisible Ring of Wisdom sanguine
Belongs Erundilu, Altmeri, lives in a fortress on the coast Indoranion Greyzlenda between Tel and Tel Mora Arun.
10) Shoes Jumps sanguine
Another thing that would be impossible to get without the shedding of innocent blood, if not a remarkable coincidence: the thing - shoes, and her boss - Hajj. To be more precise - a thief named Draw Zaymar living in Vivec, District of St. Delina, Channels, South-three. The beauty lies in the fact that to get on them himself, he can not, therefore, lie in shoes Khajiit in your inventory, and you can get without killing Draw Zaymara, in the same way that most likely they were to him.
11) Shoes Chase sanguine
The hostess shoes Tovazi Allen, is in the sanctuary Daedric Assarnatamat, much easier to just walk away, moving north along foyady mom from Fort Moonmoth.
12) Glove Horn Fist sanguine
It can be found on A.Guriljev Reterane kill which is one of the standard orders MT.
13) Belt Elan sanguine
Belt belongs Nordkom named Hrordis inhabiting the tavern Pelagiada "Halfway". Get it as a separate task from Hainaut, however, except through the body of the hostess, do not do this.
14) Belt Failure sanguine
Belongs Movisu Daris, the agent of the Dark Brotherhood in the Mages Guild Ald-Rune. This fellow is also the subject of a separate quest, so do not rush popered Batko in hell.
15) Belt Military Art sanguine
Located in Karekalmo, cult leader Mehrunes Dagon in Daedric ruins Ashalmimilkaly. Obtained in the process one more of the following quests.
16) Ring highest wisdom sanguine
Another separate quest from Hainaut. Ring belongs Anel Retelasu in Daedric ruins Yasammidan.
17) Belt Invincible Armor sanguine
Belongs Mindeli Saren, Dunmeri warrior of Yasammidana, so be sure to pick it up together with the ring of the highest wisdom.
18) Belt Cuttings sanguine
19) Belt Faithful Flight sanguine
This set can be found on Durusoy Marius, leader of the Dark Brotherhood members on the territory of Daedric shrines Assernerayran in the sewer district St. Olmes in Vivec.
20) Belt Armor of Balance sanguine
21) Waist Deep Bite sanguine
And these belts has Relas Arotan, associate fellow of the above, you will find there, in Assernerayrane.
22) Amulet Armour Dexterity sanguine
23) Ring Bend Liquids sanguine
24) Glove Quick Blades sanguine
These three things you'll find on an unfortunate young lady by the name of the North Magian in ruins Ald Sota far from Vivek. It will kill the individual tasks of Hainaut, so there is no rush to dostavaniem data baubles.
25) Red Ring of Wisdom sanguine
26) Ring of Excellence sanguine
27) Ring Transformations sanguine
And these three things belong Llandral Vary inhabiting the same place, in the sanctuary of Aldus Honeycomb.
When you manage to bring all 26 Hainaut missing things, you'll be rewarded with low (cost 30 magic) and effective spell
"Art Mephala"
Chameleon 50 par over 60 seconds
Enlarge Attack 10 n over 60 seconds
Note: The version of the game below 1.2 this spell included also "Increased skill: Short Blades" - the only source of magical effect "Increase Skill" until "the Tribunal".
2. The Messenger in the Dark Brotherhood:
Eno Hlaalu will ask you to find the person through whom you can go to the Dark Brotherhood. Search You start with Miun-Gaia, Argonian enchanters in the Quarter Strangers Vivek. Through conversation or a search of his store, you will come to hadzhitku Tsrazami, hanging out at the Plaza in the same quarter. You can simply lay Eno, after which she lost no one knows where (apparently wrong with her "talk" his messengers), and can be persuaded to meet Grandmaster voluntarily. To do this you need to pick it up to 90+ location and select the "I need to kill someone" when talking about the Dark Brotherhood. Please note that your pussy is known belonging to the Morag Tong, so in the worst sense than 90, you run the risk of running into conflict. Upon successful persuasion Tsrazami not going anywhere, and will serve as the beginning of Hainault, and after you become a Grandmaster - you.
3. Belt Elan sanguine:
One of the obvious quest prompts related to the quest of 27 filaments Spinners Networks. Eno Hlaalu will send you to the tavern "Halfway" in Pelagiada to select Hrordis belt from which it suspects of belonging to the Dark Brotherhood.
4. Ultimatum Movisu Daris:
Now Eno need to either kill or win over the agent of the Dark Brotherhood Movisa Daris, who spied Ald-Rune under the guise of a pupil at the school Mages Guild. That, in truth, and he regretted what he had done unworthy choice, so he will ask you to let him live, promising that meet the Grandmaster, and presented as a sign of good will your Belt Failure sanguine.
5. Ultimatum Karekalmo:
The next person to be treated, will Altmer Karekalmo. He heads a cult Mehrunes Dagon, who recently collaborated with the Dark Brotherhood, which, of course, do not like Eno. He dwells in the ruins Ashalmimilkaly on the island to the west of the fortress Dunmeri Hlormaren. Unlike Daris, this fellow is not so loyal, and attack at the first mention of the ultimatum. After killing him, pick up the corpse Belt Martial Arts, one of the 27 subjects sanguine.
6. Ring highest wisdom sanguine:
This ring - another thread Spinners networks that Eno ask to find directly. Go to the Daedric Yasammidan sanctuary. They find Anela Retelasa with the above ringlet, Mindeli Saren with belt Invincible Armor sanguine, and the statue of Malacath, from which you can get the job Daedra Lord.
7. Execution Durusoy Marius:
In the sewer district St. Olmes in Vivec is Daedric Assernerayran sanctuary. According to Eno Hlaalu, there is placed one of the bases of the Dark Brotherhood. You have to kill the leader of this group, Durusoy Marius and his supporters. Killing all go back to Eno with the good news and the two strands of Mephala, and for the execution will get 2000 gold.
8. Execute the North Magian:
Eno Hlaalu learned that the Night Mother of the Dark Brotherhood in Vvardenfell, North Magian, hiding in the ruins of Ald Honeycomb to the north-east of Vivec. Your task will be to clean this place from her and her minions. In addition to the members of the Dark Brotherhood, there you will find - neither more nor less - six subjects sanguine.
9. Grandmaster Morag Tong:
Once you reach a certain position in the Morag Tong, Eno Hlaalu offer you to become a Grandmaster in his stead. By tradition, the former grandmaster should be killed new, but you can also let Hainaut with the world.
morag tong armor

Standard orders

1. Order on Taris Saren and Odayshaha Yasalmibaala:
Toris you will find in the Plaza Manor Saren Redoran in Vivec. Odayshah lives in his yurt on Azura's Coast. It will be harder to track down than to kill. Move to the south-west of the tower Tel Arun or the north-west of Tel Fyr, until you reach the coast. Yurt Ashlander is located on the beach, at the edge of a small peninsula.
For each get 500 Drake.
2. Order on the barn on Sadusa, Idroso Windu and Etal Selot:
Shed Sadus with other lawbreakers lives in a cave Zayntirari west of Tel Fyr and north of Camp Erabenimsun. From the camp Ashlander go northwest until you reach the abyss, surrounded by dead trees. Zayntirari is located north of the abyss. The site is located within walking distance from the hut in which lived Odayshah Yasalmibaal. Idroso Wendy and Etal Selot find temporary housing for Telvani Telvani Plaza in Vivec.
Price for the life of each of them - a standard 500 coins.
3. Order on Gurila Reterana and Galas Uveyn:
A.Guriljev Reteran hanging around at the "Golden Flowers" in the settlement Redoran in Vivec. He is one of the owners of 27 items sanguine (solid glove fist sanguine). Galas Uveyn can be found in the Treasury Hlaalu in the same settlement, also in Vivec.
These guys have appreciated more expensive - 1000 gold per head.
4. Order to Mavona Drenima and Tyrer Belvayna:
Mavon Dren - powerful magician Telvani, who lives in the Plaza Tower Telvani eponymous settlement in Vivec. He first enters the fray with his colleagues, not waiting until you attack. Tyrer Belvayn lives in a tower called the Bowl on the main island Shigoradskogo region.
Award - 1000 drakes for everyone.
5. Order at Matina Bemis and Brilnosu Llaris:
Matin Bemis runs a gang of thieves in the vaults of the Ancestors Settlements Hlaalu in Vivec. Llaris can be found on the roof of the fortress Dunmeri Hlormaren, west of Balmora.
Reward of 1,000 coins per head.
6. Order of brothers Yenitov:
These guys, by the way, the best performers Kamon Tong, will find the villa of Mr. Orvasa Drena, brother of the Duke of Vedas Drena Hiding they in the basement, behind locked and "mined" doors.
For their elimination will get 2000 gold.
Grand Workshops Orders

1. Order on the noble penalty - Drum Berau
Dram Bero - one of the advisers Hlaalu, you should have already found during the Nerevarine prophecies. Penalty assessed by the client Telvani 3000 gold. If you killed Drama prior to taking the order, the employer will raise its location to you at 5 units instead of 20.
2. Order on the noble penalty - Larrius Varro:
General Larriusa Varro you will find in Fort Moonmoth. Chances are, you've already met him and listened to his "little story" and may already have received a gift from the Emperor. Penalty is estimated at 4,000 gold. If you killed Larriusa prior to taking the order, the employer shall not lift up my location to you by 20 units.
3. Order on noble penalty - Baladas Demnevanni:
If you still have not met him, this telvanniysky magician lives in the tower Arvs-drill in Gnisis. For his head will get 5000 coins. If you killed Baladas prior to taking the order, the employer will raise its location to you by 5 points instead of 15.
4. Order to the noble penalty - Mrs. Teran:
It is not surprising that this old woman survivor of mind finally ordered. Go to Tel Branoru and put an end to her eccentricities. The reward will be a tidy sum of 10,000 Drake and 20 points of respect (and if you killed dictator before taking the order, then only 10).
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