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16-04-2015, 12:06

Morrowind Tribunal Temple Walkthrough

morrowind tribunal temple walkthrough

Tribunal Temple - this is the official religion of Morrowind. Temple priests preach worship three gods - Almalexia, Sota Force and Viveka, also known as the Tribunal. Most of the inhabitants are called Morrowind Tribunal Temple Temple simple. Despite the fact that the Temple can join and strangers, a few of them were able to do it. Temple did not maintain a close relationship with other factions, except the House Redoran, which the priests considered an ally. It warriors Redoran interns help curb the onslaught of hordes of Dagoth Ur. In addition, the Temple of friendly relations with the House Hlaalu.

Assignments from Adrian Lletan

To join the Tribunal Temple, you need to get to Vivek, the High Council, and talk to Edrin Lletanom. That he will give you the first task. In addition, you can enter the temple and get the first job in Balmora, Ald'ruhn or Molag Mare.
1. Pilgrimage Seven Virtues:
To become ministers of the house you will have to make pilgrimages 7, described in the book "The Way of the Pilgrim". This task can be obtained in one of the four temples (Vivek, Balmora, Ald'ruhn, Molag Mar.).
Fields Kumm: Altar of Humility
Here Lord Vivec met a poor farmer whose guar hanged. Without this, guar farmer could not harvest Musca to provide for his family and the village. And then the Lord Vivec threw his fine clothes and sweat of working in the field like a bull, until the whole crop was harvested. And we come to Paul Kumm, to pray for the same humility which Lord Vivec showed on that day.
First pilgrimage, you should make a Kuma field and lay on the altar of Musk. Altar is located west of Suran, on the northern shore of Lake Amaya, near the farm Alofa.
The state of the Moon: Altar Courage
When Sheogorath rebelled against the Tribunal, he tricked the moon Baar Dau stray from the path charted by Oblivion. At the instigation of The Light Fantastic moon decided to attack the new city of Vivec, which Shegorat announced a mockery of the heavens. When Vivek proznal Shegorata about the plot, he made prodigal moon to stand still in the sky, a single stroke and the majesty of its kind. Startled courage and bravery Vivek, the moon Baar Dau swore eternal service of the Tribunal and its cases. Now this moon stands guard over the palace and citadel is for residents of the Temple.
To accomplish the following pilgrimage, you need to go back to Vivek, to the Altar of Valor. Buy in the Temple (which is in the Temple) potion of levitation, and laid him on the altar. Buy potion can have Danso Indules. The altar is in Vivec, the west wall of the High Council.
Palace: Altar of Nobility
Many years later, after the victory of Lord Nerevar and the Tribunal over Dagoth Ur people wished to erect a monument to the heroes of that war. Vivek thanked them, but said that it is better to dedicate a monument not only to the glorious heroes, but to all people, and large and small, killed or injured in the war. It became the custom to assign to this monument gifts in gratitude for his own happy lot, and for those who have had less luck.
Next you need to make a pilgrimage to the Altar of nobility, located on the top steps leading to the palace of Vivec. This time is necessary to offer 100 gold.
Channel Riddles: Altar of Courtesy
In the battle with Mehrunes Dagon Vivek chose to give his long silver sword Daedra Lord unarmed combat with the enemy. This so impressed the Dremora, the most worthy and noble servants of Mehrunes Dagon, which they still evince followers Tribunal my respect and esteem, but we must never forget that they are our enemies.
The next goal Altar of courtesy in the channel mysteries. Bring a silver sword, when I went there. By the way, no treasure in the Channel Riddles no, you can not search. When you fall into a room where the altar note that the passage is closed to the Altar of the force field. To open it, you need to drown. Get into the water and tonite. When health is almost zero, the field will disappear and you will be able to pass. Near the altar, you will meet the Daedra Krazzt, give him the sword, and the pilgrimage is completed.
Mask Vivek: Altar of Justice
Beside the altar is Ash Mask Vivek. Fire In The days when Dagoth Ur first crept back into Red Mountain and awakened it, Vivec led here refugees expelled fire and decay. Exhausted, they stopped here to rest. When Vivek woke up, I found that him and his companions covered with a thick layer of gray ash. They turned into statues still are not able to escape, and heart Vivek turned despair. But his tears softened ash shell, Vivek loose, ripped the scab Ash barely alive from their satellites, breathed life into their lungs and healed from an illness. In that lies the heroism Vivek - his tender heart gave force where it might not help.
Altar in the Temple of Justice is Gnisis. To leave a pilgrimage at the altar Healing Potion ordinary ailments. Potions can be bought only in the Temple, and other unsuitable.
Cave Koala: Altar of Honor
In the Cave Koala Vivek fought with burly father dreughs. Beating the burly, Vivek spared his life on the condition that he Hale and his children dropped their strong skins, and they will serve as armor for the Dunmer.
Altar of Honor located inside the caves Koala, on the coast west of the ancient stronghold Dunmer - Berandas, south of Gnisis. Pilgrimage happened to leave at the altar of a little dreugovogo wax. The wax can be removed from the body of the murdered dreughs or buy alchemist.
Ghostfence: Altar Pride
Ghostfence - timeless symbol of indomitable will and power ALMSIVI, as well as a monument to Dunmer pride of victory over their enemies.
This pilgrimage is the most dangerous of all. You will need to penetrate into the region for Ghostfence, gloomy realm of Dagoth Ur. Altar is located in the north-east of the Ghost Gate. To accomplish the pilgrimage leave on the altar one of the soul gems. Note that the altar will fit any stone, but by default it will take the most expensive. Therefore, if you have lying around in a backpack Star Azura soul Almalexia - put it on the ground before you pray.
tribunal temple

2. Patient Korprusom:
Tanuseya Veloth caught korprusom, however, refuses to leave the city. You need to persuade her to leave and go to Vivek Korprusarium. You can find it near the Arena Vivek. Before talking raise her attitude towards you to 100, it will be easier to persuade her. Talk to her politely, and she agreed with you. In any case not to go to fight, Tunes respected by the people, and the reputation of the Temple could be badly hit. When Vivek danmerka agree to leave, return to endrin Lletanu.
3. Pilgrimage to the Shrine Sanctus:
One of the few truly original quests. You need to make a pilgrimage to the Temple Sanctus, bred in the far north, keeping a vow of silence. Ie you can not use any of the vehicles, whether or siltstrayder conductor Mages Guild. In addition, you can not talk to anyone until your pilgrimage is completed. Sanctus temple is located on a small island west of Dagon Fel. Pray at the altar, and you can come back.
At this end of your test, and Edrin Lletan sends you to another priest of the temple. You can go to Molag March Tareru Rotelotu or Ald'ruhn to Gulsim Valen.
The following quests are only Curator rank or higher.
4. Shoes Holy Rilms:
Your path lies in Daedric sanctuary Ald Sota where lost another one of the relics of the Temple. Shoes are in the chest, standing at the feet of a statue in one of the halls. Take them out and come back.
5. Forbidden cult:
Now your task is to destroy the secret cult that took refuge in a sewer district of St. Delina, in a cave Ihinipalit. You need to kill all the followers and their leader, Bzhadmunda.
Assignments from Tulse Valen (Temple Ald'ruhn)

1. Treatment for Bulfim Gros Sugar:
You have to deliver a cure for the plague follower Shigorada, orkesse Bulfim Gros Sugar in Daedric Melkashishi sanctuary. Give her some medicine and go back to Ald'ruhn.
2. False Nerevar:
Another interesting quest. In Surani appeared a man who tries to pass himself off as Nerevar. In your task is to convince him that he is wrong. Latter-day messiah named Elvin Vidron. Find him and persuaded to renounce the false worldviews. When Elvin recognizes that wrong, you can go back to Valen.
3. Tease Daedra:
You need to make another pilgrimage, this time in the Temple Maar Gan. Other inscription on a huge rock fragments and do what you tell it. In your task is - to tease one of the Daedra, Dremora Anaedra, which stands nearby. To do this, you will need to talk to her and choose the topic - "Tease Daedra". After that Dremora attack you, and you come to join with her in battle. When the wins, the quest will be counted.
The next quest, only to rank Follower or higher.
4. Dark Cults:
With the increasing influence of Dagoth Ur around Vvardenfell intensified adherents of various kinds of gloomy cults. As a rule, they settle in different kinds of caves. You should clean one, Hassur cave in which disposes of the phonon Dagoth. Destroy priest Sixth House and all his followers, and you will do a great service throughout Morrowind.
elder scrolls morrowind guide

Assignments from Tarer Rotelot (Temple Molag Mar)

1. Disease Lette:
The poor man to fly from Tel Mora contracted swamp fever, and now you need to give him a healing potion. When the patient will recover, return to Molag March.
2. Yellow Book puzzles:
You need to make a pilgrimage to the cave, which is near the top of the mountain of Kandy. Inside the cave you'll meet three Atronach, each of which put forth a riddle. Be careful - do not kill them! If, after all your reflexes are ahead of your mind, go back to the cave later, during this time will have time Atronach otrespavnitsya. Answer to the riddle you can get in his work "The Yellow Book riddles." However, here are the correct answers:
Fire Atronach - Lead.
Ineevy Atronach - You kill me with a sword.
Stormy Atronach - Orc.
Once could recognize all the puzzles, go and pray at the altar. Quest completed.
3. Justice of the necromancer:
Temple received information that a Delvaux Andaris preaches black art of necromancy. You need to find him in his lair in the cave and kill Mavii. Find and kill him. Then you can go back to Molag March.
4. Destroy the Vampire:
Quite a difficult task. Must be cleaned from Deus Gal settled there clan of vampires. Go to the ancient stronghold of the Dwemer and destroy all vampires, which you will find there. This is the last job that you get in Molag Mar. By the way, for more information on your opponents you can get in the "Way of the Vampire".
Assignments from Tarer Rotelot Uva Llaren (Ghost Temple Gate)

1. Ashlander rogue:
You need to cure Ashlander rogue named Assantus Hanasar. His camp is not far from the Ghost Gate. You've probably seen it when walking along foyade. Before you go on the road buy from Nilvin Drotan spell pacify touch, because the disease has made Assantusa very aggressive. So, before you start treatment, you will need to calm him down. Then proceed with the treatment. When Ashlander will be healthy - come back.
2. Food for Ashlander:
Now you need to deliver five eggs kvaama Ashlander named Sandas Sothis. He lives on the island of Shura, located to the southwest of Shigorada. After the fall into Dagon Fel, go south to the fortress Roteran, and from there to the west. Give hermit eggs and return.
3. sackcloth Holy Alarola:
You need to find and return his temple relic. The last one who had it, was resident Feril salmine. He put it in front of his journey to the ancient stronghold Kogorun. You need to go there and return the relic temple. Once you are on the site, carefully inspect. Intern body lies directly on the roof of the fortress, so you go down to the dungeon is not required. By the way, doing this quest, you become the owner of a full set of armor indorilovyh. When a hair shirt will have you come back.
4. Holy Felmsa Slasher:
Following the lost relic of the Temple, which must be returned to the Holy Slasher Felmsa. Mendel owned it Eves, who fell in battle on the slopes of Red Mountain. It happened a memorable event in a cave Tureynulal. Go there and find ancient artifacts. Once inside, look for a place called Bubble Clovis, on the far side of which lies the body of Mendel Evesa. Keep in mind, the task is very difficult - the cave is the lair of the various servants Dagoth Ur, which include one of the priests of the Sixth House. When will you Slasher - back to the Phantom Gate.
5. crozier of St. Llotisa:
Another missing relic. He belonged to the captain of East Guardians Voruzu Betrimo, who died in a battle with creatures korprusnymi Dagoth Ur. And now a sacred relic waiting for brave souls who dare to enter the dangerous corridors den Dagoth Ur to bring her back. Like last time, your enemies will create a deadly Dagoth Ur. Staff is in the Inner Tower Dagoth Ur.
Assignments from Archcanon Toler Sarioni

Archcanon quests you will be able to perform only once to fulfill all the quests endrin Lletana and he will give you the key to the private quarters of the head of the Temple.
1. Pilgrimage four pillars:
This pilgrimage must accomplish all who seek to take the post of head of the Temple.
Statue Malacath (Shigorad)
You need to bring four Daedra hearts to the statue of Lord Daedra Malacath in Shigorade, on the island of Dagon Fel. Heart can be taken from the bodies of dead Dremora or gold hypocrites, for example.
Statue Mehrunes Dagon (Ald Sota)
Recite at the foot of the statue of the text of the book "The Four Pillars of Vivek."
Statue Molag Bal (Bal Ur)
Recite at the foot of the statue of the text of the book "The Four Pillars of Vivek."
Statue Shigorada (Ald Daedroth)
Travel to Ald Daedroth and find the glove Shigorada, Gambolpaddi. At the entrance to the sanctuary you will meet residents, tell him you came here to plunder, and he will leave you alone. At the bottom, you will witness a battle between residents and fans Shigorada. Can help the interns in their uphill struggle. The glove can be found in one of the halls, with the expansion of the bed. It is in one of the cushions. Give her the statue Shigorada and pilgrimage is completed.
2. Ebony chainmail:
Last quest Temple. You need to get to the mountains Assarnibbibi, located north of Molag Mara and pray at the altar to receive chain mail. Then you can go back to Vivek. Your reward will be the title of Arhikanonnika and Ebony Mail, the best armor, which is in the game. Incidentally, this is also one of the legendary items Tamriel.
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