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16-04-2015, 14:32

Morrowind House Telvanni Walkthrough

morrowind house telvanni

Wizards House Telvani usually live in isolation, improving their knowledge. But some ambitious wizards, their servants and clients still try to exploit the land of Vvardenfell. They build towers and villages around the east coast. Telvani believe that strong define virtue. Favorite architectural structure is Telvani wizard's tower. The towers are very different, but combines different organic forms such as, for example, stems or roots of giant fungi. Telvani settlements consist of smaller pieces of mushrooms, which experienced craftsmen are building the house.
We trust the members of the House Telvani make their own judgments. If you steal from another in the House and was still alive, then you deserve what stole. The murder of opponents by magic or betrayal - a common way to resolve conflicts. If you win, then your arguments allowed were more powerful. You can banish from here, as well as any other of the Great House, but the majority of those who serve the House Telvani not know about it, or they simply will not have to care.
That is, if you do not agree with these rules, you can, of course, refuse. We agree. So, you take the house as a mercenary. Now you - Telvani magician, but as long as necessary to stay on the beck and call of the vote, while at the same time to meet with Councillors and see how and where they live. I must say, all Advisors Telvani - one other person brighter and from getting to know each of them is a lasting impression. Particular attention is paid to advise Archmagister gotra, in whose place you will eventually claim and Arion, who will be your mentor. Bypass all the votes and take them jobs. I advise you to be prudent and immediately put in the Council Chamber spell Mark. Have to run a lot.
Assignments from Mallam Rion, Voice Archmagister Gotra

1. Three questions Baladas Demnevanni:
Gotra want to ask a few questions Baladas Demnevanni. You need to ask him: the disappearance of the Dwarves, Dwemer artifacts and language Dwemer. Not necessarily to get an answer, you just need to ask.
Go to Baladas in Arvs drills, his tower in Gnisis. To the city easily reached as follows: first through the Mages Guild in Ald'ruhn, then siltstraydere to Gnisis. Descended on solid ground - go straight. See to the left door to the house Baladas. Retrieves magician and pestering him with questions. (You can just take on the future of his job). Back in Sadr Moru and report to the Voice of the conversation. As a reward, get
3 Scroll Messenger
Call Skampa 60 seconds.
2. Task in Nchulefte:
Archmagister gotra learned the location of Dwemer ruins Nchuleft. These ruins are located to the west of the settlement Vos. We need to find out and deliver Dwemer plans and drawings.
We got to the ruins? Now go to the left and right in a circular door. Drawing Dwemer scarab on the shelf. If you go to the right of the entrance and up the stairs, you can get at the same time the book Chronicles Nchulefta. Take it, you will need when performing tasks Baladas. Upon his return get a reward from Voices
Tsefalopodovy helmet Gotra
Summon helmet for 120 seconds
Call Dremora 120 seconds.
Assignments from Felisa Ulessen, Voice of Mrs. Terran

1. New Clothes:
Tirana asked to give her new clothes. Felisa offers a quest 1000 Drake. Gives you a skirt and 2 scrolls Interventions Almsivi.
From Sadrith Mora Tel Branoru can be reached by boat. Dictator lives in the upper tower rests in the Terai. Encourage her new skirt and hear in response that the thing could be cursed. To prove that no ill-fated spell at no skirt, Teran will offer you to try it for yourself. Once you make it unwise action, the old witch begins to throw in you not weak spells, so scroll better prepared in advance to have time to get-away. You can refer to a slave and the Terai to wear a skirt on it. Then anger Advisor fall on the poor Khajiit, and you can leave with a clear conscience, unless conscience will allow. Felisa on his return will only give you 500 gold and offered to teach wedged Mark and Return.
2. Rise of the slaves:
Mrs. Teran concerned about the news of the uprising of slaves in the egg Abebaal mine. You need to go out there and put an end to the uprising until it spread to other possessions Terai.
There are three ways to complete the task:
Help slaves escape - get nothing.
Kill the leader of the uprising - to get
Ring firestorm (The effect of using;)
Blow fire (touch) >> 1 50 10 seconds
Kill all rebel slaves in the mine - got the ring of fire and storm
Ring poisoned clouds (effect of using;)
Poisoning (touch) 2 >> 60 to 10 seconds
Anyway, Voice Felisa Ulessen agree to teach spells: Order and Order humanoid creature.
Assignments from Gialos Matendis, Voice of Mr. Arion

1. The encoded message:
Arion wants Divayth Fira delivered a coded message, and wishes to receive from Divayth answer. Matendis gives you 4 potions walking on water, 4 potions fast swimming and 7 potions quality health recovery.
From Sadrith Mora in Tel Fyr have to go on foot - on water and land. Find the tower is quite simple, you need to go straight to the southwest of the port Sadrith Mora. Finds the door and enter the Hall of Onyx. You can walk into a room that directly and get acquainted with one of the daughters Divayth, Beit Fir. But you have the right and up until you reach the door to the hall of Fira. Next - quickly and easily. Immediately after entering lift my head up and fly round the well. If you are not spinning, then after you take off to the left. Dunmer have noticed in Daedric armor? This is Divayth Fir, give him a message from Arion. The magician asks to wait a moment while he wrote the answer. Taking response fly or walk or just spell Return to Matendisu. Suggested answer Fira and get a reward of 500 Drake.
2. Healing Mora:
In telvanniyskogo pharmacist in Tel Vos end potions cure the plague. Arion requests to find 3 potions and take them to Apothecary Andilly. Potions have to buy - self-made unsuitable.
Necessary potions can be found here, in Sadr Sea, Perlett Rostorard. Next stomp to the port and ask to take you to Tel Mora. There change to the boat to the village of Vos. It is a pleasure just 1 gold, but do not have to stomp from Tel Mora on the water. But then, in Tel Vos peshochkom to go, there is the benefit of close. Desired pharmacist - Altmer Andilly is hosted Tower. Give him the potion and instead get 3 bottles of quality health recovery and 3 - Recovery of fatigue. Return to Gialos Matendisu, get fairly earned 500 gold and ask you another puzzle.
3. Skin Daedra:
Mr. Arion need Daedra skin.
Skin can be bought from Anis Selot (her shop in the northern part of the city, next to the Hole in the Wall Lights). According to a conventional route travel to Tel Vos. Arion thank you, paying 300 drakes, and offers to teach you to spell paralysis.
Assignments from Arar Uvulas, Mr. Voice Nelota

1. Soap Sload:
Nelotu need 5 servings Soap Sload. On the costs you will be given 500 Drake.
The task is simple - next to the tavern Hole in the Wall Lights lives alchemist Anis Selot, she of the soap in bulk, twice as much as you need. Buy and return to the building of the Council.
2. Staff of the Silver Dawn:
Mr. Nelot asked him to find the Staff of the Silver Dawn. Arar believes that such staff have someone from the Mages Guild.
Fastest - to cast Divine Intervention and exit through the Imperial cult first on the stairs, and then up to the separation of the Mages Guild in Wolverine Hall. Ask around gildiytsev, and they say that such staff have Ariel Finkel. Pretty Breton will offer you the right staff for 300 Drake.
Staff of the Silver Dawn (The effect of impact;)
Increase skill blunt weapon 10 10 >> 5 seconds
Blindness (over) >> 5 75 5 seconds
Buy or steal a staff and wear it Uvulas. It will give you
Glass blade escape (the effect on impact;)
Paralysis 10 seconds
and propose to learn the spell Blindness.
Assignments from Raven Omeyn, Voice of Mrs. Draty

1. Musk:
Daynali Dren, an alchemist Draty, need 5 servings Musca. Need to get them and bring.
The ingredient can be bought from the alchemist Anis Selot or look for, where it grows muskpunzh and dial. You can say for sure that there is near Tel Branory. Bring them Raven and Drake and get 100 free lesson School Recovery - Heal spell common diseases. After that, it will ask if you want it more difficult tasks.
2. Black Evil:
Mrs. Draty need a ring, known as the Black evil. The ring is in Sadr Sea, according Draty.
Walk around the city, asking the people. Traders do not know to them about it and do not talk, the guards say they do not know. In privratno inn also not knowledgeable in this matter. What to do? Go to a local hot spot - the restaurant Hole in the Wall Lights. Tedril Vandroiy Falena Hlaren, Ridena Otren or Tolvon Sarendas will tell you that this ring belongs to the guild Morag Tong. Like, if you're so brave, go and ask them yourself. You're brave? And so the stomp in Sadr marine residence Morag Tong and ask the first comer killer (his name is Dunsalipal Dun Ahhe) about the ring. He says it's none of your business. Go up to the second floor and again trying to happiness - this time in Alvena Salas. He will say that he has a ring. Next, your actions are. If you do not have to murderers relationship - either the insult him and fighting, or simply kill and take away the ring. You can still try to rob. If you are a member of the Morag Tong, then the rank of Master and above Alven himself will give you a ring, but if not grown to such rank - you choose. Or quarrel with him, and kill in a duel, or just kill and fly with a whistle from this guild. Good.
Ring Black Evil (The effect of using, (touch))
Luck absorb 10 >> 50 to 120 seconds
>> Burden 25 100 120 seconds
Give it to Raven. As a reward, she will teach you two spells - demoralize and demoralized humanoid animal.
house telvanni

Assignments from Mr. Nelot

Pride Fighting:
Mr. Nelota interested mantle, known as the Pride Fighting Robe worn Senise Tindo. It is Mr. Gotrenu Tel Arun. Nelot wants to correct this "injustice" and get the gown itself, in its opinion Senise still a child, she is only 200 years old, and she is not worthy to wear such a thing.
The only chance to get a robe - kill Senise Tindo. You can find it in a residential area of ​​the tower Tel Arun is danmerka in yellow-orange robes. Also it has a carrying ring ice storm Belt third barrier and ring poisonous flowers. For
mantle Pride Fighting (Permanent effect;)
Enlarge characteristic Intelligence 10
Fire Resistance 25%
Reflection of magic 25%
get from Nelota 10 drakes.
Assignments from Voice Ed "Fast Eddie" Theme

1. Ring of Justice:
Justice ring hidden in Sadr Mora, Tel Naga tower Nelota. Fast Eddie offers to steal it. To do this, he needs a key to the Tel Naga.
The key is at the Lord Nelota and many of his servants. (If you have already completed their task to fight, they could take the key from Berengevalya.) All the keys of the same tower. You must take one of them Fast Eddie. After five days of receipt of the key, return to Ed
Ring of Justice (The effect of using; 3060 charges)
Absorption spells 100% for 30 seconds
Reflection of magic 70% for 30 seconds
2. The Amulet of Unity:
Amulet of Unity was made many years ago, in the First Era. He is on the mainland and heavily guarded. Ed offers his whistle. He does not want to fight with the guards and therefore it needs at least 5 standard potions of invisibility.
Potions sold by alchemists in different cities. Immediately after receiving potions Fast Eddie go to the mainland. Five days later, he comes back with
Amulet of Unity (The effect of using, for 120 seconds)
Enlarge characteristic Intelligence 10
Enlarge characteristic Willpower 10
Enlarge Skill Changes 5
Increase skill Witchcraft 5
Enlarge Skill Destruction 5
Increase the skill of Illusion 5
Increase skill Mysticism 5
Increase skill Restoration +5
Assignments from Sorceress Llunela Hleran

After finding a patron in the House Telvani can start building the tower. Llunela Hleran is in the house of the Council, in a secluded place, and that it will lead the construction of the magical castle. The construction consists of 3 stages:
In the beginning you must obtain a building permit from the Vedas Dren, Duke Ebonheart, head of the Supreme Council and a representative of Uriel VII in Vvardenfell, who lives in Ebonheart, in the chambers of the Council. Then charge the 2 stone shower powerful beings (not weaker storm Atronach), they will form a foundation for the future of the tower. Could easily be used scrolls and spells to call Daedra - Golden hypocrites, or Winged Twilight Storm Atronach, then apply spell Conclusions and killing creatures, take heart. Building permit and soul gems need to bring the sorceress. After a while Llunela ask to go see how there is a construction of the fortress, which is not far from the grave Uvirita and talk to the foreman Gashnah gras-Mugol. Orchiha stands on a hill, right next to the place where construction has already begun your tower. She will ask you to convey Llunele that everything is in order. Sorceress, received this answer, rejoice that the fungi grow well and say a few days wait. After five days in the diary entry appears - you can stomp to Llunele and again bore her questions about the fortress.
To continue the construction of the sorceress need drakes 5000 on costs and Dwemer schemes which are to the north-west of the fort being built in the ruins of the Dwemer: Mzanchend. When you enter into the iron door leading to the ruins, turn right and go up the stairs. Along the way you will meet unfriendly centurions and spirits gnomes. Schemes are in the right (from the entrance) the upper room on the bottom shelf of the rack. Bring them sorceress and again walk five days.
For the last step will be to start as soon as we receive the rank of the Master. Sorceress offers Dwemer Centurions in defense. However, for this it is necessary book "Secrets Animunculi Dwemer" which was lost many years ago. Llunela tell you that the only copy is in ruins infested with vampires Gal Deus. It is easy to find the ruins of the description, which will sorceress. In Gal Deus find the door to the Observatory. Next, looking round the room, it lies on a table and the desired book. The crowd of vampires will attack you, so please potion of cure common diseases (unless, of course do not want to become a vampire) or spell. Of course, if you have already completed the main quest, you vampires are not scary. Also live in the ruins of the centurions. Grab a book and go back to Llunele Hleran.
Some time later, after she received the book Dwemer, the construction of the fortress is completed. Can move their possessions to a new home.
Assignments from Sorceress Mr. Arion

1. Baladas Demnevanni:
Mr. Arion agree to be your patron and ally, if you convince Baladas Demnevanni leave his retreat and to join the Council. With hopes Baladas Arion monitor old, suspicious and unimaginative, like gotra and Nelota.
Going through the familiar (when on a mission Mallama Rion) in Gnisis in Velothi tower Arvs drill. Baladas will commission - will ask you to get him for 3 books, and when he gets them, agree to join the Council for a century or two. You get protection Arion and become its votes in the Council, and your new coach gives you
Silver Staff of the world (effect on impact;)
Paralysis 10 seconds
Do not sell it and do not throw away. Otherwise, then torment the same look. For convenience, it is recommended to put a spell Marking in the chambers of Arion
2. Egg mine Mudan-Mule:
Moore struck Egg Mine Mudan-Mule. You need to go there and heal from illness Kwame uterus. Arion offers learn Healing spell plague Arion.
Tower of Tel Vos need to go a little longer due west. In the mine finds the uterus and cast the spell. Suffice it once, and then in your diary mark appears that you have fulfilled the task. Mentor will give you the book "On the water breathing."
3. Sorcerer Spells:
Master Arion admires the fact that you got a good education in the House Telvanni, but as any student you have to learn the basic magic spells spell to return, standard levitation spell and spell, causing fire damage: Fireball. If the spell is already known, the cartridge will be delighted beyond measure and present a book on Magic Wars, written by legendary Tsurinom Arctus. If not, these spells can teach Fevin Ralen mage Telvani of Viveka or Felara Andreth from Tel Arun.
4. Odirniran:
Arion will tell you that one of the brothers Telvani, Milin headlamps subjected to abuse by members of the House Hlaalu in Odirnirane. It is located on the coast of Azura, to the west of the temple of Azura and south of the Dwemer ruins Nchurdamts.
Milin Faram wants you to kill the leader of Hlaalu, Remazu Otril, but do not touch her sister Wedel Otril. Kill uppity hlaaltsev, which, incidentally, snapped at you and tell yourself about it Milin. After a brief conversation about the theories of the call, it gives you
7 scrolls Milin headlights:
Call Daedroth 120 seconds
Go back to the Arion and get a book on illusions "Incident in Nekrome" and
Silver Staff hunger
Conclusion 30 seconds
5. Monopoly Mages Guild:
Thanks to a recent agreement with the House Hlaalu, Telvanni have had a chance to issue a resolution that would overturn the monopoly of the Mages Guild. According to one interpretation of the armistice agreement, only the Mages Guild can officially distribute spells and train non-members of the guild. Mr. Arion gives the task to get the support of at least three Councillors House Redoran in Ald'ruhn to appear before the Supreme Council.
The easiest way to get into Ald'ruhn - Interventions Almsivi spell, and then - in the Mages Guild. Start standing with Athens Sareti as the most objective Advisor. Wise counselor will tell you that "an appeal to fairness" may work on other advisers, except Bolvina Venima. Obtain poddrerzhu in any three Councillors: Brar Morveyn, Hlaren Ramoran, Haris Lletri, Miner Arobar and return to the Arion for the award: left glove Arion -
Preobladatel Arion
Order humanoid level 15 to 120 seconds
There are 15 levels of the order of 120 seconds
6. Shishi:
Mr. Arion asks for help in distress Telvani Favesu Andas whose Shishi fortress was attacked by the House Redoran. Velothi Tower is Foyada Bani Dud to the north-west of Maar Gan.
Exit Maar Gan and go to the east, past the harbor silt strider, and then through the gorge to the north-west. After the assassination of the leader of Redorantsev Brerama Selassie, move the skull on the table and went down. There in the middle of the room opens up to this hidden hatch, open it and find a magician who has taken refuge. Get a reward from Favesa book: "The Lunar Lorkhan" and "alleged deceit." To report Arion and get another traditional gift:
Silver Staff of War (effect on impact;)
Blow fire 5 11 >> 1 second
Blow cold 5 >> 11 1 second
Thunderbolt 5 >> 11 1 second
7. Hire a Voice:
For further growth in the House Telvani (receiving the title of the Wizard), you must find Telvani who would agree to be your voice in the Council. Arion tell that he had heard about a promising Telvani of Balmora.
Other Telvani learn that in Balmora, in a small house in the north, near the channel, live Ed theme former magician Telvani, who defected to the Empire and joined the Mages Guild. That he became the voice, you must give him the Silver Staff of the world that you got from the cartridge. Pleased Arion Arion will hand right glove -
Assistant Arion (The effect of using;)
Call fire Atronach for 120 seconds
Call ineevogo Atronach for 90 seconds
Call Storm Atronach for 60 seconds
8. Kill Hlaalu Raynasu PETA:
After completion of the first phase of construction of the fortress, Arion will tell you that the other Great Houses are built fortress without permission Duke Dren, respectively Houses can not protect such ownership officially. The cartridge gives the task to visit the castle Hlaalu: Reta estate and get rid of noblewoman Hlaalu Raynasy PETA.
The estate is located on the Plateau Ōdai, ​​Mie, south of Balmora. Come out of the city and stomp along the river on the right bank directly to the south. The estate stands on a hill above the river. Enter - right, and then up the stairs. Raynasa unfriendly meet you, kill it and aozvraschaetes to Arion.
9. Kill Redorantsa gang Indarisa:
Redoranskaya castle mansion Indarisa also deserves a visit Telvani House. Arion gives the task: to get rid of the young upstart gang Indarisa.
The fortress was built in Bal Isra, between Ald'ruhn and Maar Gan. Follow the road with pointers from one city to another and see redoranskoe estate. How to enter - you in the door to the left and down the stairs. At the bottom of the room, too, two doors open again left where you already waiting hostile Indaris. To the help he can escape the other inhabitants of the manor. Get rid of redorantsa and return to Tel Vos.
10. Archmagister gotra:
When will the second stage of construction of the fortress and have made all the basic tasks, Mr. Arion offer to become the new Archmagister Telvani. This requires a call to battle this Archmagister, gotra, and defeat him.
Gotra lives in Tel Arun. At a sufficient level to fight him is not very difficult, but note that it is guarded by two Dremora and their favorite spell that does not have time to fly, it Paralysis. Prepare in advance. May also come running mates gotra, one good shot from a bow. After winning back to Arion and get the highest title in the Great House Telvanni: Archmagister.
morrowind telvanni stronghold

The Wizard Baladas Demnevanni

1. Dwemer books:
Baladas instructs: bring him the manuscript of the Dwemer "Flame and Nchunaka Faith", "The Origin of the laws Dwemer" and "The Chronicles of Nchulefta." Chronicles Nchulefta can be found in Dwemer ruins Nchuleft (see. Mallama job Rion). All three books are very rare and can be found in:
Bookstore Doris Darvel in Balmora
Shop "Rare books Jobasha" in Vivec, quarter Strangers.
The Secret Library Vivek.
Holamayansky Monastery, located on the coast of Azura.
For bringing the book will give the magician enchanted items:
Ring "Key Onduzi"
Open the lock 50 points
Amulet of caution (Remote target;)
Paralysis 30 seconds
Blow cold 1 2 >> 30 seconds
Belt second barrier
Shield 10% for 30 seconds
Stability shoes (Permanent effect;)
Enlarge Skill Acrobatics 3
Increase skill Athletics 3
2. Dark Mezalf
Baladas interested Dark Mezalfa ring. Mezalfa sometimes called "Mezalf Btungtumts." Because he was from a village called Dwemer Btungtumts. In the ruins of the ghost Mezalfa kill and loot
Ring Dark Mezalfa (The effect of using;)
Demoralize being 1 >> 50 to 60 seconds
Demoralize humanoid 1 >> 50 to 60 seconds
Destroy Armor 1 >> 25 to 10 seconds
Destroy the weapon 1 >> 25 to 10 seconds
As a reward, get
Electric centurion
(Life: 150; Done: 5 >> 15)
Ring lightning storm (The effect of using;)
Thunderbolt 2 >> 40 to 10 seconds
Mrs. Teran

Bow Auriel:
Mrs. Terrana interested Bow Auriel, who in her opinion ashy smell sweet potato. Bow is in the Ghost Gate Eternal Guardian: Rhalina Otravelya.
Guardian refuses to part with a bow, which he paid dearly. Will either have to steal it, or cause Rhalina to a duel. Within walking distance from the bow holder is resident, that if something happens to you will be attacked, too, so that really earn the penalty. In any case, bring Bow Auriel (Damage: 2-50), and we get to choose from: 11,111 drakes or
Daedric cuirass with greaves (Permanent effect;)
Feather 50 points
Mrs. Draty

Flesh, who became the Whole:
Mrs. Draty requests to find the Amulet of the flesh, became whole. One of the guards in Tel Naga hid from her the amulet 50 years, if not more. Draty believes that the amulet is the captain of the archers Nelota protection.
Ask the tower of Tel Naga, you will be told that Bosmer Berengevalya have a strange amulet, and that he - the guard in the main residence. Come to the main premises of Tel Naga, immediately to the right of the door. In the hall, where there is an enchanted mantle Vanel Serven look up, take off and look around. Bosmer see that when you try to talk will give a strange phrase "How are we with that?". Even if you pick it up to you to the location of the maximum, anything about the amulet he will not say. Berengevalya have to kill. In addition to the desired amulet he has the key to the Tel Naga and ebony
Holy Shield
Pen 20 points 10 seconds
Restore Fatigue 1 >> 10 points for 20 seconds
Bring Mrs. fight amulet and get a reward Amulet absorption spells. And also, if the main female character -
4 Scroll:
Call Golden hypocrites.
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