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2-04-2015, 12:50

Oblivion Shivering Isles Walkthrough


Shivering Isles ... It's mad, mad world ... But is he so mad as it seems at first sight? Any act, seemingly from the absurd and meaningless gives reason to judge him as a reckless, but whether it is such in fact - rather complicated and controversial issue. Palace intrigues and conspiracies confrontation gold saints and dark temptresses inevitable conquest and subsequent destruction of the Daedric Prince Islands Jyggalag somehow mysteriously connected with Shegoratom - you will be confronted with all these and many other interesting events and draw their own conclusions, it is madness or so subtly bordering on genius them.
If you believe the rumors, on a small island in the bay Nibeneyskoy opened a mysterious portal to heaven knows where. Well, this is worth a look.
An island situated to the east of Brava, and get there as you probably already knew, would have to swim. If possible, kastuem spell fast swimming (we do not want to be bitten by local inhabitants of the depths, and on the outlandish door can not wait to see), check with the card to avoid being where you should not swim and dive into the cold water, heading for island.

The picture appears eyes traveler stranded on this piece of land is truly mesmerizing. The first thing that catches the eye - a huge stone head, flaunting three faces, one of which the mouth is wide open and is a portal to the world yet unknown to us. Flora of the island is also very impressive: unseen on Cyrodiil mushrooms with motley caps that grow from the soil strange hue, and other unusual plants would have been a real boon for the alchemist. On request, collect ingredients and come closer to the stone statues.
At the entrance to the guard on duty portal named Guy Prentus, a bit further oshivaetsya hadzhitka constantly muttering something under his breath. Unhappy seems out of my mind ... As soon as we get closer to the guard, he drew the sword - but do not rush to do the same, warrior has nothing against our presence. On the other hand, seems to have something against the sudden appearance of the portal disheveled dunmeri threatens to destroy all life. Thoughtfully looking round elf and questioning the success of his ideas, watching the raging battle between him and the guard, of which the latter, as you might expect, was the victor. To kill the mad dunmeri guard without removing the sword in the scabbard, sent to us. You should not take up arms and repeat the recent submission of an encore - he just wants to give advice to stay away from the mysterious door. According to him, yet no one entered into, did not come out normal. In other words, all who have visited the other side, set off the mind. Well, his case prevented, and our - to solve. In addition, we are sitting unclear for any infractions in prison, defies gladiators Arena, opposing hostile cultists and having a lot more behind these feats, obviously can give odds to all the rest, poking his nose into the portal - to some extent madness We already visited. So why be afraid?
Suddenly booming voice sounds familiar to those who have dealt with Daedra, well, or at least one of them. We are talking about Lord of Madness Shegorate. Daedric Prince expresses his regret over the death of Dunmer, who died at the hands of the guards of the order, and requires a new file mortal able to crush his enemies. To figure out what the enemy may be in Shegorata and indecision marking time. But then the prince says, he says, on his island now the weather marvelous! Oh, this statement makes all the difference, and finally dispel our doubts - skipping bear to the portal and dive into the unknown ...

Feeling the ground under his feet, looking back. We are in a small room with a rather poor interior. Right in front of us is the table at which sat a man in a black and red suit - such a luxurious dress on Cyrodiil ... you will not find a seat on the only available chair in the room and plants conversation. As it turns out, we have the honor to speak to the Lord by the valet Shegorata, Haskillom. On the question of interest on the appointment of the door should be a brilliant answer - it serves in order to enter. Indeed, amazing.
Haskill says that this passage is an invitation, and do not look at this fact non-existent sense. Invites residents Mundus same Shegorat himself in need of death, ready to offer the prince his defense. What specifically - is not yet clear. Note that we are here on their own, as well as all previous candidates, now tronuvshegosya mind (and in the opinion Haskilla just gone over to a different state of being), valet urges us to do this. Well, as they say, took a tug - do not say that a pound ... I assure suave interlocutor that will try to meet his Lord and observe how pleased Haskill disappears, and one of the walls of the room breaks the beam, corrosive seemed so strong stones . The room is melting right before our eyes, giving way to the hundreds of butterflies circling around. Once they scatter about a recent conversation with the valet Shegorata will resemble a table, two chairs, yes, and the remaining stand on the platform under a canopy of trees, like huge mushrooms, and incomparable in its beauty of the sky.
- Blog entry about the appearance of a mysterious door appears in the magazine four hours after the activation of game add-ons, no matter where you happen to be Cyrodiil.
- After your consent to set foot on the islands to the list guild added the so-called Courtyard of Madness, in which the character is still a Traveller.
oblivion walkthrough

If we want to see Shegoratom (and we certainly want it, do not you?), It is necessary to pass through the Gates of Madness, mentioned by our first friend in this unfamiliar world to our consciousness. Throwing a farewell glance at the gaping portal in the air, hit the road.
If we move down the road, we will soon reach uneventful Pasvalya - the only settlement in this part of the island, called the limit. We pass through the arch in the wall of the house and notice ahead of two village inhabitants discussing the impending conflict Sentinel Gate with a group of adventurers. It turns out that the keys to the gate sewn into the body guards, and get beyond the limit (excuse the pun) without killing the guard is not possible. Well, we just - look at this watchdog in action ...
We run after onlookers to the Gate, at the site before the battle that has already erupted. Observe the following picture: a bunch of steel armor-clad adventurers trying unsuccessfully to overcome a hefty fellow, though from different parts of the cross-linked and flaunt huge blade instead of one hand. Impressive.
Exodus is quite deplorable - corpses adventurers covered area in front of the Gates and hunky Guardian as if nothing had happened towers over them, ready to repel any attack. Make conclusions for themselves - before attempting to defeat the giant worth to talk with the locals. Perhaps, and advice to help ...
Our hopes are justified - it turns out that Nordling named Dzheyrid Ice Nerves going to kill guards. It is necessary to put the Braves visit.
Dzheyrida house littered with skulls yet unknown to us creatures - it seems the owner of a real thug, freak bones in what can only be sure to speak with him. However, we are interested not so much his passion as real possibilities to overcome the enemy.
As far as the Nords, gardens bones and flesh is the skeleton of the former Guard Gate, and Dzheyrid sure that this can be overcome only with the help of these bones. Ice Nerves going to be made from the remains dormant in the Gardens, arrows and blocks the way to defeat the giant. With our help, of course. And the first part of it is to open the locked door to the tomb to become the Guardian Gardens.
Comrade kindly provides us with the pick and boom runs out of the house, but we follow him. The destination is nearby and is locked in a simple castle, discover that it is possible. Open the door and step into the Gardens. Here we meet a mess - the very monsters, skulls which we saw in the house Dzheyrida. After the massacre of the bony skeleton Nordling dig deeper into the former guardian, producing bone to announce that for the manufacture of arrows will take time.
While Ice Nerves will handle the dice, you can go to the tavern and learn from the innkeeper important information: it turns out, some Relmina jam - the only one that does not touch the undefeated giant. Once upon a time it was expelled from Mages Guild, considering her for heresy a statement that she found "the sixth element" - Element flesh. This is not to mention the fact that the studies were to Relminy inhuman experiments on human beings. Shegorat expressed interest to the woman and asked her to the island where she can continue to work without fear of attacks by the moralists. This is where she achieved success by creating Guard Gate.
Rise up and talk to the arrogant lady. Among the threats and contemptuous remarks worn out and our chatter Relmina mentions his pupil - a large, she said, scratching his lover of language. It's just at hand, leave the restaurant and go to the house of Nanette and raise the ratio of mistresses to 70 or higher. Chatterbox proudly shares his observation - it turns out, the Guardian does not perfect. Every night Relmina goes to visit his child, and, unable to contain their emotions, crying that causes considerable pain giant. Yes, something like crying this heartless person, obviously worth a look.
Close to midnight, Mrs. Boiled leave the restaurant and go to his favorite, we - the next. Woman wiping her tears, mumbling something unintelligible, and Sentinel, to our surprise, almost hugging it climbs. Finally Relmina out, but fortunately, drops the handkerchief wet with tears. At your own risk we run up, grab the discovery that there are forces and ulepёtyvaem away. Salty liquid squeezed from the kerchief, enough for exactly three portions, so you need to use it wisely. Now, when the chances of success are increased, you can visit Dzheyrida.
Nordling gives us 20 arrows made of bone Guard Gate and announces its readiness for battle. Well, with God (or even how mad - that's how you liking) ...
Pre inflicting on the boom produced poison, running to the Gates of Madness. Nock and inflict the first blow to the giant. With each new boom, which reached its goal, it becomes clear that our methods to efficiently demonstrate where a group of adventurers to challenge the Guardian earlier - soon bully, lurching, falls flat on his back. Dzheyrid congratulate us and happy to provide the dubious honor of himself to take the keys to the Gates of the corpse. Nowhere to go: roll up your sleeves, disgust We reach both keys. Then out of nowhere appears Haskill and gives further guidance. Valet draws our attention to the presence of two doors: one leads to the land of Mania, saturated with bright colors, the other - in the land Dementia, reflecting the gloomy nature of its inhabitants. Take note of the above Haskillom and with head held high pass through the Gate of Madness. Now our goal - the capital of the Shivering Isles, New Sheoth.
The city is divided into three areas: the southern part, called Crucible and patrolled dark seductress, also known as the stroke; North, Bliss - "sphere of influence" gold saints or Auril; and the Palace District, where the palace Shegorata, as well as the residence of the ruling Dukes of Mania and Dementia. Crucible with their nemoschёnymi streets and rough building and its residents reflect the essence of gloomy dementia and sparkling Bliss is a focus of motley colors Mania; The palace is home to two realities plexus, which is strikingly get on the constituent elements of both mania and dementia, reflecting the dual nature of their sovereign.
When they reached the city, go to the palace area, go up the stairs and enter directly into the Palace Shegorata.
- Development of the plot does not depend on the choice of the door, the only difference is in the ability to received character at the entrance. If you entered the kingdom Shegorata through the door leading into mania, you will receive Blessing of Mania (rabies to a level of 12 to 30 feet for 30 seconds - the target); if through another door, then, accordingly, the Blessing of Dementia (demoralization to the level of 12 to 30 feet for 10 seconds - the target).
- After talking with Shegoratom you get the amulet Grace Madness (protection against fire, cold and electricity 13% - over, a permanent effect), as well as increase in the Court of Madness - now you are contenders.
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We definitely have something to be proud of - few mortals have seen firsthand the mad god. Satisfied that we are one of them, gently start a conversation with the Daedric Prince.
As we already know, Shegorat waiting for death that could have mad god help. There is little concrete: Grey Marsh is coming, and our task - to stop this disgrace. At this stage, the Daedra prefers not to go into detail, and gives us the first order: we must go to a place called Zedilian and bring into operation its mechanism, whose work is aimed at getting rid of the unwanted visitor. Since then, as the Guardian of the Gate was created, Zedilian fell into decay, and in the end was finally abandoned. But now, as the Guardian of the Gates, not without our help, is unable to perform his duties, again there is a need in the functioning of the dungeon.
Accept from Shegorata recovery guide Zediliana and a device called Judgment attenuators, and then talk to the Haskillom. Valet marks the desired location on our map, and explains that the success of the event it is necessary to find three of the focusing crystal and set them into place, the so-called center of the vessel, which will activate the Judgment resonator - power supply.
Zedilian is located south-west of the capital; to get to it, you need to get out of the Crucible and move on Lower Road, and then turn to the South. However, if you prefer, you can shove ahead, in the course of studying the promotion of local swamp - as they say, the taste, the color of all the markers are different ...
Anyway, finally get to your destination and accepts quest for crystals. Sufficiently extensive cave filled crowd of hostile creatures - we'll have to kill a lot of grammitov from ordinary representatives of this species to grammitov executioners and grammitov shamans. Here are the latest something we just interested in the most, due to the presence in their inventory magical staves, to which the headband and attached we need crystals. Be careful: shamans, learning about your approach, prefer to become invisible and using the power of their staffs, surreptitiously send an uninvited guest in electrical discharges. Finished off the first sorcerer, put the crystal in the center of Judgment established nearby, and continue to explore the dungeon.
Soon will be the second focusing crystal in place, as our path lies in Courtrooms where to be found and third. After all the stones will be in their nests, you need using Judgment Attenuator activate resonator. When everything is ready and the mechanism will come into effect once again, go to the opening of the cavity to the right of passage and teleeed to the site where you can watch the fruits of their labors and experience adventurers who dared to penetrate the Shivering Isles.
We were approached by the Dunmer in scarlet robes, Caliban Nirandil, curator Zediliana. It seems elf long time spent in solitude, because he is glad to see Shegoratom sent by the assistant and is not averse to talk. Dunmer are proud to tell that the cave is a perfect test for resistance to the invading adventurers to the Islands, a group which, judging by the fact that we have teleported here, not to leave, just walks into the dungeon. We have the privilege for the first time in many years of inactivity Zediliana decide the fate of the aliens.
We are going through special panels for travelers to choose the test. In each of the three zones, you can choose two options for testing: one associated with physical harm, which would entail the death, the other effect on the state of mind and actually makes avanyurista jumping to a different perception of life, the new inhabitants of the island. Well, it will be interesting ...
Go to the first chamber and through the bars are watching went down the hall and we did not notice the trio. Warrior, mage and thief - Standard naborchik ...
The first room is called the Gnarl Camera or Camera Transformation, and represents an empty room with a large grille, set into the floor, and a small Gnarl, wandering in the center. Travelers make fun of being and going to kill him, to go further. It would not be so ...
Dementia option:
Presses the button engraved with green shade and watch as Gnarl joins a crowd of his fellow aggressive attacking goggles adventurers. In this version of the test die thief Lewin.
Manic version:
Once we click on the button with the grinning muzzle red hue, Gnarl exposed spore gas going through the bars, start to grow to enormous size. If we consider that this ugly mug and more running around the room, instilling fear and horror, here a short time and it's crazy. What is actually happening with the thief Lewin, loses his mind and is unable to continue the journey.
Orc, who, judging by his tone and manners, the leader, shamelessly throws his friend and gives the command to move on. Accompanied by an approving smile keeper Zediliana pass into the next room and wait until the adventurers are in place.
The second room is called Camera greed. Here, in a locked cage, is a huge mountain of treasures, at the sight of which will not remain indifferent any self-respecting adventurer. Do not remain indifferent and our newcomers, especially the magician Sindelius - to note in his voice, you can guess what he is capable of a lot to pay for the key to the cell ... What we should choose one of the plates and enjoy the results.
Dementia option:
Spitfire orc Grommok is going as it should check the lock on the strength, but the thing: as soon as he uses force, fire trap, and throws away the intruders blast. Tenacious orc as if nothing had happened rises and otryahnuvshis, move on, leaving his friend did not survive the explosion ...
Manic version:
We pressed the button activates the mechanism that leads to the release of a huge number of keys that form in the opposite corner a bunch of cells, not much inferior in size stored under lock and key treasures. Sindelius at the sight of rushes looking for a suitable key, which, between you and me, there is not even. Well, one more replenishment Islands ...
The third and last room, "decorated" hanging corpses and pools of blood, is called Camera anathema. We wait Grommoka, the last and most persistent of all the gang of adventurers who dared to penetrate into the realm of the mad god and choose his fate.
Dementia option:
Activate the plate and watch the revived corpses appeared in the hall and throwing himself on the adventurer. After a brief battle zombies finally prevail against orc, whose body was an additional element of decor for this dreaded room.
Manic version:
What is most afraid of orcs, all life did not let go favorite weapon? Correctly, ignominious death, has no relation to the fair battle. Click the button that affects the brain fog and, rubbing his hands, looking at how stubborn falls to the floor. Over the body also appears Grommoka soul, conscious of what is happening. Orc at the sight of his motionless body lying on the floor, comes to the conclusion that he found his end. The idea that he did not die in battle, is simply unacceptable for a warrior, and finally when the spirit returns to the body, orc, under the influence of experienced, going crazy.
Thus, the fate of all travelers are distributed, we are left to step into the last teleporter that leads to the reception, and get your reward.
Pleased us Caliban Nirandil traditionally rewards us focusing crystals, which will be immediately sent to the palace and is located in the main hall, as well as presenting Fang Dawn (unusual sword that belonged Grommoku) and his blog, which has some interesting information about this weapon . Also pick up some other trophies from the container and move near to the exit. However, here we are waiting for a surprise: strange creatures like a tightly clad in armor unknown, attacks on our person. Straightened with enemies and return to Caliban; Dunmer says that these creatures are known as the Knights of the Order. Yeah, break without an invitation and even waving swords, posing a threat to the life of others, - the top of decency ... And the keeper of good, does not know who his dungeon hosts ... However, now is not the time to sort things out - and end up talking to hurry with Shegoratu news of the appearance of the Knights.
- Fang sunrise / sunset - Akaviri artifact, which was created by a race of serpent people - Tsaesci. About the history of this artifact inhabitants of Tamriel virtually nothing is known. Externally, the blade of the sword like a mouth with fangs, and the handle looks like a golden snake scales. However, the main feature of the blade is that at dawn and at sunset he completely changes its properties, being enchanted afternoon to blow the fire, and in the evening - to blow cold. Blade also has the ability to vampirism: saturate the blood of victims slain them, the next metamarfoze sword would be much stronger than it was before.
- After talking with Caliban you get ranked in the Court of Madness Citizen.
- With the bodies of defeated the Knights of the Order is possible to remove the so-called heart of the order. They will be useful in the future to deactivate obelisks used as portals Jyggalag troops on the island, as well as robust design regenerate health when used "inside".
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Once we yavimsya to the palace and reported Shegoratu latest news, it gives us the ability to cause a short time his valet, Haskilla who can give advice about the situation. God requires that we have tested a new spell immediately. It seems very amused Prince this procedure, and it is certain that it receives from Haskill no less fun than he is. Here are just a haggard expression valet speaks for itself. Well, subscribed to the service of God mad - nowhere to go now.
After we call twice Haskilla, Shegorat share with us their future plans, and finally talk about the impending danger.
At the end of each era is coming Grey Marsh - a local apocalypse. Inspirer of this movement is the Daedric Prince of Order Jyggalag, whose appearance on the islands entails the inevitable destruction and the destruction of the kingdom Shegorata. We must help the Lord of Madness and prevent such vandalism. However, immediately rush into the thick of pointless - to start Shegorat wants us to know the essence of his kingdom, that we understand what lives and breathes this world and that he represents. And it will have to pay a visit Teydon, governor of mania, and forces the Duchess of Dementia. Shegorat sure that communicated with these personas we understand why it is important to preserve the integrity of his kingdom.
In anticipation of new friends bid farewell to the Daedric Prince and go get an audience with one of the rulers, and then the other, then back to the mad god for the next task.
- Call Haskilla only valid in the Shivering Isles.
- When performing tasks on Teydon Forces and you will be assigned the rank of Honorary Mad.

In the southern wing of the palace (where you can get both from the throne room Shegorata and street) is Dementia House, with the head of which, Forces, we should talk.
From the first minutes of conversation, it becomes clear that the ladies all the signs of paranoia - the Duchess does not trust absolutely no one, apart from its approximate traitors and spies. Oh, somewhere we have heard it ...
After Forces are confident that we were sent Shegoratom she declares us the Grand Inquisitor, whose main task is to identify the conspirators. Duchess also gives us to help Herdira, proven as the master untie the wrong languages. Find executioner can be in the torture chamber, located here in the House of dementia.
Go down and realize that with the Force be trifled with: around the room stretching the cells that are clearly not empty for a long time; on the floor - not yet dried blood; and right in the center - a cell with two hungry ominous statues on each side. Something tells that these sculptures are clearly not for decoration. Having admired the charms dungeon pick a partner whose hands are itching and try someone else, and go in search of people who have something to do with the plot.
We must start with approximate. From Redguard Kitlana little help, but my dear Anya Herrick named after the "conversations" with Herdirom becomes surprisingly talkative: it turns out, it came Khajiit Ma'zadda a statement that the forces should be removed and offered her union. The girl can not act against his mistress, but she conspirators pass afraid - skin a road. For the time being leave Anya alone and go seek Ma'zaddu; Khajiit can be found on the street or in a diner patient Bernice, only use from it too little. Cat - a tough nut, and without clear evidence of the conspiracy will be silent like a fish, there's even Herdir does not help. But his services will be required during the interrogation of the first counter-cross: among the townspeople Crucible rumor about some communication with the captain Ma'zaddy guards Forces Nelrin. What time of day are commonly found conspirators and discuss their plans, we certainly know, because waiting for the night, leaving the streets of Crucible, proceed to the surveillance.
Brilliant detective skills (or a true compass) finally allows us to eavesdrop on the conversation: nothing particularly shocking not sound, we mainly hear the curses and groans to the Grand Inquisitor, broken whole raspberries. Oh, nice to still hell!
Now we have evidence of involvement in the conspiracy against Ma'zaddy Forces. It's time to put pressure on the Khajiit, who almost put it in his pants out of fear, now was not averse assist us in the investigation and find out the names of persons higher in the plot. For information should appear in a day, at midnight, but now you can shake Nelrin.
Admittedly, she is strong in body and spirit. Split only after three servings of being struck by lightning, kindly cast Herdirom. It turns out that the leader of the group is a kind of Myurin, but, again, we can not do without additional evidence, for which the appointed hour to go Ma'zadde.
But here we are waiting for a surprise: henchmen Myurin ahead of us and killed a former partner. In the hope that before the death of the cat still managed to get some information, searched his home and in the cafeteria on the second floor we find a ceremonial sword Nelrin, which was supposed to serve as a murder weapon Forces, as well as a note of the deceased, which is already included said Nelrin name. This is enough to produce Myurin charges.
Wanted leader ajar and her against the wall; lady there's nothing left but to recognize its leading role in the plot. Well, it's done, the Force will be interesting to see the elucidation of the information we have.
When Force heard that it was built Myurin against Her Majesty intrigues, she immediately ordered to throw a traitor to the torture chamber. Together with the duchess go there and watch the executions.
Satisfied done working, the Force, in addition to inspirational promises to save lives and give us a place at the court of mania awards onions Wicked Edge (random effect on impact).
- The sequence of tasks for the rulers of Mania and Dementia is not important.
oblivion iv walkthrough

Opposite the entrance to the House of Dementia, as you probably have guessed, there is a door leading into the throne room of the House of Mania, which is Duke Teydon. Not only that, he, like all the other inhabitants of the island, would seem abnormal to most inhabitants Nirn, so he's a junkie to boot. An interesting combination, but ... Usually Duke trapeznichayut in the main hall; if it's not there, he Conservatory Alcyone - engaged in painting or dancing. Night, he, of course, holds in his chambers ...
Teydon welcomes us and after a short conversation, gives the order: it is necessary to bring the Duke Bowl inversion, without which the use felldyu, local drug entail extremely unpleasant consequences. Anything sensible Teydon no longer tell, because of the additional information should refer to someone of his servants, or cook Shirokoglazoy Gundlarom.
Soon at our disposal will have the following information: Bowl is in the root hole that north-west of New Sheoth. Go there.

In order to move the blocks the way to the entrance of the membrane and enter into the hole, it is necessary to use felldyu extracted from elytra, glowing green tint. One of the insects of this kind of just have to be near the entrance. Kill the elytra, collect felldyu, swallow, and easily get inside.
Dungeon, I must say, quite extensive, consisting of several locations, plus the entire densely populated elytra. Not only us these troubles, so more and throw their felldyu: immediately after use of the first portion, we will stay for a while in the euphoria, even giving some bonuses. However, soon enough, this state will be held, giving way rather painful sensations caused by the cessation of the drug. Yield - new dose produced from elytra similar to that at the entrance grazed. That's right, cut into sections insects, passing more and more new corridors and ingesting green substance, we finally arrive at the final part of the dungeon, the sanctuary decadence.
There kill several fans felldyu that clearly were not expecting our arrival, and searched the premises. A lot of time it will not take - Bowl stands on a pedestal in the most prominent place. Grab the discovery, acquisition which will extinguish the need for the use of new doses of the drug, and leave the Root hole through the nearest exit - again to wade through all the cave completely optional.
Upon his return to the palace to go and we return to it Teydon order. Meanie will take the cup and greasy grinning, said that from now on we granted a place at court Mania, from which, strictly speaking, we do not have any good.
- The sequence of tasks for the rulers of Mania and Dementia is not important.

After performing tasks on the Dukes of Mania and Dementia Shegorat a little more lift the veil and said that according to his plan, we will become them, that is, by Shegoratom, well, or, more landed obretёm his strength. And again a mad prince in his repertoire: having mentioned a few words about his plans, he again gives "protector" of a new job.
Great Torch is a symbol of power and Shegorata source of joy and peace for the inhabitants of New Sheoth, now extinguished, that happens every time on the eve of the Grey Marsh. We have to re-ignite the torch in order to relieve the tension in society and inspire the islanders hope. But do not rejoice, the wizard throw fireballs: pyrotechnics - the art of subtle, and in this case it will be possible to arrange an arson only through the Flame of Agnon. Get it can be in ruins Saylarn that the north-west of the archipelago, on the island of Fire.
Upon arrival, we talk with one of the servants Shegorata and realize that the situation between the smear and Auril seriously tense: gold saints who seized Altar of Pleasure, plan to attack the dark seduction and repel their control Altar of Despair. For us the choice to help capture Auril Altar or cooperate with strokes, defend it; because in order to carry fire in New Sheoth, you must first ignite it, and it can be done only with the help of both altars. Whichever side you may have taken, one outcome: the battle in the bowels Saylarna, released from which the winner will get their hands on previously owned rival altar.
In case you're more impressed by the gold saints, it is wise to reconnoiter the situation and find out whether better to attack through the main entrance, as she plans Aurmazl The leader Kane, or heed the advice of her assistant Mirela and fall upon the enemy across the aisle Anderdip dungeon. Exploration confirms speculation Mirela: Anderdip almost not protected, all of the stroke are left to protect the main entrance, and their leader, Ulfri, can not even imagine that the saints can break into the vault or in any other way.
Go back to the commander Auril and reports on the situation, and then penetrate into the cave through Anderdip and break the enemy.
If you prefer dark temptresses, talking with Grakedrig Ulfri and help her and her troops to defend the Altar.
Once the enemy will fall, The leader of the winning party will bring a sacrifice on the Altar of Despair, while the Altar of Pleasure selected squad leader will sacrifice. Our work is done, leave the ruins come to the fierce flames and fearlessly enter into it. Once the particle flame spread to our body, we go back to New Sheoth to ignite the Great Torch chapel Arden-Sul.
There we were met Dervenin, the high priest of mania and Arctus, the high priest of Dementia, and each will offer light the torch is on the side of his house. After we will inform the House of the priest preferred his decision, entering a niche with a brazier and enjoy success completed mission.
As a reward we get from Priest House on whose behalf we lit the torch, enchanted apparel and hasten to inform Shegoratu news.
- So, what side you take in the Battle of the Altar, is highly critical.
- If you have lit the torch on the territory of the House of Dementia, you will receive a reward Vestments Intrigue (increase speed, hacking, stealth, luck - 7ed., Itself, a permanent effect). If at the end of the mission the fire is burning on the side of the House of Mania, you get Embrace of Arden-Sul (increase: intelligence, willpower - 8ed .; shield 16% protection from paralysis 25% - by itself, a permanent effect).

It appears, go to the Palace there is no need: His Majesty mad right there, sitting there quietly on a bench with a smile and watches as the Flame of Agnon rapidly soars skyward.
Now Shegorat wants us to lead one of the houses, or overthrowing Teydon Forces and earned the respect of his subjects. For details you need to talk with the priests here in the chapel.
Each of the coronation rituals associated with part of the history of House, and the priests with joy in front of you slightly open the pages of history. If you do not care where the coronation went practices, ask interviewees to omit legends and get down to business.
High Priest Dervenin will interpret that the successor of the Duke of Mania invited to the festival, during which the outgoing governor takes three doses of the green pollen, from which his heart is broken. Successor collects blood poisoning and brings it to the Altar of Arden-Sul in the Chapel.
At the same Arctus can find details of the ritual coronation of dementia. All that is required of a successor, it cut the heart of the current ruler and lay it on the altar.
Now that we are aware of, ahem, features national coronation should take action and talk to Shegoratom.
If you decide to take the place of Teydon, Duke of Mania, report Shegoratu of their choice, and then once again talk to the high priest of mania. He will tell you that you need to talk to argoniankoy Shirokoglazoy, managing Teydon, most of the time in the vicinity of the conductive Palace.
At sufficiently good to you against the lizard will tell about the daily routine of his master, and said that at noon performs any special instructions. We look forward to noon and carefully follow Shirokoglazoy, which by this time out of the Palace and went to the corner, a dead end. More precisely, not a dead end, and the bust Shegorata. Interestingly, our argonianka dust that decided whether to whisk him ... A few seconds later it turns out that the bust is actually serves as a lock - only Shirokoglazaya turned him how to open a secret door leading to the dungeon, which is the repository and green pollen. We get down on her.
Note that on the way to store, you can not just meet with patrols gold saints - as soon as the guards find a stranger, impudently move through the dungeon in search of pollen, they will not fail to offer him a standard set of actions: a fine, imprisonment or resistance (none of them does not suit us, therefore I advise to use a spell of invisibility to be sure).
Carefully follow the pathway along which presumably was Shirokoglazaya and finally reach the store. Generally, the kind of decent mountain green pollen impressive. Now the most important task who saw this wealth - not succumb to the temptation and do not try to powder. Beware that no one noticed some sleep yourself 2 servings pollen (although you can take and more rejoice, alchemists and addicts!) And, again preferably under the invisibility deleted. Now we need to look to the kitchen where the chef in charge of Gundlar - it was he who pours Teydon eating pollen. Today, not without our participation, the dose will be increased to the deadly ...
Get out of the dungeon, go to the House of Mania and penetrates into the kitchen. It is also possible (but not necessary) to meet the gold saints. Unnoticed, steals the tray of food prepared for Teydon, licks at a smoked balivoga legs and slipped into the food dose of pollen. The second should be mixed with wine Teydon standing at the buffet. Bottle of our amateur pleasures biggest, not messed up. Once the deal is done, leave the room. Now you need something to occupy yourself to dinner ...
At eight o'clock in the evening back to the throne room of the House of Mania. You can even sit at the table with approximate Duke, no one will mind. Finally Teydon dine and decided to read a poem of his own composition. That's just to listen to it before the end of the audience, alas, it was not possible: the Duke stopped in the middle stanza, grabbed his chest and began to wheeze and a few seconds later collapsed dead. Faces his entourage expressed completely different feelings and emotions: if the eyes of Shirokoglazoy pouring tears of loss, the Gundlar quite satisfied with what happened. Everyone is familiar with the ritual, but no one thought it would happen so soon ...
Grunt, collect blood poisoning Teydon, at the same time took possession of his crown (light armor, increasing the eloquence of 15 units .; protection from magic 10% increase magic 25 units. - By itself). Well, the hell she is now deceased? A useful to us.
Now you need to go back to the Chapel Arden-Sul, what we are doing. Pour the blood on the altar and receive congratulations from the priest Mania, narekshego us new duke / duchess. Appeal to standing next Shegoratu, but only one opens his mouth, as in the Chapel bursts Forces with dark seducers. Duchess of Dementia furious: not only that Shegorat puts on the throne Mania "who knows" (it is about our special someone!), So it is more, it turns out, the plot weaves against the inhabitants of the Islands! Interestingly, however, the information ...
Forces expressed everything he thinks about Shegorata and his behavior, then swerved ass and said that over to the side Jyggalag.
We also still not up to it - again talking with Shegoratom obtain the attributes of power, and with them the following instructions.
- Once you become Duke of Mania, you get the ability to call a special gold saints (60 sec.), And the Ring of Power (increase of 10 units of charm .; resistance to disease 50%; 17% shield - over). Well, of course, the title.

If you are inclined to believe, to become Duke of Dementia announcing this Shegoratu, and after a conversation with the high priest of dementia. He shared his opinion, that would be worth to talk to approximate Forces, Anya Herrick and Kitlanom. Go to the Home Dementia and search the above persons. To hear from them something really useful, their attitude towards us should not be below 60 points.
Anya Herrick promises to help us to distract guards, Kitlan also gives the key that opens all the doors of the wing of the palace occupied by the House of dementia. Now we need to get to the room and forces to end the duchess.
If assistance is Kitlana enough weight, then run around the private gardens Anya special not profit - because, in order not to attract the attention of dark seduction, you should use invisibility. Picked to the chambers of the Force, get inside and carefully go over to the bed, on which rests the Duchess. However, do not rush to bring over the sleeping woman blade and deprive her life. No, not because lying is not beaten and deprived of life sleeping - shameful and dishonest. Stuck in another: simply in front of you is not the Duchess, and elaborate scarecrow. Apparently, the Force somehow sensed something was wrong and faded. Oh, this woman's intuition ... Appeared Kitlan confirms that this is one of the tricks of the Force, and suggests that it is likely to escape through a secret tunnel in the garden.
Leave the room, turn to bust Shegorata that slightly to the right of the entrance to the ducal apartments, and go down to the dungeon Zeritard.
Now we are waiting for the next trip to the underground ruins, flavored traps, including statues of the hungry, shooting spell absorption health, and encounters with hostile dark seducers. Soon find ourselves in a room with a kind of barricade erected with the help of tables, chairs and other furnishings, push the button on the left of this barrier, opening passage in the wall, and continue the chase. Finally, after a few more run-ins with the servants Forces, open another door and come face to face with the duchess. That well prepared: was wearing armor and armed with an impressive hammer. Straightened with the Force and two of her bodyguards, cut out the heart of the Duchess and we go way back. You can, by the way, and the hammer with a pretty name Rasshatyvatel the nerve to lay hands (vulnerability to e-woo 30% and damage e-vom 15. - Impact). Yeah, nerves us with this legwork shattered pretty ...
Upon his return to Chapel Arden-Sul unceremoniously toss heart on the altar, listen to and talk with Arctus Shegoratom, which would kill visit the chapel and outraged happening Teydon. Saying that he was going to go over to the Prince of Order and caustically share the news that took place within the limits of the Duke of Mania leaves the chapel; What we should again speak to Shegoratom and get further instructions.
- Once you pass the ritual of Dementia, you get the ability to cause dark seducer (60 sec.), Ring of Power (increase endurance 10 units .; resistance to poisons 40%; 20% chameleon - over), as well as the title of Duke.
oblivion 4 walkthrough

Once a traitor leaves Chapel Arden-Sul, Shegorat confirm that limit really captured - he de bones feels it. Egghead ... Well your bones before a silent? Now, however, it does not matter ... The troops were sent to the scene, and we should hurry.

As soon as we will walk through the Gates of Madness and look around, no associations with the old limit of, I think, will not arise. Sticking out of the ground here and there like crystals Order sucked out of the ground all the vital juices, turning the once vibrant landscape in dull grayness. Can not hesitate, should hasten to Pasval and find out what's what.
In the village we met a small band of gold saints or dark seducers (depending on whether the Duke of the House we are), The leader who will report the situation. The situation is, of course, deplorable: Knights superior servants Shegorata and strength in numbers. Putting aside the conversation then, reflects the following three attacks again and talk to the matriarch defending forces. Fortunately, she has a plan though.

Spire towering above Pasvalem now fueled from the depths Zeddefena, dungeons near the settlement, and is used for the Knights something portal. We need to get into the ruins to find a source that feeds the portal, and deactivate it.
Leave remnants of the detachment and head Zeddefen. The only surprise in the Knights of the Order of the captured dungeon will be, what do you think? The appearance of an old acquaintance, Shelden, Mayor Pasvalya! When the Knights attacked the village, he hid in Zeddefene, but miscalculated and ended up in the inferno. After hearing the Redguard, you can take it to the assistants, and can be sent to hell, then he would be offended and go find a way out by yourself ... In any case, very soon we will come to a huge obelisk, and is a kind of battery. To deactivate it, we need three heart of the order, which will need to be inserted directly into the obelisk. Every heart will increase the power of the obelisk until it is overloaded and it does not fail, thus closing the portal. But rejoice too early - after the walls and ceiling of the response of the obelisk to "treat" and began to shake and look will collapse on our heads! It's time to cut bait!
The road back will be quite dangerous: we are waiting for a mad race, accompanied by destruction, crumbling columns, beating on all sides of the faulty traps lightning, and even attacks Restless Knights Order. At the next hit on the head cobblestone can only regret the absence of helmets ...
Finally, once outside, breath, rubbed his bruised head and go to inform survivors glad tidings. The leader of the detachment defending Pasval, delighted with our achievements - and now it's time to notify the Mad God.
It turns out that Shegorat already heard about our triumph. Well, well, less will have to explain ... Our next task will be to restore the Guardian Gate. When operable Zediliane, and even a giant at the Gates of Madness worry about the intrusion is not necessary. A specialist in the creation of just such Bugayov, as we already know, is Relmina jam, it's the go. It is unlikely that she will be happy to see us after we calmed past guards, but he sent us Shegorat, and it seems to him uneven breathing ... lady now prescribe the following address: Shivering Isles, Zazelm. In a way.
Zazelm, located just to the northeast of the entrance to the limit, is a cave with a huge number of cells in which Relmina contains his subjects. You can even feel yourself in the role of executioner: panel located near each camera, pressing entail any effect on the prisoner, be it hail of arrows fired from a cleverly mounted in the wall of the trap, or a group of hungry monsters ready to break into pieces not only the victim but also each other for the right to eat fresh flesh. Horrible place ... Well it's just flowers - Center Vivisection, which sooner or later we will achieve, is a place where more frightening because it is here and meets basic experiments Relmina. The cries of her victims, pleading for mercy, groans - all this is an indispensable attribute of a place that was chosen by the witch.
Initially Relmina terribly angry with us - still, this is due to our efforts of her child died - but as soon as we declare that we have sent Shegorat, facial expression changes witch. Hmmm, was right Mad God when he spoke about her sympathy for him ...
As you may have realized from the witch is better not to joke jokes, because watching the tone of voice and tell the purpose for which we were. Relmina, sighing, said that the ingredients needed to create the Guardian can be found in the Gardens of flesh and bones; title list is as follows: a solution of blood, bone marrow, skin and membrane extract breathing. Mrs. itself Boiled too sad destruction of her past creations and can not return to its place of origin. Come on, what really there, we go, we are used to ... Sorceress gives us the key to the secret entrance through which you can immediately get to the surface. Also, this key opens the door leading to the underground rooms Gardens. Immediately evident to lock something extra - stingy.
Zazelm leave through a secret entrance and hurry to the limit in the Gardens of flesh and bones.
Pre-prepared for a fairly long and tiring journey through the dungeon Gardens.
As soon will enter in, be prepared for the fact that after a few steps on your head can drop a pile of stones. Warm trick in store ...
At the moment, our goal - corpuscular Conservatory, where you can get the first two ingredients. Well, the way along the florid passages, push the tangled roots and jump over traps us not the first time. Soon, passing through rhizomes, employee bridge, we notice some variety into the already bored with the environment of the root system and jump down. This is our first production - skin membrane. Grieve that had her jump from the bridge is not necessary - are now on our way still lies somewhat in the other direction. More after some time and find the bone marrow, with EIM no problems.
Further our path lies in the cavity noises, which, frankly, can be confusing. I can give the following advice: when looking extract respiration (as found in this part of the cave can be just his) refer to greenish clouds that serve as a kind of guide. Very often on the approaches to the intersection there is a cloud and that's like calling us away, fly away, turning to the desired passage. And do not get lost when you get to the place where green and shows a compass, and no extracts is not there. Your path lies further down.
Finally reach the same place where you can collect the third ingredient: an approach to cloud of greenish, throbbing between two roots growing out of the floor and ceiling of the cave, waiting until the bottle is filled with the extract and, taking the title, we go further.
Remained the last element - the blood solution. It can collect in the Blood Pool of Tears. With its search for such works will not arise. Soon we will come out into the hall with a stone chest in the center - on the other side of the plate, on which it stands, push the button and go through the open door. Our eyes appear room, flooded with blood. If you are from the squeamish, remove the slippers, or even dress for the worst, but go inside and fill in the bubble of the last ingredient is still necessary.
When all you need is in our hands, a short way to the surface and go back to Relmine jam.
Witch satisfied with our work, but it's not the end - now we need to do in the composite parts of the body for future Sentinel Gate. Dodgy woman in store for a long time variations of each part of the body with different properties in case the guard still be defeated in the next battle with the adventurers. Honor to choose a new body for the giant provided to us.
Legs, arms and other members differ only in the type and quality - some are designed for battle with the sorcerers and. respectively, are better protected from magical effects; others are excellent components for future warrior, insensitive to pain and able to withstand physical pain.
After making your selection, refer Relmine body parts, then go with her to the statue Shegorata in the limit, where she will be cast over all that we have. Can not keep up with the sluggishness of the lady - in a hurry to place and when you enter the limit magician will already there.
Now, we are required to perform only a sorceress of simple instructions - to open it in front of the statue Shegorata pool called Justification Waters, alternately toss the body guards, skin membrane, blood solution, bone marrow and extract respiration. After that Relmina this broth and more Atronach launch of flesh, that the spirit of the Guardian Gate merged with his body shell. Finally, all the preparations are completed, the Witch and advises us to move away from the body of water and stand beside her. However, this does not help, and we knock back (although it may be, the better - because as soon as we doused the energy wave, we call Atronach priobretёm ability of flesh for 120 sec.). From the pool there is a new Guardian of the Gate, the mighty and majestic - this fellow just does not give anyone the aisle. Now we can admire the violence, which at any moment to inflict Guardian over a handful of knights Order, though, tell you a secret, would be worth Shegoratu hurry to tell about our deeds and get the next job - Grey Marsh is not far off.
Conversation with the Mad God interrupts messenger and declares that the fortress stronghold of army gold saints / dark seduction captured.
(Race messenger, as well as what kind of fortresses to beat you, depends on the Duke of home you are. The matter will have to be representatives of a hostile House).
Daedric Prince surprised and excited by this news - The order has never sharpened their cleverly planned to such operations. Usually everything happens much more primitive. Of all people, and Shegorat somehow knows it - in fact it was he who, as it turns out, is Jyggalag! They both are just different aspects of the same fact, and when the time comes, Shegorat disappears, becoming Prince of Order, and destroys his own kingdom. As he sees us as worthy candidate for the role of regent, the title of which we will be assigned immediately, and those who protect the island from the miserable fate.
However, let us return to our current job.
If you - the Duke of Mania, you will be captured Pointed Cliff that the toe Boot Mad God in the south. If you are the ruler of Dementia, should prepare themselves to beat the gold saints Brellak fortress in the north, on the peninsula of Saint Watch. Immediately go to the rescue.
Upon arrival, we speak to smear Adeo / Auril Issmi that lift the veil of secrecy calculating attack - is headed invaders stands a traitor Forces / Teydon. Traitor acted cunning and, commanding about anything unsuspecting troops, divided them, defeated, and their commander captured. Not without the help of troops Order, of course. The hour is not easy ... The interviewee said that in the given situation smear / Auril would not be submitted to the Duke of another house and would not let a stranger in his fortress, but now circumstances require otherwise.
The first thing you need to release the captured matriarch smear Dayloru / Auril Staadu. Pushing the massive door of the fortress and the rescue captives.
View crystals, breakdown of the floor of the fortress and rushing up and lifeless bodies of the fallen from the swords of the Order, does not add any bit of optimism. After several skirmishes with the enemy pass into the Hall Honoring where languishing captive, trying to destroy us prevent knights and priests, and we beat a considerable size bell - it is the only way to break the crystal barrier behind which sits Daylora / Staada. We liberated there is some news: Source smear / Auril with which younger Daedra bound by this kingdom under threat. If a traitor capture sources and tear this connection, the way back to the Shivering Isles dead Daedra will not.
Once your little party will enter the Hall of Prayer, the captain's face seduction / saints distorted and Daedra doomed to announce that the source is frozen, then your allies will fall to the floor. Do not waste time in a hurry Font Renaissance and make sure that the source is really covered with thick gray crust Order. In order to restore the functioning of the water, obegite whole room around the perimeter, calling each of the four bells on the corners. Pyramidal structure, covering the source, crack and osypetsya fountain was reopened, and the associated Daedra live.
After a while Daylora / Staada will come to us and declare gratitude on behalf of all the seduction / saints. We will be granted cute armor and the ability to call representatives rescued us race to 120 seconds.
Traitor just attacked, disappeared ...
- After the assignment, you will be given the title of Defender of the kingdom.
oblivion shivering isles walkthrough

Conversation with Shegoratom awaiting you upon your arrival at the Palace, will be the last. And not give us hope for a brighter future.
Mad God did not calculate the amount of time necessary. Now he firmly states that nothing can be changed, and advises to run away until he appeared in another embodiment, and smashed to smithereens own kingdom. Not having time to even finish, the Daedric Prince suddenly falls to his knees and, illuminating flash of rainbow disappears.
Ruler on the throne, no plan of opposition - too. Is it all gone?
Panic, right, it is not necessary, it is better to talk Haskillom - maybe he knows what to do. And indeed, there is some speculation valet, whom he is willing to share.
The only way to protect the kingdom from the Grey Marsh - the presence of the ruler on the Throne of Madness. But since Shegorat disappeared, now the ruler of this, we become. And the fact that we are not a Daedric god, did not bother Haskilla. All you need to sit on the throne - a symbol of power, which is the staff of the Mad God. Snag is that the staff had been invalidated by the same moment when Shegorat disappeared, and now carries a good no more than an ordinary stick. But Haskill and then kept his head: it turns out, the island is the one who knows how to create a new staff. Find someone that can in ruins Knife holes, once the former library. Valet puts in our hands the crystal Knife hole through which you need to open the door to the former library and advises hurry. Yes we are for all stay on the island and only those engaged in ...
Knife hole located in the heart of the Shivering Isles. The most convenient way to get out of the Crucible and go to lower road to the crossroads with the path leading to the hill suicide. Turning, go to the center of the island, and already there is a way to burrow easy.
That part of the cave, which we are interested in, is small and the sealed door to find a lot of time is needed. Behind her, contrary to expectations, not find high book-shelves and shelves on which ancient volumes are gathering dust: our eyes gaze at the room, no different from many already we've seen in this type of dungeons, but kind of ailing old man sitting in a chair in her heart . Radius Miferiysky as calls himself white-haired old man, expecting our arrival, he even aware of all ongoing cases. And it happens. And those that will occur. In short, a very knowledgeable type. Which in itself is not bad - at least explain what we need from him is not required.
Once he was a servant of the great library Jyggalag containing treasures of logic and deduction. Her walls were kept prediction of all events: each new birth, every death, every action. When Shegorat found the library, then burned it, declaring the contents of the scrolls blasphemy. Radius - the only living creature that is still stored in the memory contents of the ancient scrolls.
At the end of March of the Grey Mad God in his kingdom destroyed all manifestations of the order, except radius - Shegorat could not afford to destroy knowledge, which is owned by an old man. Instead, he locked the old man in one of the many dungeons Islands and made it impossible to die.
Sage can help us in creating a staff, but to do this we need to bring him two sacred elements: the eye of Sirte, who saw what others did not see, and the branch of the tree, the growing in the halls Milkara and fed by the waters of the Grove of Reflection.
Milkar is a little closer to our country than moaning palaces - there and then, in the north-west of the hole, and go.
Going down to the dungeon, we almost immediately find ourselves at the entrance to the Grove of Reflection, where it grows Tree Images. As soon as we stepped into the water from a stone in the middle of the puddle will separate wandering lights that will soon have compacted earth, yavyat us something with which to fight any invaders who receive branch - his alter ego. Shadowboxing be thorny, but the reward we get the coveted twig, which can be torn away from the tree, standing on the opposite side of the lake, and two-handed sword of our fallen twin (lowering health 15 units .; vulnerability to magic 15% for 30 sec. - at impact). Leaving kind of lagoon, turn right and pushes the button, and then step into the portal opened and find ourselves at the entrance to the Grove. Now it's time to visit Sirte.
Travel to the cemetery New Sheoth, which is near the entrance to the Crucible, and from there go to the southeast, to the peninsula Horn heretic, until we reach the moaning of her palaces.
As soon began a journey through the underground fort will soon be interrupted attack some "apostle", which removes from the corpse of the mantle and the dagger. And then, and another more useful. Now you can go one of several ways to choose from - you can shove a tank to Sirte, sending everyone you meet in the other world, but you can do a little more humane and cunning. Get into the mantle and continue marching to the halls without any problems - need all supporters of Sirte, which only can be collected and put on us mantle refers to those of us in the eyes of the other apostles.
In the halls of meetings can be found Khajiit Ra'Herana who still understand that we are not of their own. But do not rush to expose the blade - tailed poses no threat. On the contrary, it is possible to form an alliance - Khajiit has long had a grudge against Sirte, and our appearance had for him very helpful. Ra'Heran craves death of an old woman living place Shegoratu for what he shamefully runs at the beginning of each Grey Marsh. Short-sighted reasoning ... Blinded, the old woman had forgotten about his true destiny, and now one of her former allies wants to become the leader of the apostles and the other apostles to lead to the Light. Noble, however, the goal. Help?
Sirte is already beginning to suspect that the Khajiit is up to something, and therefore forbade him and his several comrades to bear arms. Ra'Heranu requires three daggers apostles that can be picked up in the previous Hall of other sects. By force, of course. Or, again, you can wander through the dungeon and look for blades on the shelves and chests.
When the weapon will be transferred to the caudate, he will run deep into the dungeon to alert the rest of the conspirators. Distributing daggers Hadji wave her paw and lead like-minded people to organize a coup. Hurried after.
After the conspirators utter opening remarks, in the chambers of Sirte battle will begin, after which we will only snatch a vengeful old woman's eyes and carefully remove it.
Now that both the artifact in hand, return to the former librarian.
He seems surprised by our success, creates Unfinished Staff Shegorata and sends to the Palace, where to finish the job, to be fed with a staff strength of the Font of Madness.
Now you can return to the palace and talk to Haskillom that tells you about your new responsibilities and privileges that you become the ruler of the Shivering Isles, now have.
Some of the responsibilities include the elimination of potential problems of the citizens of your kingdom. They can be solved by sending to the scene custody or go there in person. After settle the trouble, you can refer to the valet and get the thanks on behalf of the residents and a cash reward.
Now the most interesting privileges:
- Ability to assign a bodyguard golden saint or dark seducer who will follow their Lord and protect it with my life.
- Organization of entertainment in the throne room, is to call the court dancer.
- Spell Protection Shegorata, according Haskilla teleports us to the castle.
- Handwritten regulation of weather on the island, the possibility of which is provided to you in the form of the ability to "weather manipulation" (15 sec.)
Types of weather events:
Eyes in the fog (detection of life 120p.)
Rainfall (reflection spells 30P 30P .; reflected damage.)
Attending rain (restoring health 10p.)
Snow blindness (board 50P.)
Fury of the storm (increased strength, endurance, agility and speed of 20P.)
Also you can find in the chair Luxury outfit Shegorata (increase of 30 units of charm. Good luck 10. And 10 units of eloquence. - By itself), and the Tree of Madness resting on a pedestal awesome power (with proper skill development) Sword Jyggalag.
- At the end of the storyline, you will be given the title of the Mad God.
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