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2-04-2015, 15:01

Mages Guild Oblivion Walkthrough

mages guild oblivion walkthrough

Join the Mages Guild, you can in one of the offices located throughout Cyrodiil, with the note that on your head should not be a reward. After the head of a body will take you, you awarded the title of allies. You will receive a key to the interior and the Charter of the Guild, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the services provided by members of the organization. But we should not rest on our laurels. Earning the recommendations you get the most access to the University of Shadows, located in the Imperial City. When you write out all the necessary papers, it's time to visit Raminusa Paulus. Colleague is in the waiting room arkhimaga day and resting after a hard day's work in the rooms magicians at the University at night. Received a paper from the influential head of each of the branches, Paulus gladly give you the title of Apprentice, Apprentice and mantle. Now you are a full member of the Guild.
A formal job is completed only after all of the recommendations will be collected and held a meeting with Paulus.

In order to obtain advice Mages Guild Corolla, need to talk to Tikiusom.
Lizard is extremely dissatisfied with the fact that in the city there was a certain Earana that ignores the rules of the Guild and believes that Tikius abusing his power. We have to find out why this lady complained to the Corolla and get rid of it.
She usually hangs out at the entrance to the Guild, near the Great Oak, or in the inn "gray mare". After a conversation with Earanoy, we become aware that she is looking for a book with a strange name "Fingers Mountains". Woman asking for help in the search and says that the book, in its assumptions, should be somewhere north of Corolla in ruins Cloud top. With this information we go to Tikiusu.

After hearing about the book, the chief will come to the excitement and declares that it is inconceivable that folio fell into the hands Earane. We need to visit the ruins and take a mysterious book that will not be difficult: "Fingers Mountains" will show up in a pile of rotting remains lying near the ruined tower in the center of the ruins.
Now we are faced with a choice: you can give the book Earane and include it Tikiusu.
If you prefer to send their book lizard, he will thank you, and promised to send to the University of recommendations. Then you can talk to Earanoy - it will come out of themselves and require that we stole the book and returned it to her. Can agree (after all recommendations have been received), and may reject and thus immediately to complete the second part of the job.
If you have accepted its terms, you need to rob Tikiusa by pulling the book out of his chest in a residential area of ​​the Guild, and handed it to the girl.
If the first book to present Earane, and then talk to Tikiusom, it is necessary for him to produce the book out of the room at the inn rival "gray mare" - because we want to get advice, do not you?
Does not matter who will give you first book - recommendation you one way or another, get in anyway.

Earana seeing "Fingers Mountains", it would be delighted and promised to reward us, but not earlier than one day. Announcing that it takes time to translate the book, a woman will go to the tavern "gray mare". Just have to wait ...
After visiting Earanu the next day, we get translated excerpt from the book, which contains information on how to purchase a powerful spell. For this we need velkindsky stone and damage spell electricity. Returning to the cloud top, it is necessary to cast a spell on the column. Once in our lightning, get their hands on tier spell "Finger Mountain".
The presence of stones in the inventory velkindskogo sure, otherwise, no matter how careful, nothing will happen. These stones are found in abundance in the Ayleid ruins.

From a conversation with carts, it is clear that the road to the Golden robs magician who kills traveling merchants. Our task is to go to the tavern "Brina Cross" and talk to Ariel Dzhurard, one of the magicians who are investigating the case. If more time to talk with carts of mage-thief, it will provide us with recipes that protect from the cold, which can be useful in the battle with the robbers.
When we come to the tavern and talk to Ariel, she advises to stay for the night and wait for her to discuss everything there. No, no, do not even expect - just a business relationship and nothing else. Climb up and look forward to Ms. Dzhurard that does not slow to appear. So, the plan is to move on the Golden Road to the east, in the direction of Kvatch and Ariel and her partner hedged us at a distance. Rogue has to bite, and it was then and povyazhut. Girl advises sleep off in the morning with fresh forces to move in a way. Listen and fell onto the bed, go to sleep ...
Waking up, hit the road. Be alert as soon thief, robber rather pops up and block your path. This is none other like Kaminalda, frequenter "Brin Cross." Be careful - it actively uses magic damage and invocation. Disposing of the robber, you can go to the carts - now she will prescribe the necessary recommendations, because it is through our Golden road again become safe.
mages guild oblivion

Adrienne Beren asks us to find the missing member of the Guild, Ertora, and advises to talk to Sulinusom Vassinusom. Sulinus reeling near and during the conversation recalls that some time ago because of some incident Adrienne insisted that Ertor practiced away from the building of the Guild. Poor guy went into the cave plain sad. Unfortunately, Sulinus not remember where the cave. But remember to be friends, kindly agreed mark on our map this place. Once again we talk with Adrienne, she remembers that it was for her no mercy Ertor, and send us to the cave, having taught previously in any case weak fireball spell.
When they reached the cave, and went in, and understand that the head of the Guild Skingrad obviously greedy with the power of the spell: cave crawling with zombies. Have to kill every last one, otherwise Bosmer, settle deep in the cave, refuse to follow us.
Having dealt with the undead, talking with Ertorom. He is extremely happy that I can finally leave the cave. You can take it back to the Guild, and can provide an opportunity to get to. In any case, leave the cave and go to Skingrad for deserved recommendations.
Kud-I was very concerned about the fact that one of its wards, Ardalin, lost its Staff Magus. Chapter Bravil Mages Guild brings us up to date, and explains that the staff stole Varon Varmori, Ardalin admirer. Kud-Ai gives us a roll of Deception, which increases the location of the interlocutor, and asked to return the staff.
The house is located near Varona. The young man explains that the heat of the moment stole the staff, since she does not pay any attention enamored. However, the staff at Varona has not - he sold it to a friend of the Imperial City, Sorisu Arenimu. Come and reports on the situation Kud-Ai.
That upset even more, asks us to immediately go to the Imperial City to pay homage to Sorisu and provides three other scrolls deception.
Arenima can be found on the Talos Plaza, in his own house. After application of the scrolls (bribery / own skills of eloquence - that's how you like) Soris agreed to sell us a staff of two hundred coins. With staff in hand and relieved wallet can now be sent back to Bravo, for recommendations. Also Kud-Ai as a sign of personal sympathy teach us Captivity spell (spell 10p. To 10s. When touched).
If the conversation Sorisa wife, Arissaru arena, it will mention that the staff is in the basement, in the chest. And the key to it - in the desk in the chambers of a married couple. Thus, you can save money by borrowing staff illegally.

Dag asks us for help: Stone Prophet was gone. And without it she can not control her visions, moreover, her tortured voice. In terms of information from it a little confusing, but it seems, and she knows it, because requests to apply to Agatha. Girl surprised by what we know about the loss, and advises to talk to other members of the Guild. Alves ma- remembers that she heard some information from Kaltara, one of the magicians, and S'Drassa and all claims that he was extremely pleased with the disappearance of the stone. Yes Kaltar and he does not deny it - he had overheard a conversation Agatha and Dag and does not hide his hatred for the latter, considering that the magician capable of maintaining sanity only by magical trinkets, not worthy to be the head of the Guild. Also envious throws a few words about his father Dagan, but ask him in detail on this subject will not succeed. After reporting about Agatha hear is instructed to talk with the Dag. It is necessary to us to start a conversation with her, she accepted to bear some heresy, however, as a result marks on our map fort a Blue Blood, where her father is buried, and where now lies our way.
Fort literally packed with bandits and marauders. Soon, killing many vrazhin, remove from the body of the fallen vampire sorcerer key. It is necessary to open the door at the far hall, which will show up for a few coffins. In one of them and is something you want us to Manduina amulet. It's time to go back to the city in a swamp.
We do not have time and a few steps as, out of nowhere, will our old friend Kaltar. It turns out that he stole and hid the amulet to later blackmail the poor old woman. Kaltar enraged because of the fact that his plan failed, and exposes the blade. Kill the villain, remove the key from his body (the villain prudently locked the door, that we do not run away) and return to the Leyaviin - recommendations will soon be sent to the University of Shadows.
The head of the Mages Guild Cheydinhal Falcarius will not hurt us a warm welcome - annoyed huff, he sent us a ring for the heavy burden. The ring is in the well near the building of the Guild, and the key is present in Ditsan.
Ditsan warns us that last ally, Vidkun, received a similar assignment from Falcarius. Since then it vanished. Girl thinks Falcarius may try to get rid of us, but she does not want to lose another ally and teach us to spell a quick swim. She also asked to report to it, if it becomes known anything about Vidkun.
When he reached the well, throws off his most heavy things because the desired ring true to its name, perstenek weighs as much as 150 pounds! However, things can be left in one of the chests in the Guild. Anyway, undress and plunge into cold water. A little further, floats someone hladny corpse - in the name of the gods, but it's Vidkun! Remove from his bruised finger ring of burden and drag Falcarius decoration.
As it turns out, in our absence Ditsan opposed Falcarius. He just furious when he learned that the girl helped us. And when she threatened to report everything to the Council of Mages, crazy chief was furious and ran outside.
Saddened by the death of Vidkun, Ditsan advises us to examine the presence of chambers Falcarius recommendations. Those in his room is not available, but the contents of the chest seems to us very interesting - inside is a pair of black soul gems! Taking the discovery and bear it Ditsun. Stunned finding argonianka, shaking his head, picks up stones in order to send them to the Council and promises to personally submit recommendations to the University.
In the well with a ring of heavy Cauchy grows one of nirnroot required alchemist of Skingrad (task "search of their roots").
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Jehan Fransorik meets us very warmly and promises to help in any way we can. Milo.
All that from us at this time is required is to find the missing member of the Guild, Zh'Skara. Has not been seen for several days, and if the check was coming here from the Council, may be in trouble. Chuckle knowingly, go to interview employees. Those talking in riddles, grumbling that if Volanaro Zh'Skar and want to have fun, then the flag in their hands. It seems the time has come to talk with this Volanaro.
Nice young Altmer ready to tell us everything he knows in exchange for service: Volanaro asks you to bring him a "guide on the art of magic" from the desk in the room Jehan. There is no choice, we have to agree. Altmeri teaches us "Small hacking locks" and wished good luck. Once the book would have us go back to Volanaro and we return it is. Young man happily picks up the book and asks us to look to him after ten o'clock at night.
At the appointed time come to Altmeri and ready to hear about the missing Hajj. Volanaro fingers in the air takes some clever manipulation and - voila! Zh'Skar in person! It turns out he will not disappear - they just love to Volanaro periodically play Jehan, since that, despite his gentle nature, almost do not understand the magic in magic, is the head of department of the Mages Guild in Broome. However, the fun they are already tired, and now they invent a new one. Leaving the pranksters and can report on the success of Lady Fransorik. The recommendations will be sent to the University in the near future.
Quite a common situation when Volanaro even after ten at night does not say anything sensible. This is a bug, do not panic, just sway somewhere else a few hours, the benefit in Broome has something to do with themselves, and then return to Altmer.

Now that we've got all the advice and talked to Raminusom Paulus, we need to further climb the stairs to get staff Guild magician, a symbol of the special situation.
According to Paulus, wood, from which made the staff is growing in the grove near the cave inexhaustible source to the east of the Imperial City. There we need to find Elettu Zahrashu and that will help us to do this.

Once in place and not finding anyone outside, go to the cave and do not have time to make a few steps before being attacked necromancer. Straightened with the attacker on the ground and find the corpse Zahrashi. Apparently, members of the Guild were attacked necromancers. Remove from the lifeless body hadzhitki key to the cave and move forward along the path of giving necromancers cuffs. Soon on our way there is a locked door, openable successfully found the key. On the street we meet three more necromancer. Bouncer with light and these. A little further, lies the body Eletty - unfortunately, it is also dead.
Nearby is illuminated on both sides of the magical flame stone chest containing a blank for the staff. Taking the tree and go to Raminusu drowsiness.
Having learned about the attack on the necromancers grove, he comes as a shock and announces its intention to discuss the situation with the Council. While the magician frays happened with colleagues, we should visit in Delmar Hironaziume engaged workpiece and its subsequent conversion to the staff of the magician. We are required to only choose the type of enchantment. The choice of three schools provided, each of which comprises three effects.
The destruction of fire, frost, electric shock
Illusion spells, paralysis, silence
Mysticism: Trap shower, telekinesis, deflation
Once we make a decision, Delmar says that he will take time to go and ask for the staff the next day. Waiting to come and pick up their handyman svezhesozdanuyu "magic wand".
Again, talk to Paulus, get promoted - now you're an expert.
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Since the Council clarifies the circumstances preceding the accident, and all the forces thrown into the investigation, people are sorely lacking. Raminus believes that here involved a book borrowed Count Skingrad Janus Gassildoru. Paulus assures us that he is very reticent man and get his audience will not be easy. Nevertheless, we need to pick up this book at the graph and return it to the owner.
Reaching Skingrad, go to the castle. Passing luxurious bridge with burning torches, go through the courtyard in the count room and, on the advice of Raminusa Paulus, looking butler. A native of Black Marsh Hal Lurz recommends that you contact a certain Mercator Hosidusu - he organizes such meetings.
He says that the graph categorically does not want to see, though aware of our arrival. However, the mediator promises to try to convince him to change his opinion. As you know, these things take time, because Hosidusu back to every other day.
At the next meeting of Mercator says that his efforts were crowned with success and, lowering his voice to a whisper, fix the time and place of the meeting: Count wants to take us two hours after midnight, to the north of the Cursed Mine.
At the appointed time, coming out of the west gate of the city and past the vineyards and Tamika Surili, we arrive at the venue. More can be seen from afar Hosidusa accompanied by two suspicious figures in robes necromancers. You can immediately attack Likhodeev, and you can listen to it first Mercator. He stated that they (the cult of necromancers, probably) will not allow the Guild to interfere in their affairs. Also villain assured that our body finds good use. Let them tear of emotion and begin to chop villains. In the midst of the battle of the bushes pops unexpected help - as it later turns out that he is Janus Gassildor, Count Skingrad vampire concurrently.
From a conversation with our ally, it follows that he had long known about the essence of Mercator, but did not want to take any action without knowing who at the same time with the major-domo. Janus angrily exclaims that never rub shoulders with necromancers and is not going to do that. Now it becomes clear that the Council has sent us here not for a book ...
Go back to the employer, and puts all the points over the i. Raminus apologetically explained that the real goal was to reconnoiter the situation in Skingrad. In recent years, relations with Gassildorom were quite unstable, and the Council began to worry that the graph can be involved in the affairs of necromancers.
But then, all is well that ends well. For merits obtain the title caster amulet Absorber Spells (absorption spells 15. Themselves) into the bargain.
This time Raminus Paulus broadcasts on Ayleid ruins south of Cheydinhal, which conducted a research project headed by Irlavom Giarole. Perhaps there are some interesting things inside, but the project manager is not enough time now, because he does not pay enough attention to the case.
Earle brings us up to date: argonianka Rocks engaged excavations, reported that the work stopped. After receiving the key to the ruins, go to Vahtasenu marked Irlavom on our map - to figure out the reasons for the suspension of work.
Outside Vahtasen is a typical cave, however, as we move, we will soon get out of the crumbling tunnels in Ayleid spacious hall. Wanders near the rock, already desperate to benefit from this event: on the way researchers should magical column, absolutely unpredictable reacting to use magic. Several magicians have already suffered from lightning strikes, hitting the column whenever magicians tried to cast a spell.
We get down to the bottom of the ruins and find DENEL, another researcher. He seems to have not lost hope. He believes that the writing on the wall must have something to do with the mysterious post. It turns out that the rocks have a book that might be useful. Pick up the girl and put them on that DENEL. He takes the book and invites us to read the writing on the plates, and he was using Ayleid text translated by them. As a result, we get the following picture: in the tables refers to the heat, cold, reducing magic, and its increase. Behind the back of the chest is an archaeologist with scrolls - where you can find almost everything that is required. In any case, save the game on a column kastuem fire, frost, rise and fall of magic. Seeing how open the passage to the next part of the ruins. Ducked inside, find a standard set of ruins - the traps and monsters are here in abundance. Finally, after going through a maze of catacombs, go out into the great hall and walk into the very depths. Walking up the stairs, we find the switch and activate the ladder in the center of the room. We rise and push another plate serving lever. Our eyes appears to ancient elven helmet, still rests in the container on this same platform. Taking the helm, kill another pack of liberated because of our actions and the undead back to the discovery of a cliff. She advises attributed cap Irlavu to thence magicians could become better acquainted with this ancient thing.
Access to the university of the Sacraments, we return headdress contented Irlavu Giarole. And talking to Raminusom Paulus, get a new gown and another increase - now we are the Witch.
The sequence cast spells, as described above, is required. Otherwise, run the risk of getting hit by lightning, and then have to start all over again.

To deal with the problem of necromancy, the Council need information about black soul gems, their origins, features and communication with necromancy. To start talk to Tar-Meena working in Mystic archive at the University of the Sacraments. That very tired, still would - she is studying necromancy day and night! No, it is not going to join the necromancers - it works on the orders of the Board, which are so necessary information. Woman assure that we have not come to torture her on the availability of information, and ask about the black soul gems. Tar-Meena recalls that in the book "Moon Necromancer" There are some interesting sketches. Argonianka kindly allow pick up a book lying on the table nearby.
Raminus Paulus, read the text, directs us to Botiel. That is here, in the waiting room. Elf, unfortunately, can not be of help, but note Falcarius (yes, the former chief of the Mages Guild Cheydinhal, caught necromancer), discovered after his departure could come in very handy. The note lists several places, and one of them, Black kink known drowsiness. The cave is located in the south of Cheydinhal, and east of the already known to us Vahtasena. Go there in order to find a connection with what we already know.
Upon arrival, we find the entrance to the cave altar. Now you can wait for the sea weather, ie cultist at the altar, and you can pay a visit to the cave and greet necromancer, loitering nearby, a clot of fire (cold / electricity - it all depends on the available range). Remove from the corpse of a note, tells us about the method of manufacturing the black stones and treat her Raminusu drowsiness, which we assign to celebrate the next rank - Magius.
Now we want to see himself Archmage Hannibal grass. Meet him, you can move through the portal of the Guild.
In the first case, the note does not necessarily take away, as you will see everything with my own eyes. However, it is recommended to use the second option, because the wait can be a necromancer at the altar until you're blue.
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From Mukianusa aliases, the informant in the ranks of necromancers, was long gone missing, and the Archmage Hannibal herbs fears that danger. Group battlemages with the intention to question the informant sent to Nenond Twilley, just south of the Imperial City, and where, according to the latest data, was transferred Mukianus. However, the grass fears that sorcerers do not breaking anything and did not take an ally of the enemy. Archmage instructs us to bring Mukianusa aliases University of Shadows intact.
Upon arrival at Nenond Twilley find Bosmer named Fitrager. Elf extremely excited and scared - he's the only survivors of the battle in the ruins. Necromancers deep into the ruins, and Fitrager takes us to the chase. However, he will pursue the enemy long: Elf headlong runs straight to the trap, which interrupts his life. Search Mukianusa be yourself ...
Descending into Nenond Riellesel Twilley, the lower part of the ruins, we meet some Marietta Riell. Necromancer broadcasts on the rule of the Order of the Black Worm, then we finish it.
There is nothing extraordinary in the ruins of no more than a standard pack already bored with necromancers.
Reaching the spacious hall, get rid of the enemies and push the block on the far wall. Opens our eyes and passage appears Mukianus aliases, or rather what it has now become - ruthless poor fellow necromancers turned into a zombie. Do we have for him can not do anything, and therefore return to archwizard and report. Although not everything went exactly as planned, Raminus Paulus assigns us the title of Sorcerer, and with it - free access to the apartments of the Council.
Count Skingrad Janus Gassildor claims that he has very important information. We have no choice but to personally visit a friend bloodsucker.
Arriving at the castle, talk to the butler Hal Lurz and wait for some time until it will report the count of our arrival. Gassildor met us and announces that he is ready to provide information in exchange for services. It seems we have no choice ...
Cave Bloody Cork that to the south-east of the city, has become a haven handful of vampires. This attracted a group of vampire hunters, who are currently in the city and looking for bloodsuckers. Count, of course, do not want to tempt fate, as well as get acquainted neither with those of any other. Is required of us a little bit - Janus wants hunters as quickly as possible left the city, and for this you need to vampires were destroyed (do not forget that most of the graph watering is not necessary).
After talking with the residents, you can see that the hunters stopped at the inn "Two Sisters", but Eridor, the ringleader, usually walks near the chapel Julianos. The other three also take up their positions: Shamar is the statue, Vontus - in the pasture, and Carsten - at the exit of the city, near the castle.
We have several options available to the passage of this quest.
First option:
You can go into the cave and personally kill all vampires, and then come to Eridoru and show him the ashes of the murdered, after which the hunters gather belongings and leave the city.
The second option:
Eridoru inform about the whereabouts of bloodsuckers and humbly wait until hunting a gang or come to the cave. Joint efforts overcomes the enemy. If the hunters were killed during the battle - do not worry, because in fact they left the city, except that vampires have now to finish alone.
If the fighter monsters remained alive, we will have to expel them from the city by force, because they themselves are in no hurry to do so. It is best to kill them at the exit of the cave - the enforcers are not near.
Anyway, both of these problems are eliminated, and we go to the graph. Gassildor now ready to share with us the news. It turns out that in Cyrodiil back old and very powerful necromancer - the famous King of Hearts Mannimarco! Villain settled somewhere in the north of Cyrodiil and wants to destroy the Mages Guild! Given the still and the fact that many members of the Guild defected to his side, a good little.
Go back to Traven and retell what they heard. Archmage take time out to think things through. We can do is wait patiently ...
After waiting a couple of days, we go to visit the archmage. Hannibal herbs asks us to go to Broome, because the last few days there have been no news of Jehan Fransorik. The old man feared for the girl, which is understandable in light of recent events.
Having reached Broome, heading to the building of the Guild, and going inside, we understand that the Archmage worried for good reason - on the Guild was attacked. The building is on fire, the premises wandering undead ... sneaks into the room and find there Jehan Necromancer Kamil Lolly. Bouncer merzavki of spirit, and there appears to our eyes Zh'Skar, the same hajj he loved Napara Volanaro fool Fransorik. Practicing spells of illusion, at one time had great fun pranksters, this time saved Khajiit life - invisible Zh'Skar was not seen henchmen Mannimarco. However, Hagi says that the necromancer looked him straight in the eyes and smiled. Also, the cat heard the sorcerer mentioned cave Echo. To tell all that he had seen Zh'Skar runs away, intending to get to the University of the Sacraments. Following his example - we have something to tell archwizard. After talking with Traven should look to Raminusu Paulus - we rose to the title of the Wizard. Paulus also teach us a new spell - Rage sorcerer.
The spell "Rage sorcerer" - level.

Hannibal herbs shocked: Council split. Moreover, Earle Giarole and Karanja who left the University, took with them, ostensibly for a more in-depth study of ancient artifacts created by the King of Worms: Amulet of the Necromancer helmet and earthworms. Since we can not allow the return of the relics in the hands of the enemy, we need to find colleagues and return the artifacts to the University.
Karanja, insisted on the withdrawal of the amulet Necromancer is now in Fort Ontuse, far to the west of the city. Go there.
Making his way through the maze of the fort, we meet a lot of friendly magicians - a good sign that the Necromancers have not yet reached Karan and amulet.
At a meeting Karanja very glad to see us, but something is wrong ... Inside hanging tapestries with the symbol of the Order of the Black Worm, decaying flesh decomposed into a kind of altars ... It seems our friend to the side of the enemy. And she was glad to see us just because erroneously decided that we had to conclude a cooperation agreement. As soon as the mention of the locket, she attacks. Kill the traitor and remove from her body amulet Necromancer.
On the way back, all the magicians that affably smiled at us now, dressed in robes of necromancers, make every effort to deprive the person of our life.
After leaving the fort, return the amulet archwizard. Poor guy just has not sufficed infarction after we told about betrayal - still, Karanja has been one of the most trusted advisers grass. Leave the old man with his grief - we still have unfinished business.
The sequence of the return of artifacts is not important - it is possible to go for the first helmet.
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Magee led by Irlava Giarole visor earthworms and retired to Fort Teleman order to better study the artifact. Fort is located in the north-east of Leyaviina.
Upon arrival and stepped into the darkness of the ruins immediately encounter the minions of the Order of the Black Worm. So, we still missed ... chop villains weapons and abundantly watered their various spells in our arsenal. Go to the lower level of the fort - the Order of the Black Rose.
Sooner or later, we finally reach the goal - the motionless body Irlava Giarole lies in a ravine deep in the ruins. Fortunately, the helmet with him. Taking the discovery and leave the fort.
Hannibal herbs thanks us for their labors, and Raminus Paulus increases in rank. From now on you - Master Magician.
The sequence of the return of artifacts is not important.

Recently, necromancers busy making black soul gems. Hannibal Traven most interested in a unique black stone created in ruins Silorn that the south-east of Skingrad. There was sent a detachment of battle mages, which we have to lead. Stone should be confiscated and taken to the University before the fall into the hands Mannimarco.
Go to Silorn and meet on the outskirts of the ruins of the squad mates. Three combat mage - sparsely ... Talfin, one of the Magi, says that the door to the ruins imposed some spells, and get inside because there is no way. We can only wait for the necromancers did not crawl out themselves. Apparently, they will do it soon enough.
We have an opportunity to place our comrades in places according to their abilities. Once they take the position, go to the entrance of Silorn, near which there are two in the post necromancer. If you can become invisible, take a potion or spell kastuem. Our way unnoticed as close as possible to the door - there will soon come out Falcarius accompanied by another necromancer. As soon as possible kill a former colleague, as it is a stone at it, straightened with other fanatics and our way to the University of the Sacraments.
You can try to steal the stone, which is somewhat easier battle, because Falcarius, seeing us, jerk back to the shelter.
You need to make every effort to quickly kill Falcarius, because otherwise he will run back to the door and hide again in ruins. If it did happen, there is nothing left but to go for it - a long journey through the ruins, as well as meetings with other necromancers.
Also, after the assassination of Falcarius us interested Dark Brotherhood.

Hannibal herbs gives us one final task - it is necessary to overcome the most Mannimarco. Archmage confident that with the help of the huge stone shower we become insensitive to the King of Worms attempts to enslave us. Giving final instructions and promises to give the Guild in our hands, grass commits suicide, thus placing his soul to stone. Taking the stone shower and go to the cave Echo to meet there face to face with himself the leader of the Necromancers. The caves are located in the north-west of Broome. At the entrance we were met by one of the subjects Mannimarco, Bolor Savel, ready to die for his master. We provide this service to him and remove the key from the body of the cave.
Dungeons quite extensive, we still have a long way to go and destroy a lot of necromancers and undead, before meeting the King of Hearts.
Finally, we find ourselves in front of the door to the cave necromancer. Spotted our person, Mannimarco tolknёt little speech and recognizes that expected to see the grass. Quickly consoled himself with the thought that we may not be less useful than the late archmage Guild, The King of Hearts attacks. All his efforts and the efforts of fiasco, because we are protected by stone with the soul of Hannibal Traven. However, keep in mind: the dagger against the enemy and strikes creatures caused the King of Hearts, stone powerless. Kill the main villain and remove from the corpse Staff of Worms, with which you can briefly revive the body of defeated enemies, ready to fight on our side.
However mock corpses we still have time: now we need to return to the University and talk to Raminusom Paulus. He is very pleased with our return. It turned out, old Hannibal before his death left a note in order to avoid possible misunderstandings. Raminus found her and willingly sent notices to all branches of the Guild that we have become the head of the guild. Accept congratulations and robe and hood Archmage.
In addition to the peaceful enjoyment of the premises by all Guild at our disposal altars located in the chambers of Archmage and a magic chest, the appointment of which you can learn from Mrs. Fanis in Lustratoriume.
Also there is an opportunity to travel to one of the disciples of the magician.
Collect ingredients
Raminus Paulus says that Julienne Fanis has long helped archwizard Traven, who liked to use your spare time to manufacture potions assembly alchemical ingredients. Find a girl can be in Lustratoriume.
Julien tell you that in order to satisfy the needs of the grass, she enchanted chest, located in our new apartment. Once a week, it is possible to put the ingredients, and the next day they will be twice as much. However, what remains in the trunk more than a week, will be destroyed.
Unfortunately, it works only with ingredients enchantment.

Expulsion from the Mages Guild
If you break one of the rules of the Mages Guild, you expel from the organization. To restore its position, it will be necessary to provide the Guild service.
If you are found guilty of theft, Paulus require 20 flowers dragon language and 20 flowers redvorta.
If you are banished for murder, will have to run in search of 20 Daedra hearts, as well as 20 pinches of dust vampire.
Once all that is needed to be collected, you rehabilitate.
On the second occasion you persecute again. If there is a desire - can be rehabilitated again, doing the job to find the ingredients in accordance with the offense. Once you have given the necessary Paulus, you are reinstated, but warned that if anything - banish forever.
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