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5-04-2015, 14:41

Oblivion Fighters Guild Walkthrough

oblivion fighters guild walkthrough

Fighters Guild acts as an intermediary: it contracts, to perform a given task, which requires certain skills guild members. If you are able, at a meeting with the "bad guys" to surprise them with a sword or ax - your path lies in the Fighters Guild.
Stringent requirements for the guild members do not. It can start even a character with a bad reputation. In general, it seems that in the guild like to hire people with "bad" reputation. To join the Fighters Guild your Infamy score (Bulletin of shame) (calculated on the basis of award designated for your head) should be less than 100. Despite the fact that the decrease Infamy score you can not, you can balance their glasses Fame (Fame) who will receive during quests.
When you become a member of the guild, no one will pay attention to your behavior, as long as you do not come into conflict with one of the members of the guild. Stealing from his fellow shop is punishable by expulsion from the fraternity of fighters, if the thief was caught. In the case of an attack on one of the brothers-in-arms, the offender snapped up all the other members of the guild. However, in some cases, the fight will begin immediately. Initially, you may be given a warning (this option is provided for those times when you need to try the company aggressive types). Warnings will appear after each of the first two shocks. After the third your opponent will respond to you and to engage in combat.
If you have been excluded from the guild, you can apply for re-admission to the Gildmasteru Vilena Donton. As a correctional setting, it will direct you to the correctional mission: to collect 20 skins of black and brown bears, which can be found in the wastes or caves. If you are the guilty again, it will give you one last chance - to collect twenty horns minotaur. After the third act you forever excluded from the guild.
Division of the Fighters Guild in every city in Cyrodiil, but to join in and start doing quests you can in only three of them. You can talk to the guild master Vilena Donton (on the top floor of the Fighters Guild in Chorrol), Azzan (on the top floor of the guild in the Anvil), or Burz gro-Khash (second floor of guild Cheydinhal, but he likes to wander around the building and may even be in the basement).
Fighters Guild ranks:
oblivion fighters guild rank

If you meet the requirements of the guild, you are asked whether you want to join and, after confirmation, you are assigned a rank of Associate.
After joining, you will immediately get a lot of advantages: a place to sleep in any city, +10 Disposition (ratio) for all guild members can take any weapon that is available in the room guild.
And, of course, you can earn a gold and glory, completing quests. If you talk to Donton, you can ask her to give you a recommendation for work on Burz gro-Khash or Azzan. If you have already said before that one of them, then just ask for a contract.
If you meet the requirements of the guild, you are asked whether you want to join and, after confirmation, you are assigned a rank of Associate.
After joining, you will immediately get a lot of advantages: a place to sleep in any city, +10 Disposition (ratio) for all guild members can take any weapon that is available in the room guild.
And, of course, you can earn a gold and glory, completing quests. If you talk to Donton, you can ask her to give you a recommendation for work on Burz gro-Khash or Azzan. If you have already said before that one of them, then just ask for a contract.
The order of quests can vary slightly, during the game, but the overall structure remains unchanged: after every second or third quest, you will be sent to the champion Modryn Oreyn, which will give you a special task. Usually it involves winning back the role of the police guild or "cleaner", a person performs all sorts of dubious task. (By the end of the nature of jobs will change and you will become something of an independent specialist for special assignments). Ultimately, the task will relate to the increased activity of Blackwood Company, which is trying to oust the Fighters Guild of their business.
Successfully completing quests will reward obtaining new ranks. Upon reaching the rank Guildmaster (Guild Master) you will be able to take over the leadership of the guild. Quests are best in the same order as you get them. To start the quests, you should visit Azzan in Anvil or Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal. Quests each of them follow each other, but once you decide the order in which they will perform.
oblivion walkthrough

The problem with rats, Anvil Fighters Guild
This quest is not what you thought. Someone or something is killing rats in the basement Arvena Thelas's. And Thelas, who lives down the street from GB Anvil'a wants it to stop. She loves rats, it was her pets. To get this quest, talk to Azzan about contracts. After getting the job, head to the house Arvena Thelas. Talk to the lady of the house and go down to the basement.
There you will discover a fantastic spectacle - a mountain lion attacking rats. But as the animal fell into the closed city? Kill the lion and return to the hostess.
Killing a lion with a report back to Thelas. It will express the fear that after the first lion may follow the second and ask you to find a hunter named Penarus Inventius, who will be able to solve this problem. Hunter will tell you the location of the compass. Most often, it is in your home, on the street straight down, although sometimes goes hunting in the wasteland. Hunter, he is very original, without onion, but in full armor and two-handed sword.
Inventius will be very surprised to hear about the mountain lion in Anvil. However, he agrees to take you to one of their dens in the wastelands, where he saw these giant cats last time. Hunter answer you hill, north-west of the city (by the way, this is where you can find it, if the house is empty). Having reached the ridge of stones on the south side of the road, he will tell you that the lions are hiding here and that they are not more than four. In both cases he is right. In close proximity you will have two lions, two more will be on the far side of the ridge.
When the battle with lions over, come back to Thelas. However, its problems on this end. Once again hosting a lion in her basement. When you kill him and return to her, she had already developed his theory of what is happening. Suspicions hostess fall on her neighbor Quill-Weave, she did not notice the time sneaking around her house at night. He asks you to follow her. At 8 o'clock in the evening take a position in the backyard that you will not be seen. It is best to hide in the bushes on the west side of the yard.
Soon you will see how a woman argonianka sneaks through the east entrance, and leaves in the middle of the yard a piece of meat. Be careful! If you notice it, it will not leave the proof of the crime.
When the journal should also be recorded, talk to Quill-Weave. She will tell you that the meat had planned to lure the rats on the street, where they would be killed the guards. Hearing about mountain lions, intrusa would be horrified and will plead not give her. If you keep it a secret - she agrees to teach you the acrobatics.
If you honestly tell Thelas, you get the standard monetary reward as a mercenary Fighters Guild (this will bring you to the next level in the guild) and the opportunity to learn the skills of eloquence. If you say that the Quill-Weave privy to what is happening, you'll only get the gold, because Thelas will suspect that you have been with her to the end frank. What to do - you decide.
Quill-Weave will not give you the promised reward as long as you do not report to Thelas. After that, you can find her at home (a second home to the west of the house Thelas) and wait for her appearance on the street, or pick the lock and get inside. Unfortunately, if you fail podgadat time, you can wait for it for a long time, because the seventh day of each month she visits her friend Casta Scribonia in Chorrol.
In any case, at the end of the quest you need to go back to the Guild Azzan. Ask him about the new rank or the next contract. And be sure to ask about the latest rumors.
An unsuccessful trader, Anvil Fighters Guild
This is a common, but very difficult mission for the Protection of the store. Norbert Lelles, which contains a shop Lelles's Quality Merchandise in Anvil, recently the victim of hacking. Your task - to be on duty in the store all night to intercept the thieves. To fulfill this mission, you will need a minimum knowledge of Anvil, because without them, you will not be able to make full use of the compass. Guild is located in a residential area, store in a separate commercial area, near the docks.
Go to the back door to the store Lelles'a. The owner informed of your arrival, so leave the door open. He has no idea as to who might be suspected of a crime. He does not even know how thieves get into his shop. After Lelles tell you everything he knows, he will travel to Flowing Bowl, giving you care about your business.
Three thieves come, breaking the front door, between 23.00 and 4.00 hours. Duel with them will be no easy task. Despite the fact that each of them is of particular strength, the situation is complicated by the fact that they occur substantially simultaneously. Ideally, it is best to use a spell to bring them out of action for a while and kill one. If you're not friends with magic, it is recommended to retreat back to the stairs so that they attack you one by one.
When all three are dead, go to the Flowing Bowl and talk to Lelles, which says that all three of his former trusted servants. We can assume that this key to their success, because all three had the keys. If you linger in the store until the morning, you can profitably sell Exodus thieves.
More jobs for you at no Azzan. If it were your first quest in the Fighters Guild, you can go to Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal Department guild. If you started with Cheydinhal, then you will be sent to Vilena Donton, and then to Modryn Oreyn for the first quest.
walkthrough for oblivion

Abandoned mines, Fighters Guild Cheydinhal
This will be your first contract, if you start working with assignments gro-Khash in Cheydinhal, or third, if you gave the first Azzan in Anvil. Eternally grumpy gro-Khash wants you to take a bow, hammer and sword three unarmed members of the Guild in the Desolate Mine, located north-west of the city. A little bit of trouble with inventory, a short walk, light conversation, and if done correctly, a big fight with the goblins. The road to the mine - a short-lived, near the entrance you can wait for one or two goblins and other creatures. Once inside, talk to Rienna.
She will ask you to bow and submit to distribute remaining weapons among their friends and Elidor Brag gro-Bharg. Each of them has their own preferences. Give High Elven sword and hammer - orc. These three were sent here to destroy goblins living in the mine.
You will be asked to help these three in their difficult task. Mine is swarming with Goblins, but fight with them is not a difficult task. Please note that in case of death of each of the team members is your reward will decrease by 20 percent, in addition to the guild will spread alarming rumors about a large number of deaths among those with whom you have been on the same team. If your companions will remain alive, then your credibility in the guild will be much higher.
When you perform this task, you will have two ways. If you have not completed the task in Anvil, gro-Khash send you there. Otherwise, you will be asked to go to Vilena Donton in Chorrol, for the following quests.
In addition, you can ask you to assign a rank of Apprentice, if completed one quest or Journeyman, if all three quests.
Discharge of duties
To get the next quest, you must first perform the first quests to Azzan and Burz gro-Khash. After that, you should talk to Vilena Donton in Chorrol'e which will explain the problem and guild rules adopted it.
oblivion fighters guild

Unfinished Business, Fighters Guild Chorrol
However, the job you will receive from Modryn Oreyn. You'll find it right here in the building of the guild. Talk to him and he will give you the first task. You will need to find Maglir'a, a new member of the guild, who was sent on a mission in Skingrad. However, he failed, and now you need to find out what happened to him. You will find Maglir'a Tavern West Weld, in Skingrad.
During the conversation, it turns out that his task was to return blog Brenus Astis's from Fallen Rock Cave. However, during the execution of this task he faced the dangers that did not correspond to the level of danger. Talk to him, and Maglir gladly concede you this contract.
Fallen Rock Cave is located near Skingrad. But do not rush headlong to it. Maglir knowingly refused the job. The cave-crawling crawling with the undead. If your level is passed for 24, then get ready to do battle with liches and other powerful creatures.
You will need to go through the dungeon to the far cave. On the plan shows the most optimal way. Blog is in the far waterlogged grotto. As the destruction of the spirits do not forget to pick up ectoplasm from their bodies, it is useful to you in the next quest.
Taking the diary, you can return to Magliru or go directly to Oreynu. If you come to visit Maglira first, then you will have the opportunity to report to the guild, he got the magazine itself, without your help. Thus, you will help a young member of the guild. And though that you have hidden failure Maglira immediately crawl rumors Oreyn will count you the job.
Drunk and unemployed, Fighters Guild Chorrol
It was learned that three members of the Fighters Guild cause a lot of anxiety in the town of Leyawiin. You requested to find out what is happening there. Arriving in town, you will find them in the tavern Five Claws Lodge.
These three name Dubok gro-Shagk, Rellian and Vantus Prelius. In the tavern, everything turned upside down, and the owner pleads save him from violent visitors, festooned with weapons from head to toe.
After talking with them, you will know what they are drinking is not just. They drink on occasion. Insidious Blackwood Company thrust them out of business, and they were out of work. All three are set quite friendly and very worried about the events that became known Oreynu. They ask you to find him a new job, to have something to earn a living.
The search for the employer will be short-lived. Talk to any of the locals, and it will send you to the house Margarte, the hostess is looking for a long time employees. However, keep in mind the ratio of residents to you must be at least 40.
Margarte you find any in her house, or strolling through the streets of the city. It will tell you what has long been looking for a strong guys that supplied to its Minotaur horns or teeth ogre.
True she agreed immediately. Margarte is hesitating whom to trust her Blackwood Company or the Fighters Guild. However, the five parts of ectoplasm to convince her to accept your offer. Ectoplasm can be taken from the body of the slain spirit or ghost, or buy in the alchemical store. After Margarte get ectoplasm, it will take over the work of your brawlers. Go to them and please guys this news.
And then return to Oreynu and report on the successful implementation of this task. More jobs from him yet. But there is a new rank Swordsman, if you talk to him about the increase. To continue to go Azzan'u or gro-Khash'u.
By the way, if you come back in a few days in the Five Claws, you will see that in the tavern restored order. Satisfied Margarte will in the future to buy from you minotaur horns or teeth ogre 500 gold each.
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