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25-03-2015, 13:04

Map of Skyrim

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Skyrim - northern region of Tamriel, it is the most rugged territory on the continent. Here are the five highest peaks Tamrielic, including mountain, known as the Throat of the World (which is also one of the "Towers" of Tamriel and is known as the Tower of Snow Throat). Throat of the World is the second largest mountain in Tamriel after the Red Mountains and the highest peak in Skyrim. On top of this hill is the High Hrothgar, inhabited by a tribe of wise Greybeards willing to achieve harmony with the voice of heaven.
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In the west, snow-capped mountains of Skyrim replaced canyons and mountains Rich. Among the mountains of Skyrim, from north to south are cut by deep valleys, where most of the population lives. Region of the province, from the tundra to the snow-capped volcanic deserts and very heterogeneous. In river valleys farmers manage to collect diverse crops while high in the mountains can be found only snowberry bushes.
In the depths of the forest thickets Skyrim can find iron tree wood which is durable as metal. The first settlements of the Nords were usually built on rocky cliffs overlooking the river valley. Many of these villages have been preserved in the most secluded estates. Now most of the towns and villages located on the bottom of the valleys, and in the mountains you can still find the picturesque ruins of earlier settlements Nords and even gnomes.
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Skyrim territory is divided into nine domains, each with a different population, culture and politics. Most are isolated old possessions, such as Winterhold, Eastmarch, Rift, and the Pale, who are still committed to the old traditions of the Nords, while others are more open. In nine possessions Skyrim different people, governance and trade. Rich can be taken as one of the tiny kingdoms of High Rock - it is full of Breton, Redguard, Imperial, Elves of all stripes, and even for some new Khajiit. In turn, the isolated old possessions strangers - rare visitors, except once a year, will call hawker. Deep winter boys for a few days go high into the mountains and hunt there on the ice ghosts - it allows them to be called full-fledged citizens. Here people honor their hereditary chiefs, while others choose fashionable possessions ruling meeting.
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