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27-03-2015, 15:10

Dragon Priest Masks

Skyrim Dragon Priest Masks

Traveling through the ancient ruins of Skyrim, you will sooner or later stumble on sarcophagi, in which lie the remains of the ancient powerful nordskih priests who worshiped when he was the dragons. A force associated with the appearance of dragons in Skyrim, priests awakens from a deep sleep. Every priest is a special mask that grant the wearer great power. You can take these masks with fallen priests and put on his hero.
Finding all the masks is quite a challenge. Some of them are found in the process of passing the College of Winterhold and the main plot, so be prepared for that job with masks can be one of the last that you will perform. But finding all the masks is only half the story.

Skyim Dragon Priests Masks

After finding one or more masks, you can visit the ancient location Labirintian, which had for the priests of the Cult of the Dragon particular importance. Near the entrance to the Labyrinth Shalidora is low round structure that resembles a dragon hill or mound. Go inside and walk up to the ruined altar with a dragon's head, skeletal remains, notes and wooden masks. Read the note.

Skyim Dragon Priest Mask

From wooden masks comes a strange energy. If you wear a mask outside the mound, then nothing will happen. However, if you make it next to the altar, all covered with darkness. When darkness will vanish, you will find that you are in the same place, but at other times. Next will be all the same altar, but it will look pristine and clean. You in the sanctuary Bromunara.
On the altar you will see eight busts, one for each of the eight dragon priests. Activate the altar, and the mask will take its place. Once you put all eight masks, dragon head that stands in the middle, slightly open and expose new gold mask. You can take the mask with the others, if you wish. If you want to go back now, simply remove the wooden masks.

Dragon Priest Masks Locations Map

Skyim Location of Dragon Priest Masks

Dragon Priest Masks

Skyim Dragon Priest Mask MapSkyim Dragon Priest Mask Map
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