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29-03-2015, 16:50

Skyrim Dragon Shouts

Skyrim Dragon Shouts

To learn dragon shouts, you must first find the Words of Power, from which these cries and composed. The easiest way to learn the Word of force - to find the walls of words. In this section, written instructions to finding all the walls and the translation of the text on them. Please note that not all words can be found on the walls - some are studied in the process of passing certain tasks.

Detailed map of the dragon shouts

skyrim words of power locationsskyrim words of power locations

Cry: skyrim dragon shout
Title shout: Friendship with animals
Words of Power: RAAN, MIR, TAH
Translation Words of Power: Animal, Dedication, Pack
Description: A cry for help addressed to the wild creatures, and they come to fight by your side.
Recharge: 50, 60, 70
Location: 1 - Angarvund (Rift). Specifying issued madrassas draenei. 2 - Proceedings of the Ancients (possession Falkreath). Dragon's Lair. 3 - Tomb Ysgramor (possession Winterhold). Companions Quest "Last duty."

Cry: shouts in skyrim
Title shout: Whisper aura
Words of Power: LAAS, YAH, NIR
Translation Words of Power: Life, Search, Hunting
Description: Your voice does not scream, but a whisper, showing you the vital currents of all.
Recharge: 30, 40, 50
Location: 4 - The top of the North Wind (Rift). Dragon's Lair. 5 - Valtum (limit). Dragon's Lair priest. Setting the "evil slumbers." 6 - Volundrud (White Beach). Dark Brotherhood Quest "Last duty." Setting the "Silence of language."

Cry: all skyrim shouts
Title shout: Juggernaut
Words of Power: FUS, RO, DAH
Translation Words of Power: Power, Balance, Push
Description: Your Voice - the center of power, on his way he pushes everything.
Recharge: 12, 20, 45
Location: 7 - Windy Peak (possession Whiterun). Setting the main story "Windy Peak." Side quests "Golden Claw". 8 - High Hrothgar (Spoken Whiterun). Setting the main story "The Way of the Voice". During the course of the job will be immediately learned two words.

Cry: dragon shout skyrim
Title shout: Incorporeity
Words of Power: FEIM, ZII, GRON
Translation Words of Power: Disappearance, Soul, Relationship
Description: Thu'um reaches the Void, changing your form so that no you can not do harm to anyone, or anyone - to you.
Recharge: 20, 30, 40
Location: 9 - Iron Mound (possession Winterhold). 10 - Lost Valley Redoubt (limit). 11 - Ustengrev (Hyalmark). Setting the main story "Horn of Jurgen."

Cry: all shouts skyrim
Title shout: Voice cast
Words of Power: ZUL, MEY, GUT
Translation Words of Power: Voice, Fool, Far Away
Description: Thu'um heard, but its source is unknown, and heard him start to search.
Recharge: 30, 15, 5
Location: 12 - The two-headed peak (White Beach). Dragon's Lair priest. Dragon's Lair. All three words are on the same wall.

Cry: all the shouts in skyrim
Title shout: Stormy call
Words of Power: STRUN, BAH, QO
Translation Words of Power: Storm, Anger, Lightning
Description: Scream shakes the heavens and awakens the destructive power of lightning Skyrim.
Recharge: 300, 480, 600
Location: 13 - Forelhost (Rift). Dragon's Lair priest. 14 - High Gate Ruins (White Beach). Dragon's Lair priest. - Skuldafn (a plan). Dragon's Lair priest. Setting the main story "House of Peace Eater".

Cry: where to find shouts in skyrim
Title shout: Dragonkiller
Words of Power: JOOR, ZAH, FRUL
Translation Words of Power: Death, Narrow Minded, Temporary
Description: Your vote affects the very soul of the dragon, causing the monster land.
Recharge: 10, 12, 15
Location: All three words are studied during the passage of the main storyline task "Curse Alduin."

Cry: shout in skyrim
Title shout: Slowing down time
Words of Power: TIID, KLO, UL
Translation Words of Power: Time, Sand, Eternity
Description: Creek makes time to obey the order, and everything freezes.
Recharge: 30, 45, 60
Location: 15 - Witch socket (limit). Generated task Dark Brotherhood "Weak luck." 16 - Korvanyund (White Beach). Setting the Civil War "Scalloped crown." 17 - Labirintian (Hyalmark). Dragon's Lair priest. Setting the College of Winterhold "Staff of Magnus."

Cry: shouts on skyrim
Title shout: Call of Valor
Words of Power: HUUN, KAAL, ZOOR
Translation Words of Power: Hero, Defender, Legend
Description: Valiant hero Sovngarde hear your voice, and neither space nor time will not prevent him to come to your aid.
Recharge: 180, 180, 180
Location: All three words are studied after finishing the story.

Cry: skyrim all shout
Title shout: Call of the Dragon
Words of Power: OD, AH, VIING
Translation Words of Power: Snow, Hunter, Wing
Description: Odaving! Hear my voice and come. I urge you in the hour of need.
Recharge: 5, 5, 300
Location: All three words are studied during the passage of the main storyline task "Fallen".

Cry: what are all the shouts in skyrim
Title shout: Fright
Words of Power: FAAS, RU, MAAR
Translation Words of Power: Fear, Escape, Horror
Description: And be afraid of the weaknesses of this Thu'um, and rush to flee in terror.
Recharge: 40, 45, 50
Location: 18 - An old woman rock (limit). Daedra Princes Quest "Shards former glory." 19 - Labirintian (Hyalmark). In the maze Shalidora. 20 - Height bitten off Language (Rift). Dragon's Lair.

Cry: where are the shouts in skyrim
Title shout: Ice form
Words of Power: IIZ, SLEN, NUS
Translation Words of Power: Ice, Flesh, Statue
Description: Your Thu'um turns the enemy into a block of ice.
Recharge: 60, 90, 120
Location: 21 - The Crypt Frostmir (White Beach). Quest "Pale Lady". 22 - Mount ANTOR (possession Winterhold). Dragon's Lair. 23 - Saartal (possession Winterhold). Setting the College of Winterhold "In the depths of Saarthal." Side quests "Forbidden Legend".

Cry: elder scrolls skyrim shouts
Title shout: World Kin
Words of Power: KAAN, DREM, OV
Translation Words of Power: Kin, World, Confidence
Description: Voice soothes wild beasts, they do not want to not fight or flee.
Recharge: 40, 50, 60
Location: 24 - Ragnvald (limit). Dragon's Lair priest. 25 - Abode Rannveyg (possession Whiterun). 26 - Funeral Mound Fire (Rift). Setting the "Wilhelm Scream".

Cry: skyrim shouts guide
Title shout: Frosty breath
Words of Power: FO, KRAH, DIIN
Translation Words of Power: Frost, Cold, Freezing
Description: Your breath - it's winter, your Thu'um - a blizzard.
Recharge: 30, 50, 100
Location: 27 - Bone comb (Eastmarch). Dragon's Lair. 28 - Folguntur (Hyalmark). Side quests "Forbidden Legend". 29 - Altar of Heaven begotten (Hyalmark). Dragon's Lair.

Cry: shouts for skyrim
Title shout: Fire Breath
Words of Power: YOL, TOOR, SHUL
Translation Words of Power: Fire, Flame, Sun
Description: Inhale and exhale air fire - this Thu'um flame itself.
Recharge: 30, 50, 100
Location: 30 - The ancient cairn (possession Whiterun). Companions Quest "Test of Valor." 31 - Separation Gorge (possession Falkreath). 32 - Throat of the World (possession Whiterun). Setting the main story "Throat of the World."

Cry: the elder scrolls v skyrim shouts
Title shout: Disarmament
Words of Power: ZUN, HAAL, VIIK
Translation Words of Power: Weapons, Hand, Defeat
Description: Steel is subject to this cry - you pull up the weapons from the hands of the enemy.
Recharge: 30, 35, 40
Location: 33 - The peak of the Ancients (Hyalmark). Dragon's Lair. 34 - Silver lair (White Beach). 35 - The Snow Veil - Sanctuary (possession Winterhold). Thieves Guild Quest "Conversation with silence."

Cry: all shouts in skyrim locations
Title shout: Death warrant
Words of Power: KRII, LUN, AUS
Translation Words of Power: Murder, Exhaustion, Suffering
Description: Speak, and let your voice be the messenger of evil fate, for weakening the vital forces of the enemy and his defense.
Recharge: 20, 30, 40
Location: 36 - Autumn watchtower (Rift). Dragon's Lair. 37 - Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (possession Falkreath). 38 - The Forgotten Cave (White Beach). Side quests "White bottle."

Cry: shouts locations
Title shout: Rapid spurt
Words of Power: WULD, NAH, KEST
Translation Words of Power: Vortex, Rage, Storm
Description: Thu'um rushes forward, carrying you along with the speed of the vortex.
Recharge: 30, 40, 50
Location: 39 - Upokoische (Hyalmark). Setting the Bards College "incinerate!". 40 - High Hrothgar (possession Whiterun). Setting the main story "The Way of the Voice". 41 - Volskigge (Haafingar). Dragon's Lair priest.

Cry: dovahkiin shouts
Title shout: Elemental fury
Words of Power: SU, Grah, DUN
Translation Words of Power: Air, Battle, Grace
Description: Thu'um gives your hands the wind speed, enabling faster strike weapon.
Recharge: 30, 40, 50
Location: 42 - Crater Dragon Tooth (limit). Dragon's Lair. 43 - Kilkrit - Ruins (Haafingar). Daedra Princes Quest "Dawn dawn." 44 - Bastion Crying Wind (possession Falkreath).

Cry: dovahkiin shout
Title shout: Clear Sky
Words of Power: LOK, VAH, Koor
Translation Words of Power: Sky, Spring, Summer
Description: Skyrim itself subject to the same Thu'um - the mist clears and the weather becomes clear.
Recharge: 5, 10, 15
Location: All three words are studied during the passage of the main storyline task "Throat of the World."
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