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30-03-2015, 15:03

How to Buy a House in Skyrim

how to buy a house in skyrim

Buying a Home
Tired of the constant battles with dragons and other animals, you can gain a foothold in every major city in Skyrim as a full citizen. This will help you buy one of the homes offered for sale.
However, you can not just lay down to the palace of the governor with a huge bag of gold and require housing. First you need to win the confidence. Talk to the Jarl of the city and a number of his assignments, earning himself the right to purchase the home. In some cases, if you do not have enough money for the purchase, you will take a smaller amount. For the two houses in the table indicates the minimum and maximum value.

Additional conditions
After buying a house, you can leave it in the current environment state (with an empty room, covered with cobwebs in the corners) or to talk to the manager and buy something else. Each house include a manual, which describes all of the additional purchase, and you can easily figure out what you should take and what is not.
In addition to the usual furniture and other decorative items are available for purchase altars enchantments, alchemical tables, racks for weapons, mannequins, showcases, chests, bookcases and more.

buying a house in skyrim

Located in Whiterun near the entrance to the city and adjacent to the gun shop, house warm winds are the most affordable property that you can buy in the game. The house is but the smallest among the five existing houses, and it does not find a place for the Altar of Enchantment. However, places to store things in it more than the honey cake and a tall spire. In addition, many players probably will appreciate the alchemical bag that appears to the alchemical table after purchasing additional furnishings for the house and located within walking distance from the house with a melting forge.

best house to buy in skyrim

Honey cake is a two-storey house, located in the northwestern neighborhood rift. The house is small, but much more at home in the warm wind Whiterun. One of the unique features of this house is that it can be accessed from both the city and through the entrance of the city walls, which is an obvious benefit for the vampire characters. The house is also unique in its own small garden with a lot of useful plants and ingredients, which appears in the course of the modernization of the house. Given the close proximity to the city alchemical shop, home is also convenient and characters alchemist. The disadvantage of a home is the smallest among all the other houses the number of chests and other storage spaces. After all the improvements in the house will alchemy lab, altar charm and tanning machine.

skyrim cheap house

Tall spire is adjacent to Bard College in Solitude. Undoubtedly, it is the most expensive and posh mansions that can be purchased, but the functionality is inferior houses of other cities. Unique in the house is safe. The same can be found only in the chambers of the Archmage in the College of Winterhold.

skyrim house buying guide

Herim is located in the northwest corner of Windhelm. It is the largest of the house in the game, with the largest number of mannequins, showcases, stands for weapons and shields. The house has a secret room with the altar located there enchantment and alchemy table. To purchase this house, you will need to complete the first part of the job "Blood on the ice."

buying houses in skyrim

Vlindrell Manor Hall towers over Marquart in the north-eastern tip. The house is spacious and executed, as well as all the other rooms of the city, in the dwarven style. After improvements in the house appear dried plants, showcases, mannequin and an alchemy lab to the altar enchantment. A feature of this home is the largest number of seats allocated for books. All you can place on three adjacent racks 162 books, 18 on each shelf, of which there are three in each rack. If you are a member of the Thieves Guild, the near Vlindrell Hall will be useful for you people.
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