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24-03-2015, 12:31

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


The game take place 200 years after the events of Oblivion [14] in 201 AD 4. The great war between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion (Thalmor) over 30 years ago humiliating White-Gold Concordat infringes the rights of the set, including the worship of Talos. NORD Group, known as the Brothers of the Storm, led by veteran war Ulfric Stormcloak, Jarl Windhelm staged a rebellion against the Empire, resulting in Skyrim civil war began. In order to make themselves known throughout Skyrim, Ulfric High King of Skyrim kills Toruga, but soon caught by the Imperials. However, no one has no idea about the ancient dangers that lie ahead.
elder scrolls v skyrim

Together with Ulfric and other rebels Player (son or daughter of unknown parents) in a carriage driven to death in the fortress Helgen. At the last second before the execution, a fortress attacked by a dragon Alduin, begins to destroy the village and sweep away all of his way. The protagonist escapes from Helge with Ralofom (Brothers Storm) or Hadvar (Empire). Regardless of whom fled the player, he is given a task - to tell Balgrufu Elder, Jarl of Whiterun, the dragon. Jarl sends players to the court magician - Farengaru, as he is very interested in dragons, and the magician asks you to bring Dragonstone from the ruins of Windy Peak. There the player learns the first words of the Force - "Fus" ("Strength").
the elder scrolls skyrim

When he returned, he learns that the surroundings Whiterun dragon attacked Mirmulnir and now he and the guard detachment to try to kill the dragon. Manages to kill the dragon and then the hero of it becomes a force. The guard, who helped to kill the dragon says that in ancient times there were special people who could steal the Dragon Soul Cries and use, an ancient form of magic, without preparation. They were called Drakonorozhdёnnymi or Dragonborn. The same happened with the Hero. He tried to shout study of the Word of Power and it has turned out, that is proof of its origin. Guardian says that it is necessary to inform the Jarl. Along the way, the main character in a city full Skyrim heard a terrible roar and the word, as if spoken by syllables --va-kin. Gray-bearded called Dragonborn to High Hrothgar.
skyrim elder scrolls v

After the hero Balgrufu reported the murder of the dragon, it is sent to High Hrothgar. There Greybeards taught him two words - one complements the very first cry, and the second belongs to the new Creek. Then, they send it to the Ustengrev, pick up the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, but there Dragonborn Horn instead finds a note. The note says that a friend wants to meet in a tavern "Sleeping Giant" in Riverwood, in a room in the attic. Dolphin, Innkeeper, said that they do not have an attic, but there is a spare room. After removing it, waiting Dragonborn "other". This "friend" turns out to be a dolphin. Innkeeper gives him the horn and said that dragons do not disappear - they come to life. Then, she asks Dragonborn to come with her, the Grove Keane, as there is soon to revive another dragon. Dolphin and Dragonborn comes just in time for the resurrection of the dragon.
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Dragons enlivens Alduin World Eater, the same dragon that attacked Helgen. There is a prophecy, and it says that Alduin destroy all Nirn, and only Dragonborn can stop him. Dragon Saloknira, which revived Alduin, managed to kill, and now Dolphin believes that the hero - Dragonborn. She says that she belongs to the Ancient Order of Blades, and thinks Talmor knows anything about the return of the dragons. Dragonborn penetrates Talmorskoe embassy and find all the information, but elves do not know anything, and they are looking for a certain Esbern. Esbern, who was archivist Blades, hiding in Riften. The hero finds him and brings him to the dolphins. He Delphine and Esbern enter the Temple of Heaven and the Harbour is a wall Alduin. Picture on wall is like ancient heroes used Dragonkiller Creek, which can be defeated Alduin.
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Dragonborn is a gray-bearded, but they do not know Creek. They say that Parturnaks, their leader, who lives on top of the Throat of the World should know Dragonkiller. Parturnaks is the dragon, the younger brother of Alduin. But he does not know Drakonoboya. Parturnaks says that Throat of the World is the time lag due to the fact that the ancient heroes during the battle with Alduin used an ancient scroll and banished Alduin of the time. With the help of the librarian and the College of Winterhold mad scientist Septimius Segond Dragonborn finds an ancient scroll and read it during the time of interruption. Dragonborn sees past and exploring Creek at his own creators. Then, on the Throat of the World comes personally Alduin. Dragonborn almost defeats him, but manages to escape the dragon in Sovngarde to absorb more souls and rejuvenate. Decided to catch one of the allies Alduin for questioning. Hero asks for help from the Jarl Balgrufa, but he says he can not catch the dragon, while there is a civil war between the Empire and the brother of the Storm. The main character will solve this problem or to arrange peace talks, or joining one of the parties to the conflict and win the war. After that, Balgruf helps catch dragon named Odaving younger brother Alduin who needs to know how to get into Sovngarde. Odaving drove the Dragonborn to the portal to Sovngarde.
Dragonborn falls into Sovngarde and goes to the Hall Shore. Together with the ancient heroes, who once drove Alduin, he scatters the mist, inspired by the latest. Then he appears Alduin Dragonborn and kills him. Soul Eaters swallow does not work, because the dragon disappears entirely. Finally, Chun, Sentinel Hall Shore returns back to Skyrim Dragonborn, thus giving him Creek, which allows you to summon one of the heroes of Sovngarde.
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