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2-05-2015, 11:33
fallout 3

The game begins in Vault 101. The protagonist matures and learns quickly, communicating with other residents of Vault. In 10 years, Warden presents the main character, Pip-Boy 3000A, and his father, James gives a first weapon. At 16, the character is a traditional test of "K. O. ZA ", by which determines the future of the profession shelter residents.
In 19 years, the protagonist learns that his father left the shelter. The son or daughter decides to follow him and leave the Vault. After that it gets the nickname Lone Wanderer.
The road leads him to Megaton - the closest city to the shelter. In the saloon Moriarty he learns that the shelter opened earlier research, but because of several deaths shortly before the birth of the hero he was again closed to anyone not to endanger. His father, he said, went to the radio station "News of the galaxy."...
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Category: Fallout 3
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