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2-05-2015, 12:37
fallout 3 the pitt

The Pitt - the second expansion for the game Fallout 3. It was released on March 24, 2009.
The Pitt - in addition style game The Chronicles of Riddick. Responding to a request for help, the main character in the guise of a servant gets in a few almost lifeless Pittsburgh. Once inside there, he discovers that in fact PITTSBURGH - a city with a strong private army consisting of the Raiders, with a strong steel industry and a large number of slaves working in the city. However, among the slaves slowly brewing uprising and a plan to overthrow the bosses. The player may either join the rebellion or to suppress the uprising, joined the raiders Pittsburgh.
Plot additions qualitatively worked in the traditional spirit of the games in the series and puts the protagonist in an ambiguous situation, each of the solutions which has both positive and negative sides. The main object around which develops the storyline is a cure trogloditnogo syndrome. The disease inevitably turns people into troughs. Supplement for 8 hours games and some more than others...
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Category: Fallout 3
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