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fallout new vegas old world blues

It all starts with the fact that the main character, Courier, catches radio show about old movies in an open theater in the Mojave Desert. Arriving at the place, he discovers a crashed satellite, which transmits an encrypted message. During the inspection of the satellite hero loses consciousness and his kidnap mad scientists of the scientific complex "Big Mountain", which is cut out his heart, the brain and spine, replacing it all with artificial implants. However, unlike other Lobotomirovanny, Messenger does not lose his mind that leads scientists to the idea to use it in the fight against the sinister Dr. Mobius, who blocked all exits from the complex and stole the brain Courier. To return to your brain and out of the complex, the Courier has to follow the instructions of Dr. Klein. In addition to the main story quest, the hero can get the quest to find an advanced energy weapons and stealth armor...
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