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morrowind tribunal temple walkthrough

Tribunal Temple - this is the official religion of Morrowind. Temple priests preach worship three gods - Almalexia, Sota Force and Viveka, also known as the Tribunal. Most of the inhabitants are called Morrowind Tribunal Temple Temple simple. Despite the fact that the Temple can join and strangers, a few of them were able to do it. Temple did not maintain a close relationship with other factions, except the House Redoran, which the priests considered an ally. It warriors Redoran interns help curb the onslaught of hordes of Dagoth Ur. In addition, the Temple of friendly relations with the House Hlaalu...
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morrowind fighters guild walkthrough

Division of the Fighters Guild can be found in all corners of Tamriel, Fighters Guild can always provide opportunities to those who decided to devote himself to art warrior.
Fighters Guild - is a professional organization founded by the Emperor to resolve issues related to the recruitment and training of mercenaries. In addition, the Guild performs different kind of errand coming both from different organizations and individuals. As a rule, these tasks are aimed at strengthening the law and order in Tamriel. In addition, the Guild can always provide training services and a variety of goods for sale to members of the Guild of all this will be much cheaper than all the others. In addition, the branch manager can always offer the job. In Vvardenfell representation Fighters Guild is in the Balmora, Al'rune, Wolverine Hall in Sadr Sea and strangers in the Quarter in Vivec...
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