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2-05-2015, 13:21
fallout 3 mothership zeta

Mothership Zeta - the fifth and latest addition to the game Fallout 3. It was released on August 3, 2009.
The game could be found the crashed alien ship, which was lying near the dead alien blaster alien. If you go here, setting addition, the Lone Wanderer captures blue ray, and it falls on the alien ship. However, the newcomers was a mistake: they locked the character with another earthling. Together, they put up a fight than draw attention to the newcomers. Those open force field and begin to reconcile the rebels the shock batons. However, the win and by inventing a cunning plan to escape.
Supplement adds many alien weapons: the atomizer (the gun), a disintegrator (spray gun), the captain's blaster, electric baton, elektropodavitel (normal stick) destabilizer (automatic disintegrator) cryogenic mine. And also made available the historical battle suits:
Samurai - Samurai armor and a sword (samurai Toshiro Kago);
Cowboy - suit and a gun (in a cowboy Paulson);
Antebellum armor Enclave and MPLX Novasurge (pre-war prototype plasma pistol Enclave)...
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Category: Fallout 3
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