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Shivering Isles - one of the plans Oblivion Daedric Prince Sheogorath kingdom, which is considered the patron saint of madmen and a great joker. All land Shivering Isles divided into three parts, and the limit of two, is the opposite of each other: Mania and Dementia. Residents Mania hot-tempered, proud and prone to addiction. Their ideals - luxury and pleasure. In these lands, find shelter crazy artists, actors, writers and ordinary townsfolk. A pessimistic citizens Dementia, on the contrary, meek and unhappy, prone to phobias and tragic perception of the world. But they are kind, intelligent, can not be said about the inhabitants of mania. In the limit there Sentinel gate that guards the gates into Mania and Dementia...
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Category: Oblivion
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