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26-03-2015, 19:18
Dragons of Skyrim

Thousands of years ago, dragons ravaged the land, waging war against the people, causing fear to flee before his might. In a dark hour for the Empire dragons back.
Dragons - huge reptiles, suddenly appeared in Skyrim. Birds of Prey is one of the most formidable enemies in Tamriel and have great power. All in the game six subtypes of dragons, not counting names: brown, green, white, brown, red and black. Brown dragons - the weakest and most common in the early stages of the game, while the black and red - the most dangerous enemies who might not be too tough for even the hero of Skyrim. The battle with the dragon - is essentially a verbal altercation where dragons use a special magic - dragon shouts, uttered words of power. Screams can be used and the main character, and this ability is very helpful in the battle with the winged creatures....
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Category: Skyrim
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