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30-03-2015, 17:22
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The story begins with the fact that the Emperor Uriel Septim VII, followed by the Blades - his bodyguards - arrives in the Imperial City prison, where the protagonist is serving a sentence for an undisclosed crime. The Emperor and Blades run from killers Mythic Dawn, Daedric cult that killed three sons of the emperor. Uriel Septim Blades and go through the catacombs, using the secret entrance to the chamber protagonist. There for them and join them attack the player character Mythic Dawn members. The Emperor trusts hero Amulet of Kings, Emperor of Tamriel wearable and requests to transfer his Joffrey, Grandmaster of the Blades. Then one of the assassins kill the emperor. Then, the main character gets into the open world of Cyrodiil.
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Category: Oblivion
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