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23-03-2015, 16:04

The Evil Within

The Evil Within

Detective Castellanos and two of his team-mate - Odo Joseph and Julia Kidman, together with the police Connelly urgently come to the challenge, which went from a psychiatric hospital "Lighthouse". There they find the body horribly murdered patients and the entire staff. The only who were fortunate enough to survive - this is Dr. Jimenez, who informs about some Ruvike and most likely it is he made such a slaughter. In the guard room manages to find records from surveillance cameras. The video shows a man in a robe kill all the police, and a second at the most Castellanos attack and stroke behind felled him. When the detective came to, he saw that he was in a dark basement, he miraculously managed to survive, fleeing from the Ripper with a chainsaw. Getting out of the hospital, Detective Sebastian Castellanos saw the city gradually destroyed. His companions are taken, which managed to get the ambulance. One Joseph never got out of the hospital, and the doctor sits next to his patient - Withers. In the end, the machine is broken, the officer Connelly dies, and the protagonist detective appears alone in the dark forest.
The Evil Within

After a while he began to realize that there is a parallel reality and among the living here when he and his friends: Jimenez, Kidman, Joseph and Leslie. The rest turned into evil creatures. After a few locations infested possessed several times meeting with the partners and with Ruvikom, Castellanos enters the mysterious manor, where he starts to look like a true picture of what is happening.
The Evil Within

This house belonged to the family of Victoriano, which was engaged in charity. The family had two children is a boy and a girl Ruben Laura. Ruben originally was a teenager who had sadistic tendencies. But he was very good to my sister. Once the children were playing in an old barn in the middle of sunflower field near their home. The peasants, who loved not their family, decided to burn along with a barn, not knowing that the children are inside. The girl died in the fire, and Ruben, received severe burns, survives. Undergoing treatment, he then met Dr. Jimenez (who began calling him Ruvik -sokraschёnno Ruben Victoriano). The doctor told him his secret development - to unite consciousness several people. Ruvik became obsessed with this idea and began to put their experiments. It becomes clear that he is after her sister's death, began to hate the world and trying to destroy it. He managed to create STEM - mass system of the united consciousness. For these studies, Ruvik starts abducting people for experiments. On his trail left the police (it was the beginning of the game). But he was able to find a suitable candidate - it was Leslie. If he can unite his consciousness with his, then get unlimited power. It was his fears become reality in a parallel world: the dead peasants, vulnerability is the fire, the deceased's sister in the form of a long-haired, multi-armed monster.
The Evil Within

Detective again meets with the doctor, and together they are STEM, but Ruvik kills Jimenez. Sebastian is in a dilapidated city, crowded obsessed beings - victims of experiments villain. Hero meets Julia and Joseph, along with them, he tries to get in a psychiatric clinic and find a clue. But it turns out that Miss Kidman knows much more than he. She meets Leslie and tries to kill him. About Detective Joseph save him, while Joseph is dying, managed to grab the bullet. It turns out that Julia had sent a mysterious organization whose purpose - at any price to stop Ruvika, even if you need to kill anyone, including Leslie. Suddenly there is a huge creature - it became Ruvik. Sebastian monster kills a grenade launcher, then he comes to his senses and vidvt that was connected to STEM. Finding a vessel to the brain Ruben Victoriano, it destroys it.
The Evil Within

But the story does not end there. Detective again wakes up lying in a capsule, but this time under the supervision of Julia. Wander around the room and collect equipment strange people. The girl noticed that he was awake, lying quietly asked for a Man, saying that "It will not go away no one." Left alone, Sebastian is selected from the capsule and sees to STEM so well connected Jimenez and Connelly. Exhausted Castellanos hard way to the exit Hospital, which, littered with corpses. There riot breaks and begins storming the clinic, while the police cordoned off the entire yard. Going out into the street hero says Leslie walking output, which in general no one is trying to stop, as if he can not see. Suddenly Sebastian covers headache. When the pain wears off, Leslie is already gone, and the camera slowly moves away from the hospital. In this and the end of the game.

Understand the ending of the game is pretty easy, but new circumstances will help to understand the whole picture of what is happening, the authors of the game can be open in plot supplement "The Assignment". It should come out in early 2015.
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