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24-03-2015, 13:20

The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire

skyrim add on hearthfire

The new addition called Hearthfire, players have the opportunity to take personal life of his character. Buy land, build a house. Size of the house depends on the financial capacity of the protagonist. Not enough money?
elder scrolls v hearthfire

We'll have to spend the night in the taverns, deferring to the dream house. After construction, will do arrangement of the house. Need a bookcase? Please! Collect armor? Not a problem! Sufficient to establish all the necessary for the manufacture of weapons and armor and can not leave the confines of the home. Love breed animals? Is not a problem. Do not forget about the garden - it is necessary something to eat and feed the cows.
dlc hearthfire

Having dealt with housing and food, it will be possible to adopt / adopt a child. With family there and responsibilities. Have to protect children from the house and villains - to attack the home of the protagonist will be as small harmless zlokrysy and huge, representing a considerable danger giants.
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