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6-05-2015, 11:39

Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts

fallout new vegas honest hearts

The action unfolds in a supplement Zion National Park, Utah. In it the player becomes an unwitting participant in the war between the local tribes of savages, provoked by the desire of one of them to join the Legion of Caesar. In it there are new enemies, weapons and abilities, and the story itself operates the legendary and mysterious Joshua Graham, better known as Burnt, a former colleague of Caesar and Legate and a native of the Mormon city of New Canaan, located off the coast of the Great Salt Lake.
fallout new vegas honest hearts walkthrough

Aid from the company asked the traders Happy Trails. They equip the caravan to the east, in New Canaan, and hire experienced security guards to protect him. City Mormon was the location in Van BurenKratkaya information about the game, but the project Black Isle Studios has not lived up to the release. To get to the interesting settlement will not be possible and this time - a couple of minutes after the start of Honest Hearts squad will kill the robbers, and the way back will be cut off collapse.
The story of the unlucky traders only need to drag the hero in the former Zion National Park. Red canyons, once manivshie thousands of tourists, very picturesque. This region has suffered from the bombings even less than the Mojave Desert of Fallout: New VegasKratkaya information about the game. Traces of civilization have not erased the nuclear fire, and relentless time. Reserve became savages promised land, where innocent souls can create a society that knows no violence.
fallout new vegas honest heart

State, as well as in Point LookoutKratkaya information about the game, turned out not weak dimensions - it is possible to investigate a few hours. However, the interest is not so much. In opposite corners of the map are villages pair peaceful tribes and invaders camp, to disturb the tranquility of Zion. Pre-war buildings and caves have been forbidden for the locals who are confident that there are hosting the evil spirits. Bandits are ruins pragmatic - looting the armory, they got hold of a powerful mass "firearms."
And the talk here is almost no one. Visitors from the outside world - one, two and miscalculated, and the life of Aboriginal arranged too easy to her was something to discuss. In carrying out their tasks, you will feel like an Indian: hunt bears, will return to the fold the lost kid, steal enemy totems, collect fruit on the slopes of the mountains, cook the tea of ​​them and fight with the creatures of narcotic delirium. Alas, no matter how romantic nor would sound these adventures, in fact, they are very primitive.
fallout new vegas addons

The brevity of the base line scenario sad. As soon as you get the hang of, helping the natives with them at simple problems, developers will push to the finish line. However, the moral dilemma was a success. Is it better to avoid confrontation or resistance to the enemy, causing naive allies first stain your hands with human blood? From making the Courier depends the future of all the inhabitants of the harsh rocks. Traditionally, the results of your actions will be shown on several "postcards." After this, in Sion do nothing - except to shoot mutants and dig out roots.
Perhaps the main value of Honest Hearts - life and mythology of the tribes. For a modest supplement Obsidian invented cozy little world, which envied other full-fledged projects. Cvyazka the plot VegasKratkaya New information about the game is also good - the authors talked about what had happened with the first "deputy" Caesar. Lovers juggle the numbers in fresh delight RPG "perks" and the new development plank, jumped five levels. In addition, there are many useful recipes for "craft."
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