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1-04-2015, 14:23

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles


Shivering Isles - one of the plans Oblivion Daedric Prince Sheogorath kingdom, which is considered the patron saint of madmen and a great joker. All land Shivering Isles divided into three parts, and the limit of two, is the opposite of each other: Mania and Dementia. Residents Mania hot-tempered, proud and prone to addiction. Their ideals - luxury and pleasure. In these lands, find shelter crazy artists, actors, writers and ordinary townsfolk. A pessimistic citizens Dementia, on the contrary, meek and unhappy, prone to phobias and tragic perception of the world. But they are kind, intelligent, can not be said about the inhabitants of mania. In the limit there Sentinel gate that guards the gates into Mania and Dementia.
Recognized pearl Shivering Isles - the ancient city of New Sheoth, while the plot of the game is the capital of the kingdom. The city is divided into three parts - Bliss, Crucible and the Palace, is the seat of Sheogorath, as well as the Duke and Duchess.
Bliss - District of New Sheoth belonging Mania. Gilded streets, sparkling parapets, smiling residents, flowing fountains - all these features of Bliss. The exact opposite of Bliss - The Crucible, a borough of New Sheoth occupied by residents of dementia. Dull, dirty streets, the stench, sad and angry faces are its integral part. The palace is divided into two parts, symbolizing the two sides of Sheogorath. Near the main staircase are two clusters of brilliant crystals. Everywhere patrol Golden Saints and Dark seducers As soon as they catch the offender, they will give him a choice: pay a fine (in this case the offender seized all the stolen goods), resisting arrest (then the offender will have to fight with all the guards Islands) or go dungeons. Delinquent left in the depths of the catacombs without weapons and armor. If they manage to get out of there alive - all fines and charges against them removed, otherwise they will die in a dungeon.
In order to find out whether a worthy adventurer pass into the realm of Madness, created a special closed area - limit. Guards the gates to the Islands Sentinel Gate - powerful being created "witch flesh" Relminoy, of body parts of different creatures. Keys to the Gates of Madness (leading, in fact, to themselves Shivering Isles) sewn into the body of the Guardian Gate, so go right to the lands of Sheogorath only provide those who will kill him, that in fact almost impossible, but you have to do it.

Once a hero reaches up hearing about "strange door" Nibeneyskoy bay, it is immediately sent to the place. Unusual door is located on a small island, so getting there is not easy. Near the door stands guard on a post, warning of the danger. To confirm his words, from the flickering lights immediately runs Dunmer in ragged clothes. He says the passionate speech and paranoid, summarizing its statement on the need to kill someone, attacking watching. Without thinking, he kills the guard. A moment later, the hero turns himself Sheogorath, inviting pass into his kingdom. Go through the door, the player finds himself in a dark room. In the center of the room is a table with two chairs. One of them sits a Haskill. Haskill, when you try to talk to him, invites to sit down. After performing his request, Haskill tells the hero of the Shivering Isles. The story is accompanied by a strange ticking metronome. Once Haskill disappears, the walls of the room immediately turn into a huge flock of butterflies fly away, and the metronome stops. Then the hero becomes clear that he is already on the Shivering Isles.

Coming through the winding path, the player is in the village of Pasval. Trying to find the main village, the hero is thrown greetings with two men standing near the foot of the stairs. They call themselves a hero, to see something very interesting. Walking up the stairs, he watches a huge creature, smashing adventurer in steel armor. The protagonist asks about him mayor of the city - Shelden, who tells you about some general details. Then the player or he kills the monster, but it is quite difficult, or know the locals and some of the secrets and details, not without outside help, the Guardian Gate wins and moves into the realm of the Prince of Madness.

As you progress through the main quest addon, the player revealed more and more details. He learns about the Grey Marche, on Dzhigallage, the procedure and the dual nature of Sheogorath. Every thousand years, Dzhigallag in true form is returned to the Shivering Isles, to put all their lands Procedure. This time, the Prince of Madness is determined to break the chain of events.
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