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26-03-2015, 19:18

Skyrim Dragons

Dragons of Skyrim

Thousands of years ago, dragons ravaged the land, waging war against the people, causing fear to flee before his might. In a dark hour for the Empire dragons back.
Dragons - huge reptiles, suddenly appeared in Skyrim. Birds of Prey is one of the most formidable enemies in Tamriel and have great power. All in the game six subtypes of dragons, not counting names: brown, green, white, brown, red and black. Brown dragons - the weakest and most common in the early stages of the game, while the black and red - the most dangerous enemies who might not be too tough for even the hero of Skyrim. The battle with the dragon - is essentially a verbal altercation where dragons use a special magic - dragon shouts, uttered words of power. Screams can be used and the main character, and this ability is very helpful in the battle with the winged creatures.
Skyrim Dragons

As Dragonborn kills the dragon, the body of the beast that hour in flames, burning the entire body except the bones. This is due to the fact that after killing the dragon soul is absorbed by the hero, while destroying the body. Some dragons - random, they can meet at any time of the game. On the other dragons Dragonborn meet only within certain tasks or assignments.
Dragons meet of two elements - fire and frost. The first, respectively, have some immunity to fire and vulnerability to attacks cold and fiery attack cries, the second - the same thing, but quite the opposite. The correct choice of potions or enchanted armor, giving resistance to attack by certain elements, - the key to victory over the ancient creatures.
Skyrim Dragons ListSkyrim Dragons List

Dragon attacks are as remote - magical and physical, in the melee. For remote are cries to close - bites and blows the tail, which also takes a lot of health points. It is important to constantly monitor the level of your health, if it falls to a critical level, a dragon when landing instantly kill the hero, torn to pieces by his fangs. During the course of the main quest, you will learn the cry "Dragonkiller" forcing Dragons fall to the ground. Before studying this you will have to wait for the cry of the dragon descends to the ground himself. In flight, the lizard can be hit with arrows or spells of destruction, but the best tactic is to find shelter and wait for the landing of a dragon. When the winged creature already on the ground, you should try to attack it from the flank, as often as possible slashing melee weapon.
Dragon Language Skyrim

Besides nameless dragons randomly occurring in the vast Skyrim, the game has and dragons have their own name. In the game there are:
Alduin - the firstborn of Akatosh and older brother Parturnaksa. Is a self-proclaimed aspect Akatosh and nicknamed "Eaters". Alduin - the main antagonist of Skyrim.
Parturnaks - the legendary assistant Alduin during the Dragon War. Now lives on the Throat of the World under the auspices of the High Hrothgar Greybeards. Master Arayd continues to established practice - to avoid direct conflict with the gray-bearded waiting for the right moment to accomplish over the dragon justice.
Mirmulnir - the first dragon, which will kill the plot. Prior to that, was last seen in the limit in 2E 212.
Naagliv - before the advent of Alduin was buried in the mound west of Rorikstead, and after - resurrected. Date of first death is unknown, but probably relates to the era of the Dragon War. "Na, Ag, Liv" is translated from the dragon as "Rage, Flame, Wither."
Odaving - this dragon was buried in a mound in the southeast of Skyrim, near the rift. During game action was raised, but not killed in the future. Toward the end of the main storyline Dragonborn learns scream "Call of the Dragon", the words of which add up to the name of OD A Wing. This allows you to call Odavinga cry to his aid.
Saloknir - was killed in the First Era nordskim hero Jorg Helmbolgom, and buried in a mound near Grove Keane. The battle with the resurrected Saloknirom expects the player during the job "Blade in the darkness."
Vinturut - as indicated in the documents found in the Cult of the Dragon Temple, his death is at the beginning era of the Dragon War and buried it near Lake Yorgrim.
Vulyotnak - as stated in the documents found Cult of the Dragon, he was killed during the Dragon War or shortly thereafter and was buried in the mound near Granite Hill.
Grakrindrog - killed in 2E 184, after the great massacre perpetrated in Winterhold and Eastmarch. Name installed with the assistance of the College of Mages.
Kradzhotdan - killed in 1E 2871 in the south Dzherollskih mountains, the name is set to the words of the dragon.
Abilities - was seen in the north Dzherollskih mountains during the birth of Dragon guards. Repeated attempts to kill him or to no avail. It is assumed that his lair lies somewhere in Morrowind. Meeting with the abilities described in the book "Double Secret" authored traveler Brarilu Teran. The book teaches the dragon Teran opportunities enchantment object with two effects instead of one that was then considered impossible. At the time of action games And this feature is also subject only to the true masters of enchantment - the player can learn this only when the maximum skill level "Enchantment" and taking the ability to "additional effect."
Nafalar - repeatedly make alliances with mortal patrons, which created obstacles to eliminate it. His last known patron was King Casimir II Veyrestsky what Dragon Guardian safely put an end to 2E 369. Dragon escaped his current location is unknown.
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