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7-04-2015, 10:17

The Elder Scrolls Travels: Stormhold, Shadowkey, Dawnstar

the elder scrolls travels

The Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar and The Elder Scrolls Travels: Stormhold - these two RPG game developed exclusively for mobile phones supporting Java, the game Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey designed specifically for N-Gage, but the game The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion for PlayStation 3 (PSP). All these games to keep the style and some features of the senior companions, a series of games The Elder Scrolls. More detailed information about each game ...

elder scrolls travels stormhold

Prison warden Shtormhold, Quintus Varus, was considered insane in his quest to gnaw tunnels in ancient city supposedly Ayleid origin, in search of precious crystals. For this purpose he had specially vymushtrovannaya group of prisoners, "Tunnel Rat", driven by the promise of a few limited, yet freedom. Soon, something evil has penetrated into prison - prisoners steel to go crazy, slowly turning into monsters. And this damage lurking in the "empty" crystals - true goal was to find a varus Storm Crystal, a powerful artifact created by the priests of a long-forgotten religion. The superintendent wanted to "tear out" all the evil of the Empire and conclude in this crystal. Whatever it was, a prisoner, known as the "Master of the Tunnel Rats", gathering allies and equipment, found a crystal. The superintendent and the prisoner came together at the Battle of the crystal - Prisoner wins. Crystal was unable to absorb all the evil in the world, but the one on the right was a prison in the state. The prisoner used it to purify the prison of dross, allowing innocent freedom.
elder scrolls shadowkey

The action takes place in Hammerfell during the war Bend r'maka. Hero, freeing his fellow villagers, the bandit leader is in a strange key and releases certain magician, who later said that he was being hunted himself Jagar Tharn. The hero is called to help him.
elder scrolls travels dawnstar

The hero is invited to become governor of the Morning Star. Requisitions with the hated hostile tribes that inhabit the glacier. How it all began? Governor could not get a traitor among the famous four defenders heroes. It was he who made the tribes uncontrollably. Therefore, the second task - to identify the traitor of the Quartet: Beatrice, Delakroys, Alhavaru, Chang. To help you can reach the local fortune teller Eustasiya, maybe because of it, you bring up the clean water deceiver.
Start your great confrontation with the monsters and expose the insidious traitors. With his team go through water, fire, ice blocks. Be careful not to freeze in a cave! You will not be easy, go through all the difficulties, to fulfill its mission, overcoming level by level.
Do not want to be kind? Go to the enemy camp, choose a negative character and fight for the dark forces. The map will help you navigate, because you are waiting for travel safely approaching its goal.
the elder scrolls iv oblivion

The game takes you to Tamriel in Cyrodiil, where you can start your exciting journey through the different cities, caves and dungeons.
The game looks very similar to the older Oblivion (uses the design of enemies and locations, details of the user interface), but very different subjects: in this version only covers key events of the original.
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