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fallout new vegas add ons

Gun Runners' Arsenal - adds to the game 27 new types of weapons, 38 new weapons, 40 modifications to existing or new types of weapons, a new ability. In addition, it added 21 test and 5 achievements.
Courier's Stash - this addition provides access to the things that were given at pre-order the game. In addition, it includes 4 sets of: Caravan Pack, Classsic Pack, Mercenary Pack, Tribal Pack.
November 3, 2011 Bethesda has announced a special edition of the Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition...
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fallout new vegas honest hearts

The action unfolds in a supplement Zion National Park, Utah. In it the player becomes an unwitting participant in the war between the local tribes of savages, provoked by the desire of one of them to join the Legion of Caesar. In it there are new enemies, weapons and abilities, and the story itself operates the legendary and mysterious Joshua Graham, better known as Burnt, a former colleague of Caesar and Legate and a native of the Mormon city of New Canaan, located off the coast of the Great Salt Lake...
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