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22-04-2015, 15:20
the elder scrolls arena

History of creation. Studio Bethesda Softworks originally specialized in sports games. This game has completely changed the policy developers. Arena was to be gladiatorial combat simulator. The hero and his team of soldiers had to travel the world, arranging fights with other teams in the arena, while the hero is not got to the Imperial City, and there would not be "a great champion." But the developers felt that the game is something missing, until one day he had an idea that this would have been a great role-playing game. As a result, the fighting receded into the background, the game became to expand, there were no city arenas and new lactation and various caves. In the end, it was decided to simplify the idea of ​​tournaments, and more focus on quests, quests and dungeons. So was published in The Elder Scrolls: Arena - the first RPG, which was the beginning of a large and well-known series of games...
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