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23-03-2015, 16:04
The Evil Within

Detective Castellanos and two of his team-mate - Odo Joseph and Julia Kidman, together with the police Connelly urgently come to the challenge, which went from a psychiatric hospital "Lighthouse". There they find the body horribly murdered patients and the entire staff. The only who were fortunate enough to survive - this is Dr. Jimenez, who informs about some Ruvike and most likely it is he made such a slaughter. In the guard room manages to find records from surveillance cameras. The video shows a man in a robe kill all the police, and a second at the most Castellanos attack and stroke behind felled him. When the detective came to, he saw that he was in a dark basement, he miraculously managed to survive, fleeing from the Ripper with a chainsaw. Getting out of the hospital, Detective Sebastian Castellanos saw the city gradually destroyed. His companions are taken, which managed to get the ambulance. One Joseph never got out of the hospital, and the doctor sits next to his patient - Withers. In the end, the machine is broken, the officer Connelly dies, and the protagonist detective appears alone in the dark forest...
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Category: The evil within
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